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New World 1.7 Update Brimstone Sands Release - What New Comes to the Game?

The New World patch 1.7 was released on October 17, 2022, and is accessible for download. According to the official New World patch notes, the most recent update adds the Brimstone Sands zone with new foes, a new area, and new storylines. In addition, the New World version 1.7 released today has many balance changes and bug fixes. 

A significant update earlier included the Winter Convergence Festival, a brand-new winter event chock full of quests, unique activities, and more. In addition, a hotfix was recently made available as well. Unfortunately, there are still several problems that gamers are having with the game; therefore, several mistakes are fixed in the New World game version 1.7 released.

Update Highlights

Here are some of the most significant and fascinating new features, content, and updates highlighted to assist you in avoiding spending too much time reading the lengthy patch notes.

Brimstone Sands - A new region

The newest and largest section of the New World thus far is the Brimstone Sands. It is heavily influenced by both Roman and Egyptian architecture. Many opponents share this design by using similar-inspired armor and weaponry. However, new features and some new species can be found in the Brimstone Sands.

The crazed remnants of the Roman Empire's 19th Legion constitute the most significant menace in Brimstone Sands right now. It is still unclear what happened to the Romans, but they have succumbed to corruption and are currently occupying the mysterious Akhet Pyramid's old remains. They are sure to discover the key to their redemption and the long-awaited revival of the Roman Empire within.

New World Brimstone Sands

Ennead Expedition - A new expedition

The Ennead Expedition is located in the Brimstone Sands. With this new expedition, you'll be battling the Ancients as you navigate these ancient ruins by fighting and solving puzzles. Players will also delve into the mysteries of the past with Imhotep, face off against formidable Sand Demons, and, if they persevere, possibly even restore the legitimate king who can finally bring peace and hope to the area after centuries of anarchy. New prizes come along with new trials. You will undoubtedly receive several brand-new benefits from exploring this new expedition.

New World - Ennead Expedition

Greatsword - A new weapon

Finally, it's here! In the New World, the eagerly anticipated Greatsword has come. This new weapon is incredibly flexible because it has excellent offensive and solid defenses. Moreover, it's a good weapon with a lot of potential because of the Stance mechanism, which alters depending on how specific passives and skills function.

Both weapon skill trees offer flexible strategies for a range of playstyles:

  • The Onslaught tree emphasizes persistent offensive and the elimination of adversaries before they can eliminate you.

  • The aggressive defense that can endure and do damage against numerous opponents is a strength of the Defiance tree.

The Greatsword pairs well with many other martial weapons because it scales with Strength and Dexterity equally.

New World 1.7 Update - Greatsword Weapon

Heartgem Abilities

Ever thought that something was lacking from your build? Maybe defense, maybe mobility, possibly just more significant harm. Heartgems are a helpful solution to those problems. A mission in the Brimstone Sands region can be used to obtain these new, distinctive skills. To assist you in choosing the Heartgem that might be the most suitable for your builds, it also breaks down each rune and its upgrade pathways.

  • Detonate: Surround yourself with so much arcane energy that you explode and cause significant damage. While the power is in use, players can move around and make attacks.

  • Grasping Vines: Pound your palm into the ground to cause vines to sprout all around you, encircling you and entangling your foes.

  • Stoneform: Turn into stone to become immune to slows, knockdowns, stuns, roots, and staggers. While this power is in use, players can move and make attacks.

  • Cannon Blast: Use a giant, portable cannon to launch a cannonball that delivers a lot of damage when it hits the ground.

  • Dark Ascent: Fly up into the air on corrupted wings, hover there for a moment, and then slam back down into the ground, knocking all foes around you out of their feet and inflicting damage.

Through combat maneuvers like dealing and taking damage, deflecting blows, and healing teammates, you can charge heartgems. When an ability is completely charged, players can use it. Upon use, the charge is reset. Try out and improve each Heartgem to discover your favorite.

New World Heartgem Abilities

Runeglass Gems and Golden Scarabs - New crafting

Pristine Gems have been upgraded with Runeglass Gems. They increase the power of every build you could want to use without reducing the Pristine Gems' inherent effects. But beware, making these requires proficiency in both stonecutting and weaponsmithing.

A Legendary resource called Golden Scarabs can be discovered in the numerous Ancient Glyph Chests scattered throughout the Brimstone Sands. You can choose two bonuses when utilized with a Timeless Shard, allowing for highly high-end crafting with less RNG.

Nightviel Hallow - New event

This year's annual Halloween Event is underway and runs through November 1, 2022. In Aeternum, take on Baalphazu, the Lord of Terror, and his Pumpkinites. Salvatore the Mad will give you a cornucopia of one-time-only Nightveil Hallow gifts in exchange for your assistance. This event will take place from when Brimstone Sands debuts until November 1, 2022. For the questline to begin, characters must be level 35 or higher.

Like any seasonal event, this one comes with a quest and a tonne of handy benefits, including, among other things, seasonal-themed armor and weaponry.

New World Nightviel Hallow Event

Enhanced Starting Experience

New streamlined storylines, new dynamic quests, new areas of interest, and an enhanced quest flow have been added to Windsward and Monarch's Bluffs. You'll see these if you participate before the newly revealed Fresh Start Servers.

Overall, the modifications made to these questlines make them much more fun to go through and less tiresome. Particularly when it comes to the Yonas the Hermit adventures, there is much less back and forth. Nothing will be revealed here, but it's worth seeing for yourself.

  • Improved quest flow: It has been tuned for quest flow through zones, with NPCs moving about while telling a narrative that guides players through each area of the game and unlocks side content to pace the experience.

  • Updated Quest Dynamics: We've included a range of new quest dynamics, such as wave events, tracking and navigation difficulties, ruins puzzles, uncommon world interactions, and dynamic events when players will come across.

  • Zone Upgrades: With new foes, huge new locales, and difficulties in the missions and open world, we've also given the zones and villages in Monarch's Bluffs and Everfall a lot more character.

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World Experience

General Changes:

  • The horizontal Logging animation speed was increased, bringing the vertical Logging animation speed closer to it.

  • Health has increased while Hearty Buff has been reduced from 50% to 25%. (per player feedback).

  • Rope rail on Traitor's Hold now consistently collides.

  • Nessa Harrower and Cornil Reynolds, two NPCs, now have better voiceover sync.

  • South of Clearview Crypt, a grizzly bear, took the place of a mountain lion.


  • When a melee strike strikes a victim, there is now a delay caused by equipping load before they may begin running.

  • 1.5-second delay with light equip load (Reduced from 1.75s)

  • Medium load on equipment - 1.0s delay (Reduced from 1.75s)

  • Heavy load of equipment - 0.5s delay (Reduced from 1.75s)

  • While the delay is in effect, Light and Medium dodge translations are lowered by 20%.

  • To make block breaks less detrimental, the recovery time for the block break reaction was decreased from 50 frames to 30 frames.

  • A problem that caused blocked hits to initiate the equip load run delay has been fixed.

World AI

  • A problem that led to irregular hit registering against Forest Spriggan has been fixed.

  • Fixed an issue where the Undead Huntress would utilize her Flame Breath attack while in confined locations.

  • An issue that caused specific AI to stutter when switching between patrol stations has been fixed.

  • Fixed a bug that caused alligators to hesitate following lunge attacks for extended periods.

  • Enemies of the crawler kind are substantially less likely to perish when making extended retreats.

  • Fixed a problem where, for some players, the Pirate Brute's animation appeared to freeze in the middle.

  • There was a problem where the Summoner Yau would reset too rapidly if the player strayed too far away.

Other Notable Fixes

  • Fixed a problem where Magistrate Bond's narration would sometimes play in the wrong language.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Sule Bankole's narration from playing in Brightwood.

  • Fixed a problem where the Wolf Den point of interest icon was displayed instead of the Cat Den icon.

  • A bug that prevented player weapons from fading away during cutscenes has been fixed.

  • Fixed a problem that was causing the camera to spin out of control.

  • Fixed a rare crash bug that occasionally occurred when the world was originally loaded.

  • Resolved an issue that led to performances becoming out of rhythm with the player.

  • Fixed a problem that resulted in the Town Board and Journal displaying inaccurate data following an expedition.

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