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How to Get Void Ore in New World

Void ore is among the most priceless materials used in New World's endgame crafting. For those who are not familiar, you don't always farm void ore. It is one of those goods that depend on your good luck and can appear after excavating Orichalcum veins. The most excellent ways to obtain Void ore from New World are described here.

Most of the New World is covered with these deposits, although a particularly dense concentration of veins may be located on the islands just west of Ebonscale Reach and also to the northeast of Mountainhome. Players' mining levels must be 175 or greater to mine void ore.

New World Void Ore

Things to know before beginning!

Mining Luck

You can acquire equipment sets, trophies, or meal buffs, particularly for Mining Luck, to improve your mining luck abilities. Additionally, your luck may be higher the more skilled you are at mining. If your mining skill is level 200, you will already possess 2000 mining luck. For Void Ore to be obtainable while mining Orichalcum Veins, you must have at least 1800 mining luck. Your mining luck can be increased in a variety of ways.

Getting a Pickaxe


This is the best method for obtaining a superior mining selection. Making your custom mining pickaxe allows you to level up in engineering craft and develop better tools for your use. Superior mining should gather resources more quickly and last more; however, they are also more challenging to construct and cost the most to fix.

You will create many tools that you might eventually abandon to advance your engineering skills. That is typical. It's simply a matter of continuing to refine the greatest tool at your level whilst reclaiming the inferior ones.


An alternative approach is available for individuals who don't want to or need help making a mining selection. So, if you're in a rush, don't care about leveling up your skills, and want to shatter some rocks to obtain that ore, head over to the Trading Post to see if there's anything worth looking at.

The Trading Post is more than just a store where you can purchase tools when you can't make your own. When trying to create a better one, players can utilize the Trading Post and sell off every tool they don't wish to use.

If you wish to use some real money to make purchases in-game, we recommend buying some New World coins from MMOPixel.

Visit our website MMOPixle to purchase New World Coins. We offer the cheapest rate on the web.

How to Farm Void Ore?

Equip your best mining luck equipment if you wish to gather Void ore in New World. You have two options for mining tools: either use a Starmetal Mining Pick or, if you're able to afford it or have extra Orichalcum lying around, use an Orichalcum Pick. You should use a mining pick with luck to increase your chances of finding some of the valuable Void ore.

New World Orichalcum Vein

If you need help with using luck to make a respectable Starmetal or Orichalcum choice, consider browsing the Trading boards on your server. It should be fine as long as you have a pick with luck on, but in ideal circumstances, you want Orichalcum or Starmetal because of the faster mining speed those two receive.

Furthermore, while mining, you should wear any equipment that provides benefits that boost mining luck. Finally, different-tier meals from the Cooking trade provide players with longer periods of increased luck in specific trade skills. We advise choosing any of the luck meals since some have a negative impact on mining luck.

  • Roasted potatoes: for 20 minutes, they grant 1000 mining luck points.

  • Herb-Roasted Potatoes: for 25 minutes, 1400 mining luck points are available.

  • The Boiled Potatoes grants the player 1700 mining luck points for 30 minutes.

  • Poultry with Roasted Potatoes: For 35 minutes, your character has 1900 mining luck.

  • Salted Roasted Vegetables: For 40 minutes, increase your mining luck by 2000 points.

Players also have the choice of purchasing void ore from either a trading post. However, the item's cost will probably be high due to its scarcity. Therefore, it's now up to the players to learn the craft of blacksmithing after discovering the ore.

Where to find Void Ore?

Around the Imperial Palace's coastline and its connected islands are some of the best locations for farming Orichalcum veins. There are approximately 16 distinct places to ram. The only drawback is that you may only take this route if you are willing to face the level 61 and level 62 adversaries in the region. Additionally, because the region is home to the Dynasty Shipyard, players will naturally move around it and may need to be more effective. We advise using this one if there is little competition since you can quickly collect a bunch of ore.

The lake hamlet in Ebonscale Reach, located immediately south of Skysong Shrine, is another good place to farm Void ore. Seven orichalcum deposits can be found within the small village, along with various supply boxes and caches. Additionally, the mob hardness is manageable due to level 56 corrupted monsters.

Southeast of the Greate Cleave is another great area. There are multiple valleys in the mountains, each containing foes of level 60 corruption. If you investigate the area, many ores can be found all around mountain edges.

The Myrkgard, in the end, is where void ore is most abundant in the New World. The region is excellent for farming corrupted portals and gear scores, but it's also wonderful for Orichalcum. The city of Myrkgard contains several veins, as do the nearby communities just outside its intimidating gates. The enormous enclosed mountain area immediately southeast of Myrkgard is one place you must visit. However, be careful that Myrkgard requires a party because every adversary is an elite, and Corrupted Ogres protect the territory at every entrance.

New World Void Ore Locations

Where is Void ore utilized?

There are several ways for users over level 60 to raise their gear score. For instance, doing the legendary weapon quests will accomplish that. That mission isn't accessible until the endgame, though. Before then, players could use void ore to obtain decent armor. Crafting is among the most crucial game aspects in New World, and void ore may be utilized to create renowned Voidbent armor.

To produce armor out of their void ore, players must refine it into voidbent ingot. Ten energy cores, one void essence, one void ore, and a tier three smelter are needed. Players will require a single voidbent ingot with each primary gear slot to build voidbent armor. The additional components vary depending on the type of equipment the player is aiming to create. The voidbent set's components and their respective crafting instructions are listed below:

  • 8 Runic Leather, 20 Asmodeum, 4 Tolvium, 7 Pheonixweave, 1 Voidbent Ingot, 2 Cinnabar, and 1 Infused Fur make up the Voidbent Breastplate.

  • 4 Runic Leather, 12 Asmodeum, 4 Tolvium, 2 Pheonixweave, 1 Voidbent Ingot, 2 Cinnabar, and 1 Infused Fur make up the Voidbent Legguards.

  • 2 Runic Leather, 6 Asmodeum, 4 Tolvium, 1 Pheonixweave, 1 Voidbent Ingot, 2 Cinnabar, and 1 Infused Fur make up the Voidbent Sabatons.

  • 2 Runic Leather, 6 Asmodeum, 4 Tolvium, 1 Pheonixweave, 1 Voidbent Ingot, 2 Cinnabar, and 1 Infused Fur make up the Voidbent Gauntlets.

  • 4 Runic Leather, 10 Asmodeum, 4 Tolvium, 4 Pheonixweave, 1 Voidbent Ingot, 2 Cinnabar, and 2 Infused Fur make up the Voidbent Helm.


Void ore is one of the most precious endgame ore; for players willing to complete the game to the very end, it is something they must gather. This guide covers everything you need to know to begin mining the ore. We have covered how to gather the ore and, most importantly, the locations so that you don't have to wander around for long hours. We hope this guide solves any doubt you have regarding Void Ore.

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