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How to Close Corrupted Breaches in New World

In the New World, corrupted breaches are manifestations that develop in governed territories. These openings are often referred to as portals. As territory is settled, corrupted breaches become more frequent, larger, and numerous. You may see them on your map. Exploring and gathering materials in the New World is terrible since these ruined breaches turn into dark wilds. Therefore, cleaning or cleansing corrupted breaches is essential for advancement and opens the door to special prizes. Let's learn how to purge or clear the corrupted breaches in the modern world.

Players can also get a taste of one of the significant PvE events in New World, Invasions, through Corrupted Breaches. Players will be defending forts and fighting off waves of Corrupted throughout these important events to defend their land. Before beginning, do remember to obtain the Azoth Staff.

New World Corrupted Breaches

Azoth Staff

In New World, you must use the Azoth Staff to seal Corrupted Portals and Breaches, participate in Expeditions, and for other purposes. It also gets stronger as you play the game. This is what gives it its true uniqueness. Yonas the Hermit, a 3-Star fishing location in Windsward west of Grenville, can be found at Fisherman's Bend. Yonas will give you a series of tasks that must be finished to obtain the Azoth Staff. This is one of the simplest places to acquire New World Aquatic Snails for the Baited quest.

You can then embark on missions to finish Corrupted Portals and Breaches with the help of the Azoth Staff. Due to their heightened complexity, these expeditions may require up to five people. You will receive various rewards for completing these Corrupted Portals and Breaches, including materials to make Amrine Tuning Orbs, priceless and rare goods, and Azoth.

To close the appropriate level of breach, you will require the following Tier of Azoth Staff.

  • Upto Level 25 using Tier 1 Azoth Staff.

  • Upto Level 35 using Tier 2 Azoth Staff.

  • Upto Level 49 using Tier 3 Azoth Staff.

  • Upto Level 59 with Tier 4 Azoth Staff.

  • Upto Level 60 with Tier 5 Azoth Staff

New World Azoth Staff


Apply these to the weapon that is presently drawn. A weapon may only have one Coating on it at once. Coatings and Weapon Traits stack.


  • Provides +9% damage to Corrupted

  • 5-minute duration or until unequipped


  • Gives +11% damage to Corrupted

  • 10-minute duration or until unequipped


  • Gives +13% damage to Corrupted

  • 15-minute duration or until unequipped


  • 15% additional damage is dealt when battling corrupted foes.

  • 20-minute duration or until unequipped

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Corrupted Monolith

To open the Azoth Staff objective and break the carapace at the monolith's base, you must first complete the Corrupted Monolith Breach. If you're working in a group, it's crucial to tag the carapace so that everyone will receive credit for finishing the breach. Several Corrupted creatures that spawn across the breach will try to stop you from closing it as you attempt to destroy the carapace. To complete the Corrupted Monolith, you must eliminate all opponents close to the carapace and keep removing the mobs.

Corrupted Portal

You must destroy the two corrupted cultists on either side of the tainted portal as you approach it. Several waves of corrupted monsters will spawn once they are defeated. A final wave containing a corrupted boss mob will spawn after several add waves. You can close the contaminated portal if you defeat the boss and complete the Azoth Staff objective. To get credit for the gateway, tag the boss that spawns.

New World Corrupted Portal

Corrupted Tentacle

The corrupted tentacle breaches contain a centered corrupted tentacle that protrudes from the earth. Rush in soon before it attacks to strike the tentacle, a killing blow since it can deal tremendous amounts of damage. You will also have to battle other mobs in the tentacle area to death. The azoth staff objective will replace the tentacle once it has been destroyed. A few additional mobs will appear as well. As you get closer to the goal, you must defeat the hordes. You will have eliminated the corrupted tentacle breach once you complete the task. To receive credit for the breach, be sure to tag the tentacle.

Festering Hive

You can destroy the corrupted veils on either side of the Festering Hive. As you attempt to eliminate the veils, you will also have to deal with crowds outside the Hive. You can enter the Hive once a veil has been destroyed. You'll find a Corrupted Boss inside. To complete the azoth staff goal in the Hive center, you will need to kill the boss or lure it outside where your team can kill it. As you work to get closer to the goal, additions will also spawn. It could be necessary to pause, eliminate the ad, and resume closing the goal.

New World Festering Hive

Major Corrupted Portal

The lesser or minor form is similar to the corrupted group portal or large breach. The large breaches are more challenging versions of the minor breaches that will provide you with greater treasure and more experience. To reach the corrupted boss in major infected portals, you must first defeat multiple sizable waves of corrupted. Then, to shut the Azoth Staff goal and finish the breach, you must team up to battle the boss and the waves of corrupted enemies. To get credit for securing the breach, tag the compromised boss.

Group Corrupted Monolith

One of the hardest versions of the Corrupted Monolith to close is the group variant. This breach will have three corrupted pylons, each with a different Azoth Staff goal. While someone closes the target, you must battle the corruption surrounding each of the three goals. A carapace will spawn in the center of the Monolith once each one has closed. The final Azoth Staff goal will become visible once you breach the carapace, which you must attach to do. Large numbers of corrupted minions will keep spawning throughout this procedure, preventing you from moving forward. To close the center carapace objective, you must repel them.

The easiest method to finish this breach is to stick together and move from pylon to pylon in sync. Then, move to the center and engage the corrupted boss that spawns there when each is closed. Close the Azoth objective once it is down to finish the Monolith.

New World Corrupted Monolith


A corrupted breach must be successfully cleaned for players to receive Azoth and Territory Standing. The surroundings will also revert to their previous appearance. In addition, a Breach Cache will be included in the mix, rewarding players with 1 item with a rarity corresponding to the cache (depending on the area's complexity). To get even bigger profits, take on more challenging corruption breaches.

Corrupted Silver

The stonecutter's table can be used to make goods using corrupted slivers. Players can combine corrupted Slivers and other materials to make different Tuning Orbs. New expeditions can be unlocked using tuning orbs. When exploring New World, players will occasionally need corrupted Slivers are an item that players will occasionally need to locate. Closing Major Corrupted Breach gateways are the only way to obtain Corrupted Slivers in the New World. Only the Azoth Staff can be used to close these gateways during a breach occurrence. Up until the Major Corrupted Breach is closed with the staff, Corrupted Acolytes will keep spawning and attacking players.


Corrupted Breaches are a fantastic way to get daily benefits like extra coins, gypsum, and other guaranteed things. You have now gained all the required information about the corrupted breaches in New World. So dealing with them won't be a problem for you now. A quick sum-up of how to deal with the breaches is given below.

  • You must first reach level 20 to clean contaminated breaches. Additionally, you must finish side quests and world events to advance to level 20.

  • The Azoth Staff must be obtained to complete the major quests. Although it will take some time, it is one of the crucial steps toward cleaning up contaminated gaps in the New World.

  • After getting the Azoth Staff, the next step is to take out the Corrupted Breach guards. They will spawn at the same rate as the breaches and arrive in large numbers. You must defeat each of these adversaries.

  • Once your path has been made clear, use the Azoth Staff to purify the tainted openings and rid the area of contamination.

  • Both the staff and the player level gate these breaches. To clean up the breach, ensure the staff level is at least as high as the level of the breach.

  • Inside the Breach Cache, you'll find extraordinary treasures. The cache's rarity determines the item's level, so higher-level breaches will result in higher-level rewards.           

  • Breach types vary, including Festering Hive, Corrupted Monolith, and Corrupted Portal. To close these breaches, it is advised that you bring at least 5 players.

This concludes the "How to Close Corrupted Breaches in New World" guide.

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