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New World 1.7 Update Brimstone Sands Zone Guide

With each update, New World becomes hotter and cooler. This time, we'll have a fresh new zone to explore called the Brimstone Sands and Enclaves for each side. This guide will show you how to unlock the Brimstone Sands by completing the beginning tasks and locating all of the Enclaves. So, let's get this party started.

New World patch 1.7 is now available for PC download. As stated in the official New World patch notes, the most recent update included the Brimstone Sands zone, which includes new foes, territory, and storylines. Aside from that, today's New World release 1.7 features a slew of bug fixes and stability changes.

This is significant to save you time reading the massive patch notes; we've summarised some of the most important and exciting new features, content, and adjustments. Of course, each of these significant new features has its devoted guide.

New Region: Brimstone Sands

Brimstone Sands is the newest and largest location in New World. It is heavily influenced by Egyptian and Roman architecture. Many opponents are inspired by this style, as evidenced by their armor and weapons. In addition, the Brimstone Sands introduces new species and characteristics.

New World New Region: Brimstone Sands

Brimstone Sands is an entirely new zone in Aeternum. It's around the size of 2.5 Everfalls and has new opponents to combat, territories to manage, and stories to discover.

Death looms over the charred wastelands of Brimstone Sands, its appetite unquenched after millennia of turmoil and bloodshed. The godlike Ancients were first met here by the ancient Egyptians, who built monuments and large cities as part of flourishing society thousands of years ago. Their society has long since gone to ruin, and only the mysterious sorcerer Imhotep remains, with whom players must collaborate to unravel the desert's riddles. The crazed remnants of the Roman Empire's 19th Legion constitute the greatest imminent threat in Brimstone Sands. What happened to the Romans is unknown, but they have succumbed to Corruption and are currently besieging the ancient ruins of a mystery Pyramid known as Akhet. They are convinced that within lies the key to their redemption and the long-awaited revival of the Roman Empire.

Discovering the Brimstone Sands Area

Before you may access and begin the majority of the Brimstone Sands Major Story in New World, you must first interact with a companion Soul Warden NPC to begin the mission that will transport you there now and unlock the location to allow your admittance.

Whenever the locations or goals alter depending on the faction, a complete description of what to do and where to do will be supplied for each of New World's three factions - Covenant, Marauders, and Syndicate. Covenant members must travel to the Great Cleave to visit Tomash Kovalenko in the Cleave's Point Outpost, which is placed close to a forge.

New World Brimstone Sands Areas

  • Marauders must journey to Ebonscale Reach to speak with Tomash Kovalenko, who sits on the Ebonreach Settlement's outer wall.

  • Syndicate must head to the Shattered Mountain region's Mountainhome to meet with Tomash Kovalenko near the Inn.

  • From here, the Quests begin to converge slightly, as you'll be accumulating the same ingredients for a Desert Cerate.

  • You must bring 2 Fish Oil with you to produce the Cerate. In addition to the Fish Oil, you must visit your region's cliffs and collect 3 Frostcliff Berries.

  • Travel to the cliffs at Sunder Fort and the Tempest Valley Fast Travel Shrine to obtain the Covenant.

  • Proceed to the cliffs east of the Water Shrine in Ebonscale Reach to collect the Marauders.

  • Travel to the cliffs northeast of the Mountainhome Outpost to obtain the Syndicate.

  • Create the Desert Cerate using the Ingredients you've collected in a Campsite or an Arcane Repository crafting station. Once Crafted, use it to advance the quest from your inventory.

  • After using the Cerate, the missions will fully converge. Travel to Ebonscale Reach and then north into the Brimstone Sands.

  • Go to the Wikala al-Waha Outpost, northeast of the Brimstone Sands entrance.

  • You will meet Soulwarden Buhawi and start working on the Brimstone Sands Main Quest.

Activities in the Brimstone Sands Region

Brimstone Sands has been updated with new creatures, enemies, hazards, and resources. There are also 26 new Ancient Glyphs here, allowing you to travel the vast desert region faster and without using Azoth. Finally, take a look at the brand-new Ennead Expedition.

Brimstone Sands Activities

Enemies and Creatures

In the Brimstone Sands Region, your major adversaries are the Ancient and Angry Earth. This makes Ancient and Angry Earth Coating beneficial for eradicating opponents. Corrupted is mentioned in a few POIs; however, most of the foes are the two indicated activities.

New animals, such as Scorpions and Armadillos, drop new resources, such as food items, that can be combined to create new Tier 5 cuisines. These are stat-boosting snacks with a 60-minute duration, which is 50% longer than the current T5 items' 40-minute duration.

Resources and Hazards

Players should be mindful of a new danger known as Acid when exploring the Brimstone Sands. When users stand near an Acid pool, they will take 1% of their HP as damage per second for two harm ticks while their Acid Resistance gradually diminishes. Standing in an Acid Pool will cause you to lose 6% of your health every second for two ticks.

Users can protect themselves against this threat by utilizing a new "gem" made from Scorpion Chitin or a new Tincture. Additionally, because this is an Affliction, Incense may be used to counteract this effect.

When their Acid Resistance is depleted, you will experience Acid Burn for 60 seconds, dealing an additional 18% of your Health with every tick of damage while in an Acid Pool. If you remain around for too long, you'll receive a lot of acid damage and die rapidly.

Some new resources here, such as Sandstone and Brimstone, can be harvested directly. Sandstone Chunks can be turned into Charged Sand after being retrieved from the Sandstone. Likewise, sulfur can be made from Sulfur Chunks. Both reagents are needed to make the newly introduced Runeglass Gems and Acid Tinctures.

These reagents can be bought using New World Coins. If you want to purchase sone New World Gold Coins, visit our wbesite MMOPixel. We provide the best service and cheapest rate on the web.

Ancient Glyphs

The new territory's final new feature is ancient Glyphs. There seem to be 26 such Glyphs in all; however, they make traveling this vast desert far more productive and quicker than running on highways. These additional lore pieces enable speedier travel through the Brimstone Sands, allowing you to hop between Larger POIs without using Azoth.

Another of these glyphs also locks the entirety of Elite Ancient Chests inside the Brimstone Sands Area. They require a specific glyph and are inaccessible now without it. You'll be allowed to use the transportation system and uncover multiple Elite Chests when you've mastered the glyphs.

Marauder Enclave Location

A few more items have been added to the map as well. Those are the fantastic and fascinating Marauder Enclaves. This one is enormous and exciting to explore. There's also enough to do inside.

New World Marauder Enclave Location

How to Join the Syndicate Faction in the Brimstone Sands?

You will also need to start the first mission with this faction. The first task will be found in the Mountain Home, located in the upper right of the map. When you arrive, look for a specific NPC.

The NPC's name is Tomash Kovalenko, and he will be found inside the base. After a brief conversation, he will dispatch you to collect three more berries. Simply look on your map, collect them, build a bonfire, and recraft the Cerade. You'll then enter the new area as well.

Syndicate Faction in the Brimstone Sands

How to Join the Covenant Faction in the Brimstone Sands?

You must enter the Great Clave region location and look for the Outpost seen in the above image. It'll be a wooden base-appearing structure, and you'll seek Tomash Kovalenko again. Complete the quest he will assign you. Find three berries near the base, set up a camp, and make the Cerade. You'll then be given a waypoint to the new zone and told to go for t.

You'll be in the new zone once you enter.

Covenant Faction in the Brimstone Sands

About Update

Quest Flow Optimized

The flow of quests through zones has been adjusted, with NPCs moving about with a tale that brings players through each section of the game, unlocking side content to pace the experience.

Quest Dynamic New

Introduced new mission dynamics ranging from wave events to tracking and traversal obstacles, riddles in ruins, unique interactions with the landscape, and dynamic events that players will face.

Story Structured

Redesigned onboarding to focus on the main plot, introducing the history of King Arthur in Monarch's Bluffs and a curse and hunger from the sorceress Medea in Windward. Players will still flock to the Hermit Yonas to begin their journey to become Soulwardens, but the Yona's tasks have been concentrated in Everfall. The Hermit is now more mobile, and the story and mission flow were greatly enhanced.

Upgrades to the Zone

Also given the zones and communities in Monarch's Bluffs and Everfall a lot more personality, with new adversaries, key landmarks, and quest and open-world challenges.


If you've been debating whether to play New World or are fascinated by the Brimstone Sands upgrade, keep in mind that fresh start servers will be available on November 2nd. These will be excellent places to begin for newbies.

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