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How Progression Works in New World

The character progression in New World has three key elements. As you gain experience through gameplay, you will reach the necessary XP to level up your character. Upon leveling up, you will receive attribute points that can be invested in one of the five attributes. Once you reach the maximum level, the focus shifts from character level to Expertise and Gear Score.

Another aspect of character progression is weapon mastery. As you use different weapons in the game, you will gain experience in those weapons and be awarded weapon mastery points, which can then be spent on active or passive abilities within the weapon's skill tree. Finally, trade skills are another form of progression in the game, including gathering, refining, and crafting. 

Attribute Points and Character Leveling

In New World, character level progression is determined by the attribute points that are earned with each level increase, up to a maximum of 190 points at level 60. Additionally, players can earn attribute points from gear. Starting from the first visit to Aeternum, every character will have a minimum of 5 points in each core attribute, and these points cannot be dropped below this minimum.

Attribute points earned from leveling up are then used to upgrade the core attributes, which shape the overall build of your character. It is important to carefully consider how you allocate these points as you level up, as your success in the game will largely depend on it. Unlike other MMORPGs, New World does not have a class-based system, so it is crucial to match your attribute points with the weapons you want to use.

New World Character Attributes

Attributes in New World Combat

Strength and Melee Weapons

Strength increases the damage you inflict with melee weapons. Some melee weapons depend solely on strength, while strength and partial dexterity mainly influence others.

Dexterity and Ranged Weapons

Dexterity affects the damage you deal with ranged weapons, such as bows and muskets.

Intelligence and Magic Weapons

If you plan to use magical weapons, such as fire staff and ice gauntlets, you should focus on investing in the Intelligence attribute. On the other hand, if you want to play as a healer, you should focus on the Focus attribute.

Constitution and Health

Constitution is a specific attribute. It increases your overall health pool, making you more resilient in combat.

Attribute Threshold Bonuses

Each attribute also has attribute threshold bonuses that offer persistent bonuses to players for maintaining certain point values in each attribute. These bonuses are awarded for every 50 points invested in a single attribute. Each threshold offers both combat and non-combat bonuses. New World Coins play a crucial role in the progression system of the New World game. They serve as a currency that can be used to purchase important items and upgrades and unlock special abilities and skills. By acquiring New World Coins through various means, players can further advance their character's abilities and skills, allowing them to better compete and succeed in the New World. But why grind for it when you can have it simply? 

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Attribute Progression in New World

The Importance of Strength and Dexterity

Strength and Dexterity are two crucial factors in the gameplay of New World MMORPG. These two attributes play a major role in the player's ability to carry out melee physical attacks and mining, skinning, and critical hits. Let's take a closer look at each attribute's benefits to the game.

New World Progression Guide

Strength: Enhancing Melee Physical Attacks and Mining

At strength level 50, players are rewarded with a 10% boost in mining speed and a 10% increase in damage dealt by basic melee physical strikes. With a strength level of 100, players receive a 5% increase in cutting and striking damage and a 20-point increase in encumbrance.

Reaching strength level 150 offers players a 25% increase in stamina damage dealt by light melee weapon strikes and a 10% decrease in the weight of mined goods. With a strength level of 200, players receive a 10% damage bonus against stunned, slowed, or rooted enemies and a 10% mining speed boost.

At strength level 250, players will see their stamina regenerate more quickly from basic melee attacks, increasing their mining production by 10%.

Dexterity: Improving Critical Hits and Skinning

A dexterity level of 50 gives players a 10% increase in critical hit chance and a 10% increase in skinning speed. With a dexterity level of 100, players receive a 5% boost to thrust damage and a 20% haste increase for 3 seconds after skinning. Reaching dexterity level 150 reduces the stamina cost of dodges by 10 points and decreases the weight of skinned items by 10%. At dexterity level 200, players receive a 10% bonus to backstab and headshot damage and a 10% increase in skinning speed.

At dexterity level 250, players receive a 10% bonus to random critical hit damage on stunned, slowed, or rooted enemies and a 10% yield increase when skinning. Finally, at dexterity level 300, players are guaranteed a critical hit after a dodge (which can only trigger once every 10 seconds), and there is a 15% chance that ammo will be returned. 

Intelligence: Magic and Harvesting Benefits

At level 50, Intelligence increases critical hit chance by 10% and skinning speed by 10%. As the Intelligence level increases to 100, players will receive a 5% boost in thrust damage and a 20% haste increase for 3 seconds after skinning. A Dexterity of 150 reduces the weight of skinned objects by 10% and the stamina cost for dodges by 10 points. At level 200, players get a 10% bonus for a headshot and backstab damage and a 10% improvement in skinning speed. With a level of 250, players receive a 10% bonus to random critical hit damage on stunned, slowed, or rooted enemies and a 10% increase in skinning yield. Finally, at 300, players receive a 10% increase in damage on the first hit on a full health target and a 10% reduction in Azoth travel cost.

Focus: Abilities, Fishing, and Inn Travel Benefits

With a Focus level of 50, players receive a 10% boost in fishing line tension and a 5% reduction in ability cooldown. At level 100, players get a 20-point increase in the mana pool and a 10% yield when salvaging. A Focus level of 150 increases healing output by 20% and lightens fishing equipment by 10%. At level 200, players get a 10% boost in fishing line tension and a 20% increase in casted buff duration. At 250, players receive a 10% boost in captured fish size and a 30-point bonus in mana for every solo or group AI kill. Finally, at 300, players receive an 8-point increase in mana per second for 10 seconds (with a 60-second cooldown) and a 10% reduction in cooldown for Inn fast travel when mana is at 15 or less.

Constitution: Health and Logging Benefits

Constitution increases the strength of health consumables by 20% and logging speed by 10% at level 50. At level 100, players' maximum health increases by 10%, physical armor by 10%, and tool durability loss are reduced by 10%. At level 150, players suffer 10% less critical damage, and logging gear weighs 10% less. As players advance, they will receive benefits such as a 60% damage reduction at full health, a 20% lengthening of the duration of slow, stun, and root spells, and a 25% chance to cut down a tree.

Respec Your Build

Players can re-spec their attribute points for free early in the game if they made a mistake in their build or want to start over. Later on, they can do so by paying coins.

The Art of Trade in the New World

Trade skills in New World provide an additional form of character advancement and consist of three distinct categories: Gathering, Refining, and Crafting. Each category contains various skills; the maximum level of any trade skill is 200. However, players can continue progressing and receive rewards through the aptitude system.

New World Trading

Harvesting the Resources

The Gathering category in New World is divided into five skill lines: fishing, mining, skinning, logging, and harvesting. To level up a gathering skill, players simply need to use that specific skill. The more it is used, the better the player becomes at performing that task. If you want to learn more about gathering, visit our gathering guide.

The Process of Refining

The Refining category comprises five skill lines: smelting, stone cutting, woodworking, tanning, and weaving. Smelters refine ore into ingots, stone cutters refine stone into blocks and gems, woodworkers cut the wood into lumber, tanners refine hide into leather, and weavers turn fiber into cloth. Players need to refine more materials to level up each skill line.

As players level up in a particular skill, they will unlock the ability to refine higher-quality resources used to craft higher-quality gear. Higher-level refiners also can gain extra refined resources while refining, making them more resource-efficient.

Crafting for Advancement

New World offers seven crafting skills: weaponsmithing, armoring, jewelcrafting, engineering, arcana, cooking, and furnishing. Like gathering and refining, the more players craft within a particular skill line, the higher they progress. Players must acquire the necessary materials to make the best weapons in the game, visit the appropriate workstation in a settlement, and craft as many weapons as possible to level up their weaponsmithing skills.


In conclusion, the New World offers a unique and dynamic progression system that allows players to tailor their experience to their preferred playstyle. Players can become experts in their desired field and unlock powerful abilities and rewards through character progression, trade skills, or the aptitude system. It is important to note that the progression system is constantly evolving and updating, providing players with new challenges and opportunities for growth. By mastering the various aspects of the progression system, players can become true legends in the New World and reign supreme over their fellow adventurers.

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