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How To Use the Akimbo in COD Mobile

Akimbo perk in COD Mobile allows you to use dual weapons in each hand and fire at the same time. In the starting days, it is a great perk, but nowadays, it becomes the worst perk according to my gameplay experience. In this article, I will tell you How to use the Akimbo perk in COD Mobile and in which guns you can use this perk.

What is Akimbo Perk in COD Mobile:

Akimbo allows you to use dual weapons at the same time. You’ll get the gun in both hands and its crosshairs are pointed in one direction. You can only Hip Fire using the Akimbo perk. You can not open the Optic of the gun with Akimbo perk.

.50 GS Akimbo Preview in Shipment COD Mobile

Akimbo perk is limited to 3 guns only in COD Mobile.

It comes in a Fennec weapon for the first time. 

When I used it for the first time, I liked it. I played very well with a Fennec weapon with Akimbo perk for the first time. Now, it has become Nerfs.

It’s good for close-quarter maps, but not as much as it was before. However, it’s not suitable for Medium to Larger maps.

Now, I can say after using Akimbo again that it has become the worst perk in COD Mobile.

The biggest drawback of using the Akimbo perk is that it reduces the Damage, Reload Time, and Mobility, which are important factors for aggressive gaming.

How to Get Akimbo Perk for a particular weapon:

Akimbo Perk is available in three Guns only, i.e. Fennec, Dobvra, and .50 GS. You will get an Akimbo perk for these weapons at:

1. Fennec:

Fennec is in the Sub-machine Guns (SMG) category in COD Mobile loadout.

You can get the Akimbo perk for the Fennec weapon by killing 3 enemies with this gun 30 times without dying.

2. Dobvra:

Dobvra is a Pistol that is found in the Secondary Weapon loadout.

You will get the Akimbo perk by upgrading the attachments to Tier 40. However, it needs XP Cards to upgrade the Weapon. Alternatively, you can play several matches with this pistol. Your weapon tiers will increase according to your gameplay.

3. .50 GS:

.50 GS is also found in the Pistol, Secondary Weapon category.

You can get Akimbo Perk for a .50 GS Weapon by killing 3 enemies with this gun 20 times without dying.

How To Use Akimbo Perk:

Akimbo is available for Fennec, Dobvra, and .50 GS weapons. To use Akimbo in these weapons, follow these steps:

  1. Open Lobby Screen.

  2. Tap “LOADOUT”.

  3. Choose a Primary or Secondary Weapon in a particular Loadout number.
    What is Primary and Secondary weapon in COD Mobile

  4. Tap the Gun. i.e. Primary Weapon: Fennec, Secondary Weapon: .50 GS and Dobvra. Tap “QUICK EQUIP”.
    Selecting Fennec Gun from LOADOUT

  5. Tap “GUNSMITH”.

  6. Choose “Perk”.
    Perk Option in Fennec Gunsmith in COD Mobile

  7. Tap “Akimbo”.
    Akimbo Perk of Fennec in Gunsmith

  8. Tap “EQUIP”.

Now, you can play the game with a particular gun in which the Akimbo perk is equipped.

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Should I Use Akimbo with supported Weapon:

You can use Akimbo Perk for Small Maps such as Shipment, Killhouse, Cage, and King. However, it’s also suitable for Summit, Hijacked, and Nuketown Map.

But, I never recommend it for medium to larger maps such as Shoothouse, Takeoff, Terminal, Firing Range, etc. In large maps, your gun should have High Damage to play effectively, but Akimbo reduces it.

Also, Akimbo is not suitable for Medium to Long Range firing.

Best Maps in Which Akimbo is Suitable:

According to my long-term experience, you can use Akimbo more effectively in these maps:

  1. KillHouse.

  2. Shipment.

  3. King.

  4. Cage.

  5. Saloon.

  6. Standoff.

  7. Summit.

  8. Hijacked.

  9. Nuketown.

Does Akimbo Hip Fire?

Yes, Akimbo Hip Fires the enemy. That’s why it’s not suitable for medium to longer-range enemies. When you press the Shoot button, it starts firing without opening the Optic.

What about Equalizer and Prizefighters? Can I say Them Akimbo:

Equalizer is an Operator Skill that is used by Both Hands like an Akimbo. Whereas Prizefighters is a Melee (Boxing Gloves) that is also used by both hands.

Remember that Akimbo is a dedicated perk for the weapon. While Equalizer and Prizefighters is by default act as Akimbo. So, we can say them Akimbo.

But, the Equalizer and Prizefighters have more damage than Fennec, Dobvra, and .50 GS Weapon. Equalizer is an Operator Skill which is more advanced than the primary weapon. While Prizefigers is an one punch one kill melee.


Akimbo is the best perk when it comes newly to COD Mobile. After Nerfs, it becomes the worst perk, according to my experience. You can try this perk with your Fennec, Dobvra, and .50 GS to identify its efficiency by yourself. I probably say that you will be forced to avoid using this perk. 

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