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How to Increase Inventory Size in New World

You'll need a space to keep your crafting supplies, equipment, and other stuff because New World strongly emphasizes crafting and endgame grinding. In addition, you'll need as much storage capacity as possible because making the greatest gear in the New World takes a lot of time and materials.

The problem is that you need something that could carry it all in when you gather these things. In addition, more and more goods will be discovered as you progress in level and discover new zones. All of this creates a very special inventory management issue for RPG players. For many video game players, finding a place to store all of their belongings is a major concern.

The variety of products that can be made or acquired in other ways expands inventory space in the New World. In this game, inventory is managed through inventory encumbrance or weight. Therefore, more can be carried if your weight limit is higher.

New World Inventory Size

How To Increase Your Storage Space?

In the New World, four key ways to expand your storage capacity exist.

    • Equip bags

    • Craft storage chests

    • Grab the Territory Standing award for "Storage."

    • Submit your goods to a trading post

It's also important to keep in mind that there are two ways to reduce the weight of the objects in your storage: refining basic materials and creating new things. Just be mindful of the materials you're using, as some materials - especially Iron Ore are widely used for crafting in late-game scenarios.

Bags And Satchels

Increase in Storage: 150+ per bag.

Only by using bags and/or satchels as equipment can you increase the amount of storage capacity on your actual character. Your character should place these items in the designated bag slot in their inventory. You can equip three bags once you reach level 45. On their own, bags can provide +150–410 storage. However, this amount can be expanded even further by perks.

Every Bag and Satchel

You can create and equip nine different bags in New World, and each one increases storage differently. Your bag's capacity is also based on its Gear Score, with higher scores allowing you to carry more stuff. Each bag is shown below, along with its storage capacity.

Bag Perks

Similar to the rest of your gear, bags can have several features that improve their capacity for holding stuff. A list of all the benefits a bag can have for storage can be found below:

  • Alchemist's Burden: Reduces the weight of sickles, potions, and alchemical reagents by 5–10%.

  • Extra Pockets: You can support 50–95 extra pounds.

  • Gourmand's Burden: 5–10% of the weight of cooked food is lost.

  • Lumberjack's Burden: 5–10% reduction in the weight of logging axes, wood, and other materials

  • Mercenary's Burden: 5–10% lessens the weight of guns and ammunition

  • Prospector's Burden: 5–10% weight reduction for pickaxes, ingots, and ores

  • Quarryman's Burden: Reduces the weight of pickaxes, stones, blocks, and diamonds by 5–10%

  • Quartermaster's Burden: Reduces the armor's weight by 5–10%

  • Tanner's Burden: Reduces the weight of skinning knives, rawhide, and leather by 5–10%

  • Weaver's Burden: Reduces the weight of fiber, cloth, and sickles by 5-10 percent

Storage Cabinets 

Storage: Up to 525 per chest

Your store shed's weight restriction for the village in which your house is located is increased by the number of storage chests that can be kept in each house you own. The number of storage chests you can create depends on the tier of your home. For example, the maximum number of storage chests you can have in a T4 residence at once is five. These storage chests also have strata that improve in quality, just like residences.

New World - Chest, Storage and Tier

Storage Standing Card

Obtaining the "Storage" card as a prize for achieving a certain territory standing is one simple way to expand your storage. You can obtain certain passive advantages in the form of cards when you rise in a region's ranking. A few of these cards will raise your storage shed's maximum by 25 points in a settlement. It's the only Territory Standing award in the New World that doesn't experience diminishing returns, which may not seem like much. So when the storage card appears, take it.

Trading Post

Storage growth: uncertain (sizable increase)

You can post your extra products at a Trading Post in a settlement if you really need storage space and don't mind doing some tedious labor. An item doesn't use any storage space while it is posted at a Trading Post. Put your product in the marketplace for up to 14 days after placing it at the Trading Post for a price that will prevent someone else from purchasing it. The item will be delivered back to your store room in that town after the timer expires. If you intend to do this, ensure your storage room isn't already full.

New World Inventory Size Increse

How is a Coarse Leather Satchel Made in the New World?

In the New World, you'll need 45 coarse leather, 10 iron ingots, 25 linen, and 1 minor rune of holding to make a coarse leather satchel.

Once you've collected all the necessary items, head to an Outfitting Station in a town and interact with it to locate the recipe for the coarse leather satchel under the All-purpose Bags section.

Obtaining Coarse Leather in the New World

By skinning animals and bringing their hides or pelts to the Tannery, a crafting station found in cities; players can produce coarse leather in the New World for additional processing.

Outside Aeternum's villages, flora and fauna are commonly spotted in the wild. Therefore, animal hunting is really simple and shouldn't take too long.

Getting Linen in New World

Plant fibers such as hemp can be refined at a Loom Station located in settlements to produce linen in the New World. Primose, to the west of Windsward, is where hemp is grown.

Getting Iron Ingots in New World

Players must search for iron ores in the New World to acquire Iron Ingots. The best locations for iron mining are Everfall and First Light. Take the iron ores to the town's smelter once they have been gathered, then start smelting!

Getting Minor Rune of Holding in the New World

How to Carry More Items & Expand Inventory Space in the New World?

In the New World, a minor Rune of Holding Connecting with the faction representative will let you purchase the Minor Rune of Holding. Select "Open Faction Board" while speaking with the faction leader, then check the right upper corner for "Buy Rewards."

Players must spend 250 gold coins and 1,000 faction points to purchase the Minor Rune of Holding. If you are short of Gold Coins, you can purchase them for real money.

If you need them, you can buy New World Gold Coins at our website MMOPixel at an unbeatable price.

Note: PvP tasks should be prioritized over PvE missions if you need more faction points because they yield more.

Return to the Outfitting Station to manufacture the coarse leather satchel once you have gathered all the necessary materials.

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