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Myth of Empires Character Classes Races Modes

Angela Game's latest large-scale multiplayer sandbox game, Myth of Empires, is available now. Player autonomy and survival are prioritized against a backdrop of an open-world ripe for customization, crafting, and conflict resolution.

In Myth of Empire, players must struggle for life from animal and bandit raids while accumulating enough resources to begin developing their base and empire. Along with taming, rearing, and breeding horses, growing animals and crops, and more, you may also enlist or capture NPCs to assist you in that goal.

Skill Trees and Perks

Players may begin playing with the 25 various skill trees and over 100 perks after they've grown comfortable with Myth of Empires. You'll be able to specialize your play style and broaden your gameplay possibilities as a result of this. Actions in the game might also help you develop your talents. If you are assaulted, for example, your HP and Armour skills will improve. Your bow skill will increase if you discharge arrows. Myth of Empires tries to reward players for doing what they want, and this is evident throughout the game.

In order to survive and progressively rise in power, you can use over 1,200 crafting recipes in Myth of Empires. Hunting and gathering equipment, structures, medicine, weaponry, armour, and even wine are all genuine to the time period in which the game is set. You can build a lavish fortress to house your army, workstations, and livestock by crafting and using various tools to chop down trees and gather resources from stones and minerals. You can then use these resources to create new weapons and armour, or you can build a lavish fortress to house your army, workstations, and livestock.


In Myth of Empires, there are over a hundred different types of close- and long-range weaponry, including one- and two-handed swords, shields, staves, clubs, bows, crossbows, and more. There are 17 unique sets of armour to manufacture, each having its own style and specific attributes, in addition to the 13 main armour sets you may make with materials like wood, metal, and leather. Armor can defend you from the environment by offering better shelter against the world's adverse weather, but it can also safeguard you from hostile weaponry.

As you try to avoid starvation and sickness, food and medication become increasingly important. You can obtain food and supplies by hunting local species or feasting on the soil itself. Many animals may be kept in captivity, providing you with a consistent supply of resources without the need to go out into the wild. Cooking food and making medicine follows a similar pattern to that of ancient times, providing another realistic aspect to Myth of Empires' rich sandbox.

Horses are important in Myth of Empires. The graceful creatures can be kidnapped and taught, but whether they're better suited as warhorses or workhorses is all up to you. Warhorses provide you an advantage in combat by charging into the conflict as part of an invincible cavalry force, while the former are extremely helpful because they can transport items in quantity by pulling carts. The greatest horses may be bred to generate children with new abilities, and you can use custom armour and ability trees to help you in mounted combat.

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You will collect materials ranging from grass, branches, and raw flesh to copper and clay ores, like you would in any survival game, in order to steadily build dwellings and thereby expand your empire. However, the multiplayer mode is an essential component of MoE. The game feels significantly different if you play it alone rather than with buddies.

Building buildings is one of the first chores you'll encounter when you begin to construct your empire. This will teach you how to build the various wooden buildings you'll need, such as foundations, walls, and territorial flags, to keep them from decaying in two days. You'll also discover how to construct a basic sheet that can be moved from one location to another.

MoE Copper Coins allow you to quickly obtain in-game cash while saving time and effort. Instead of continually farming money, you may enjoy the game and do pleasant things in Myth of Empire.

MMOPIXEL Buying Guide and Delivery

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