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How to Level Up Fast in Myth of Empires - Complete Guide

Myth of Empires, Angela Game's next large-scale multiplayer sandbox game, is currently available on Steam Early Access. The Early Release version of the game contains roughly 70% of the content that will be accessible when the game is fully released, with all game progress being carried over.

The game Myth of Empires is currently available, and it is becoming increasingly popular. To get the most out of the game, you'll need to level up your character. We'll go through how to level up quickly in Myth of Empires in this article.


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Tips for Level 1-16

When you first begin your quest to level up rapidly, the most important thing you can do is complete as many tasks as possible.

These tasks will assist you in progressing from level one to level sixteen. You won't need a huge quantity of XP to achieve level 16, therefore this won't take long for you.

The benefit of leveling up in this manner is that you will not only gain XP, but you will also gain experience. As you finish these tasks, you'll also be cultivating a number of materials. Furthermore, as you level up, you'll be learning the game and developing your skills. When you achieve level 16, you'll be allowed to join the PvP server, where you'll continue to level up.

The PvP server will be available after you reach level 16, and this is where we will begin our higher levels. To receive bonus XP, you must play on the PvP server and spend your guild's " Power Hour" (blessed). Increase the weight of the collection, then walk outdoors and begin gathering stones, iron, wood, and other materials. The more of these objects you collect during the Power Out, the more XP you'll get. You may also save select daily assignments and narrative objectives ahead of time to get additional XP during Power Hour.

Make the Switch to PvP Servers

The two strategies described above will allow you to reach level 20 rather rapidly. Once you reach level 20, you should switch to PvP servers as quickly as possible, as staying on PvE servers will result in lower XP.

Boosting the server

Hovering your cursor over the level bar in your inventory will reveal the server's level. You will receive +10% XP if you are four levels below the current server level. Take advantage of this to level up as quickly as possible.

Carry out your missions

It goes without saying that completing your assignments will earn you XP, which will help you level up. To level up, complete your daily assignments. You can do the one with the most XP three times and ignore the other two.

Grass on the Farm

You may take your sickle and walk over to a river where there is a lot of grass early on in the game and farm it.

Tips for level 16-25

You must visit the PvP server to level up further since you will be able to get substantially more resources and hence significantly more XP here. Another incentive is the two Blessings you might get from your guild's border marker on the server. For 1 hour, these Blessings will provide you with additional XP.

If you purchase both Blessings, you can raise your XP gain by up to 300 percent for the hour. These Blessings have a hefty price tag, but they're well worth it if you're attempting to level up in Myth of Empires.

Following the purchase of these Blessings, you may purchase Blessings that improve your collection pace and carry weight. This will assist you in obtaining and carrying more resources during this hour, allowing you to receive more XP.

Pre-saving missions before purchasing the Blessings is another wonderful approach to optimize XP gain during this hour. Then, after the hour has begun, you may turn these tasks in to gain substantially more XP.

When you reach level 25, you must expend all of your accumulated resources during the day. You must take advantage of them and wait in line at the crafting benches. You may queue up items like armour, weapons, and any other item that takes a long time to complete. When creating or finishing something, make sure you use a workbench. If you actively work on the workbench, you will gain significantly more XP, which will raise your in-game level.

Buy Myth of Empire Copper Coins and they allows you to obtain in-game cash while saving time and effort quickly. Instead of continually farming money, you may enjoy the game and do pleasant things in Myth of Empire.

MoE Copper Coins allow you to obtain in-game cash while saving time and effort quickly. Instead of continually farming money, you may enjoy the game and do pleasant things in MoE.

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