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Here are the best WoW Classic Season of Mastery addons
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Here are the best WoW Classic Season of Mastery addons


By Anna|November 19, 2021 7:32 AM|1451 Views

The WoW Classic Season of Mastery is now live, and players have the opportunity to play a newly crafted version of the WoW Classic experience. The Season of Mastery is all about destroying the world buff meta and adding in honor from the get-go. Now players get to experience the antic Classic philosophy while offering players a new taste.

Addons are a great way to improve the experience of World of Warcraft.

Addons have become an integral part of World of Warcraft gameplay over the years, they may feature quality of life and game assisting improvements, which are even more important in the Classic versions of the game before many things were implemented by default by Blizzard. With the launch of the Season of Mastery, many players are looking to get their add-ons sorted. Luckily for us, most of the more popular and in-demand addons have updated to the Season of Mastery version, aka 1.14.1.

Install your favorite addon manager, and pick out what addons will fit your playstyle.

1. Quest Addon

Questie - There are no quest markers in Classic, and players by default will need to read quest text to figure out where they need to go. Questie will show quest locations on the map so players will not have to read every single bit of text to figure out where they need to go.

This will also help players are questing will be the best leveling method this time around after the recent 40% experience buffs in the season of mastery.

2. Leatrix Addons

Leatrix is the number 1 addon for quality of life improvements in the game. Leatrix maps will give players a friendlier version of the default map, and Leatrix Plus will have much small quality of life options such as instant quest hand-ins, and the option to sell all junk in your bags.

3. Boss Mods

Both Deadly Boss Mods and Big Wiggs have got an update for the latest season. They should come with the new raid boss mechanics too. We recommended grabbing one of these so you can raid efficiently, and not get surprised in case you haven't been paying attention to the new mechanics. But, you're raid leaders should let you know about those new changes in advance.

4. Auctionator

Auctionator, Auctioneer, and TSM are all up to date, If you're gagging for a solid and reliable Auction House addon, then we recommend that you look at all three and see which one you prefer.

5. In-game Journal & Loot List

AtlasLoot - Before the introduction of an in-game journal, AtlasLoot was created and would list how to obtain each item in the game whether it be profession-based, from a PvP vendor, or from a Raid drop. Another must download for all players.

6.Classic Aura durations / Omni CD

Classic Aura Duration or Omni CD both help to keep track of the duration of your spells. Affliction Warlocks, Shadow Priests, Balance Druids or other DoT damage classes will find this completely necessary.

7. Profession Gathering and Map Mods

HandyNotes - This lets players mark the special point of interest locations on the map to make things easier to find.

TomTom - A simple addon that shows coordinates and allows players to set waypoints.

GatherMate 2 - Professions are a big part of Classic and GatherMate will show the location of all spawns for gathering professions. note - you will need to install GatherMate Data as well to import all locations.

8. interface Mods

While not necessary by any means, over the years players have grown apart from the default WoW UI and opted for creating their own or importing others. Maybe a good option for players wanting a different look going into the Season of Mastery.

Any other addons you think are completely necessary on the Classic WoW Season of Mastery addon list. For more WoW Classic guides, you can visit our WoW Classic news page and WoW Classic Season of Mastery gold is for sale at Mmopixel!

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