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NBA 2K23 Best Shooting Badges Guide

NBA 2K23 has been making three-pointers as satisfying as it sounds as the NBA continues to transition into something of a 3-point shooting league. The MVP in any game or setting will be the player who develops the ideal jump shot for themself and masters the timing. Of course, this assumes that they possess the necessary shooting badges. You should devote a lot of time and money to improving your jump shot unless your player is a center. You still need to acquire the appropriate Shooting badges even if you prefer mid-range jumpers resembling cover superstar Devin Booker to three-pointers.

Nothing in NBA 2K23 is more significant than getting the badges precisely right, other than maximizing the qualities. These are the ideal badges to obtain if the objective is to become the top downtown scorer.

NBA 2K23 Badges

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It requires a great deal of energy to run around the court, set screens, make dribbling moves, and shoot the ball. Sprinting constantly is not advisable since you will pay for it in the second part of the game. You thus require the Amped badge. Amped will make it easier for you to block shots while fatigued. When you try to fire while you are tired, you'll find that the shot metre is much slower, and sluggish, and makes it very difficult to get a good release. Therefore, having Amped on your side will be wise while you're struggling to breathe while your legs are worn out during crutch time.

Clutch Shooter

Clutch time occurs when a game has less than five minutes to go and the score difference is within five points. Because every error is amplified under these circumstances, some players are more likely to become tense. Other players, particularly those who have earned the Clutch Shooter badge, like these high-stress situations and virtually always rise to the challenge. Your overall shot-making abilities will improve by using Clutch Shooter. Because it doesn't limit the progress benefit to just one kind of offensive, like three-pointers or layups, this badge is useful. Don't take any chances by not wearing the Clutch Shooter badge since a lot may happen in the last moments of a game, specifically when the score is tight.

NBA 2K23 Clutch Shooter

Middy Magician

Shooting three-pointers is essential for a team's success in the current NBA. As they strive to go up the scoreboard and stretch out defenders, an increasing number of players are honing their outside shots. But it doesn't imply the mid-range shot is no longer effective. Two years ago, Chris Paul and Devin Booker nearly exclusively used mid-range shots to lead the Phoenix Suns to the NBA Finals. With said Middy Magician badge, users can be like Paul & Booker. This badge will increase their efficiency whether they are shooting a mid-range fadeaway, spot-up, or moving jump shot. Setting screens makes mid-range shots more successful while pulling up for a fast shot is an alternative to rolling to the basket.

Limitless Range

The NBA has become increasingly dominated by three-point shooting as more players prioritize perfecting their outside jump shot. The flamboyant jump shot, which is the equivalent of dunking the ball in place of a layup, makes it rain from downtown. Younger players look up to Stephen Curry's ability to shoot shots as far away as the center logo; with the Limitless Range badge, you will soon be able to do the same. Getting a great release from a typical three-point range must therefore result in the ball going in the basket, but if you start backing up a little, even a great release is no guarantee. Players with Limitless Range have a wider range for three-pointers, increasing their ability to make long shots. This is a badge that, excluding post-dominant centers, you should wear.

Space Creator

NBA 2K23 defenses are sophisticated; if you anticipate scoring by shooting over a defender, be prepared to be dissatisfied. You must use dribbling techniques to get past tough opponents and generate enough space for a good shot. Your ability to execute shots once you've gained space from a defender will enhance if you have Space Creator equipped. This badge will trigger and improve the accuracy of your shots whether you chose to turn around to attempt a fadeaway or cross up a defender. If you don this badge, make sure your ball handling abilities are up to par because they might affect how effective it is.

NBA 2K23 Space Creator

Slippery Off-Ball

On offense, circling the half-court won't ensure that you are wide open for a pass. Defenders would follow you around and attempt to keep you from taking advantage of any chances that present themselves. Slippery Off-Ball improves your overall capacity for evading obstacles and finding openings. Slippery Off-Ball makes it simpler to avoid getting caught on opponents when eluding your defender, much as the Pick Dodger badge for defense. When you ask for the ball, your teammates will frequently give it to you whether or not you are available, but this might complicate the attack. The likelihood that you'll find yourself exposed for an uncontested shot is increased at least with this badge.


For any offensive player, defenders with fast reactions and a strong basketball IQ are a nightmare. When a play is blown, these elite defenders can frequently rapidly recover and close out on an open shooter. Close-outs have always had the potential to reduce your shot-making skill, even if you are open for a shot. With the Deadeye badge, you can mitigate the effects of close-outs. You can make more disputed jump shots by using this badge, which lessens the force of defenders reaching out on shoots. When receiving a pass, players wearing the Deadeye badge become laser-focused and unfazed by defenders charging at them.


NBA offenses are more effective when there are numerous players moving all over the court at once. A slow offense and more attention from the defense on key players might result from too many players standing motionless. But the Claymore badge demonstrates that you are not always forced to move forward when on the attack. With the Claymore badge, patient players who plant their feet will have an advantage in making perimeter shots. Also, don't assume that you must remain still for the whole of a play; if you set a screen and collect the pass near the three-point line rather than rolling to the basket, Claymore's effect will affect your shot.

NBA 2K23 Claymore

Catch and Shoot

Leading spot-up shooters like Ray Allen & Klay Thompson flourished in their NBA careers. Sure, they would roam around and occasionally put the ball in the basket, but most of the time, they would stay outside and shoot threes. The Catch & Shoot badge should help you score three-point shots right away after grabbing the ball, whether or whether there is a defender in your face. Naturally, if there isn't a defender around, it will be simpler to take advantage of these opportunities, but Catch & Shoot mitigates that drawback by improving your total shooting ability.

Volume Shooter

You are aware that shooters must shoot. Even though overshooting might cause players to get into a shooting slump, you should always try to make a shot if possible. The Volume Shooter badge is meant to help you practice consistently, which is the only way you can improve at anything. As you shoot the ball more frequently during the game, the Volume Shooter badge will increase the percentage of overall shot attempts. This affects layups, mid-range, & three-point shots, so don't be reluctant to shoot freely when the chance arises. The finest badge in NBA 2K23's Shooting area is Volume Shooter since it may improve your offensive performance just by shooting the basketball more frequently, whether you hit the shots or not.

Other Badges to consider

  • Comeback Kid: Improves three-point and mid-range shooting when a team is behind in a game.

  • Corner Specialist: Whether made off the dribble or a grab, three-pointers made from the corner location are more effective.

  • Guard Up: Whenever defenders fail to adequately challenge a shot, Guard Up improves the player's ability to make a jump shot.

  • Green Machine: Provides an extra shot boost after making many jump shots with perfect launches.

  • Blinders: When a defender is defending from the side or the back, jump shots are subject to a less severe accuracy penalty.

  • Agent 3: Enhances the execution of pull-up & spin jumpers at three-point range.


Our guide for the NBA 2K23 Shooting badges is now complete. You are now equipped to play your best defense, assist, rebound, and shoot. Good fortune. Explore these badges to see which ones work best for you!

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