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How to Progress in New World - Complete Guide

New World, a popular MMO game by Amazon, is finally available so you can start exploring the mysteries of the island. However, New World is a massively multiplayer online game involving crafting, combating, and other faction systems.

There have already been many opportunities for players to experience the New World. Over 190,000 players participated in the closed beta in July, and the open beta was also successful.

The game's mechanics and systems might be a mystery if you didn't play before launch. If you are playing New World for the first time, you might want to know how to progress in the game. This guide covers a range of beginner tips for New World, which you should read before playing.

Utilize Multiple Weapon Slots

At the beginning of the game, you can choose from a variety of weapons. Since there are no set classes in New World, you should choose your build and weapon based on your preferred playstyle.

If a sword and a bow appeal to you more, you might choose them. The ability to master a weapon type involves unlocking active abilities as well as passive skills.

In the beginning, your prime focus might be on leveling up, but as you progress through the levels, you should consider what weapon combinations you should develop from taking on harder challenges.

Locate Fast Travel Options

As you begin your quests in the New World, you will come across a large settlement. The immediate vicinity has plenty of quests to keep you busy, but you should also explore. Fast Travel Shrines not only make traveling easier, but you can find more resources in various low-level areas as well.

Maintain Weight

If you want to survive longer, you may be tempted to put on armor with the highest stats, but this will weigh you down. As a result, your ability to dodge and move will be affected.

If you're aiming for a tougher build, you may be willing to sacrifice mobility for increased defense. For instance, if you want to play more evasively, you should make sure the equipment you wear is lightweight.

There is a limit to the amount of inventory you can carry, and too much will slow you down. Store items in various settlements to lower the weight.

Use Inn Recall

To teleport to that inn, speak to an innkeeper, and you will have an hour to cool down before you can use the teleport skill again. You will need this if you are traveling quite a distance to fulfill some of the early quests.

There is no restriction on where you can use the Inn Recall feature, but it can only be active at one inn at any given time. You can set up a camp while traveling if you have the necessary materials.

At first, you might overlook its advantages, but if you have to reappear at a hotel after running half the map and back, you might reconsider.

You can craft some basic items at camps in addition to using them as temporary respawn points. You can upgrade your camp once you reach level 15 to craft better items.

Finding Gold in New World

The Gold Veins of Aeternum are found mainly in mountains and caves. Due to their lack of shine, they are somewhat difficult to see when inside caves. At Devil's Quarry and Divine Rise, there are additional gold veins.

You might find it hard to find gold inside the rock quarry. You can also tap the Gold Vein in Devil's Rise Cave. To get the New World currency, you can also loot other characters and complete various quests.

If you kill an NPC enemy, always loot their stocks and sell them to the vendors. There are different prices for looted items depending on whether they can be sold or traded to other players.

You can level up by completing quests, but you can also earn rewards like gear upgrades and coins. If you don't need the gear, you can always sell it to the vendors for some coins.

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