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How to Upgrade Your Camp in New World

New World offers a large immersive experience that you'll travel around, typically at a glacial pace. However, dying can be a pain when it involves traveling 30 minutes back to the next town, so start camping as quickly as feasible. It's only one store for mending, crafting, plus respawning, and it's not excessively pricey. Nevertheless, there is much more to it than strikes the sight.

If you can learn the technique of constructing together a frail tent out of pebbles and twigs. In that case, you may enhance your campsite, use other players', and even intentionally farm foes in the appropriate areas.

Building Camp in the New World

Some may have observed that there is an option to Camp anytime you are adventuring, but it has no effect. This is because you must first complete an early quest to earn the ability to build Camp. So, if you're a new player or if you've been ignoring the first quests, here's what you should do:

  • Finish the initial missions till you are directed to the closest settlement/city.

  • Finish the missions in this settlement before you encounter the Outdoorsman.

  • Speak to the Outdoorsman to learn how to build a Tier One camp.

The Survivalist will offer you an assignment to test your acquired camp-building skills in the wilderness. Choose a good place and press "Y" on your computer to start Camp (by default). You'll be given a ghost design of your Camp that you must place in an appropriate position. It will have to be placed on fairly flat terrain, so if it refuses, move to a slightly different location and attempt again.

New World Camp Guide

Once you've constructed Camp, it will act as a crafting hub, allowing you to manufacture a range of essential equipment and commodities, including a Fishing Pole if you've discovered any Hemp plants along the way. You may also fully heal by relaxing in a Camp, and the Camp also serves as a respawn site if you die, making it an important skill and tool for living in the New World - mainly because there are no rides in the New World, so you'll have to travel by foot for the most of the time.

When Should You Camp In New World?

To begin, camping establishes your spawn location. You will travel back to your Camp if you perish. Given that there are no mounts and fast travel expenses money, this is very useful. However, it can take a while to get around.

Set up camps before difficult boss encounters

This is an activity you should begin doing so because bosses are frequently located twenty minutes from the closest town. Death will force you to try again, and you'll also have to walk the entire distance back. A camp saves you time and energy. Consider it similar to Dark Souls' bonfires, but you place them.

Do it on lengthy trips regularly

Camps have a radius of 500 meters, so you can easily zap back to one within a small zone, but if you leave that region, you're returned to square one - the town. With that, keep in mind to build up a Camp or visit other players' camps regularly. If you accomplish this, death is significantly less punishment, and all goods are easily accessible.

Camp before places with difficult crowds

You've probably run into a group of wolves with a skull rather than a level rating - they'll easily knock you to the ground. You're best off rushing through these areas to get to the following, generally simpler place. However, you might just as quickly perish on the way, so make a camp before trying.

Furthermore, you may be farming a few stronger monsters; in this instance, a camp will prevent any extra backtracking if you die.

If you require to heal, consider camping

When no adversaries are nearby, and it is quiet, there is no purpose in spending meals or potions to replenish your HP. Instead, you may fully recharge by resting at a camp.

Crafting at Your Camp

At your Camp, you can make essential products. Tier 1 wood longsword, flint arrows, stone tools, and basic fishing bait are among the things. Regardless of campsite level, you can only create tier-1 tools. You can create Tier V mana and health restoration food at the Camp. You must possess the right tier camp, sufficient supplies, and cooking skills. At your Camp, you cannot create higher tier products such as attributes foods, trade skill food, or colors.

When that Camp is located, you would need 5 wood and 1 flint to construct it. Once your Camp is built, you will be given the option of resting or crafting. Rest at your Camp by hitting the default key "T" and crafting by pressing the standard key "E."

How to upgrade your Camp?

To improve your Camp, you'll need to complete specific quests, similar to how the Survivalist quest unlocked the ability to Camp in the first place. Higher-tier Camps will allow you to make better meals, weapon coatings, medicines, and tinctures; moreover, regardless of your Camp's tier level, you will not be able to make better tools or weapons.

It's leveling up to gain access to these tasks. You will be asked to begin a new Survivalist mission when you reach the required level. The following levels are necessary for every Camp tier:

Tier 1 Camp

Quests in the early towns encompass levels 1 to 15 can advance the player's Camp ability to Tier I. After that, it's a particular NPC in a specific town instead of a single easily placed in every city of the same level; thus, players frequently have to journey to get there, which is the goal.

New World Camp Upgrade

Tier 2 Camp

When you reach level 15, go to the Monarch Bluffs village, talk to Bercine Thorton, and finish her "Friends in Fashion "quest. She also gives the player some gold and increased territory status.

Tier 3 Camp

To undertake the "Animal Instincts" task from Tosch in Cutlass Keys, your player must be at a minimum level of 25. Just get rid of some pesky crocodiles and slinking wildcats. In exchange, you'll receive some useful Azoth, gold, territory status, and the opportunity to construct a Tier III Camp.

Tier 4 Camp

The quest " Lupine Observations " becomes available once the character reaches level 41. They will travel to Endless Shore and chat with Survivalist Rilette Wilson for her to tell the thrilling story of the frightening Fangsnap and how he should be defeated for the player to understand how to create a Tier IV Camp.

Tier 5 Camp

Few players make it to Edengrove, but if they hit level 50 and travel there, they can chat with resident Survivalist Derick Wardell to obtain the last Camp upgrade objective. To progress in Fading Lights, players must battle ten Ancient Guardians in the neighboring Pavo ruins.

Don't anticipate that you'll be able to build up a Tier 5 Camp anytime shortly because you'll be required to be close to New World's maximum level before you can even do so. Setting up an excellent Camp is one of the most challenging undertakings in the realm of Aeturnum.

For setting up camps, you may be required to use various equipment that you can purchase using Gold Coins. If you are falling short of New World Gold, you can easily purchase it for real money.

To aid you, visit our website MMOPixel to purchase New World Gold Coins. We provide the cheapest rate on the web.

Using The Camp When PvP-Flagged

There are several significant changes between your encampment respawning while PvP being enabled.

  • Deciding to respawn at a camp while marked for PvP activates a leads to a more frequent respawn timeout.

  • Its duration rises with each consecutive Camp respawn.

  • If indeed the player chooses to respawn somewhere else (for example, at a town), the cooldown will keep counting down in the meantime.

  • If the player dies while the cooldown is counting down, the duration increment will be added to the present value.

  • As a result, respawning in a community and running back into the action is an excellent strategy for players to reduce their camp cooldown.

Why Upgrade?

Camps can be used for spawn points after dying and for simple crafting, even at the lowest level; thus, not all players will feel the need to upgrade depending on the game you've chosen to play. On the other hand, building a Camp is valuable for characters who spend more time traveling, participating in PvP in remote places, or like to remain outside settlements to harvest resources.

New World Camp Upgrading Guide

A better Camp enables a player to make more sophisticated equipment, weapons, and food without traveling to town and using a Workshop or a Kitchen. That implies more time for what matters most, which means more hunting, killing, and gathering.


This guide has dispelled any doubts about how to create and improve Camps in the New World. It's one of the most valuable things an explorer in this game may have, especially if you wish to play with buddies and tackle a difficult dungeon together.

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