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WoW Classic TBC: what to do at Level 70

Finally, the maximum level is reached, the scale is stopped, a huge world is ahead, but what to do in it? Now, we'll give you many ideas that might keep you busy for the next upcoming months. Without furder ado, here you have the following things to do in World of Warcraft:

Best Things to Do at Level 70

Farm Gold: Getting lots of WoW TBC Gold always give you advantages for your account. First of all, you can have enough coins to buy all your abilities from trainers and improve your character. Secondly, you could use the Auction House to purchase rare TBC items essential for completing quests or some professional recipes.

Increase Your Reputation in Outlands: Many WoW Classic TBC maps vendors give you interesting goods for your character. At the moment, you have many ways to increase the reputation of the different factions and slowly become Honored. Furthermore, you could re-do many of the multiple Dungeons (on normal difficulty) and earn points when you defeat enemies.

Complete Heroic Dungeons: Once you "grind" all of the normal Dungeons for a while, you could increase the difficulty for better rewards. Additionally, you could obtain "Badges of Justice", 1 of the main currencies for farming, for which most epic armors are purchasedMoreover, you could loot unique equipment by killing the bosses from every instance. Above all, if you manage to build a powerful party, you might earn additional friends on your list.

Unlock the Flying Mount: Search for the trainer in Outlands (Shadowmoon Valley) and buy the Riding skill that enables you to fly between the new maps. Between the flying skill (Expert) and the mount, you'll need to gather 1k Gold in your character. Furthermore, to earn the highest speed (Artisan), you'll need 5k WoW TBC Gold. We offer the cheap WoW Classic TBC Gold for sale. Check it out if you're short in gold.

Level Your Professions: Some of the best ways to improve your champion (and your pocket) is to reach the top levels of every Profession. Overall, it doesn't matter what you pick, all of them have the chance to give you exciting goods. Furthermore, if you reach the highest levels, you could sell your TBC Items in the Auction House and earn some Gold. Every profession can be very good to have so made your research and pick something that will be good for you and/or can make you a lot of gold.

Finish Daily Quests: One of the many activities in Outlands is the possibility to re-do multiple tasks every day. Even though it could become tedious for a while, it is an excellent source of TBC Classic Gold. Additionally, you can even make some quests that require completing Heroic Dungeons, giving you better chances to earn more rewards.

Participate in PvP Activities: There are many ways to show the rest of the server how good you've become in World of Warcraft. PvP is 1 of the most fun activities in-game. By dominating the Arena, you show how well you manage your abilities and when to strike. Even though these activities aren't there for all, you could pass through the "torture" quickly each week. When you compete in the Arena ten times a week, you'll earn Arena Points.

Complete the Karazhan Attunement: If you want to reach the highest places in your server, you'll need to master the challenging areas in World of Warcraft. Most noteworthy, each of the latest Raids isn't open to all of the player base. If you want to visit these places, you'll need to complete some of the most challenging quests in the game. Therefore, you could join a powerful Guild and ask for their assistance.

Hunt for Powerful Equipment (BiS): After you pretty much unlock every Heroic Dungeon and Raids, you'll need to have a clear idea of what to loot. Some of the rarest TBC items you'll find in these places could take your character to another level. Look for any guide you can find for your Class and hunt for the strongest armor or weapon you can use effectively.

Search for Rare Mounts: Some players take a long time to look for the rares mounts in the game and "grind" a dungeon until they obtain them. Hence, you could follow this trend and hunt for these particular TBC Items. Overall, gathering some of these mounts could take weeks or even months because you have one shot per day, and the drop percentage is extremely low.

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I think the most important thing after level 70 is to build a character. When the character is stronger, it is easier to explore dungeons or complete daily quests. But it takes a lot of time to farm TBC Classic Gold, so to be able to speed up the process, I would choose to buy them in MMOWTS.

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