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New World 1.7 Update Halloween Event – Nightveil Hallow Guide

Halloween in New World is celebrated at Nightveil Hallow. It is distinguished by a spooky season of change during which ghouls and shades congregate in gloomy areas. At this time of year, people decorate their homes with jack-o-lanterns and don spooky masks.

This is done to keep pumpkinites at bay. The heretical entity known as Baalphazu, the Marquis of horror, has cast a terrible curse. The Shape Curse is known as the Maledicta Figurarum. Pumpkinites, a monster created by magic, are made from regular pumpkins. They are the devilish servants of Baalphazu. Before it turns the island into a nightmare, it must be stopped.

In essence, you need to take down the world boss Baalphazu, gather the demon's Ichor, and place it in the Nightveil Cauldron. Your efforts will be rewarded if you do this.

How to start the event?

You only need to make your way to any settlement in Aeternum to start the event. After that, proceed to the Nightveil Cauldron. You'll see a pumpkin symbol on your map designating it. To start, you must first chat with Salvatore, the NPC next to the Cauldron.

To help you beat the world boss, he will grant you a mission named Baalphazu's Fall. You will receive a nightveil Hallow cache once the task is finished. In addition, you will receive some nightveil tokens and a green weapon pattern for opening the cache.

New World Halloween Event


Large world boss Baalphazu possesses more than 23 million health points. Therefore, big groups of at least 10 people are advised to participate in the encounter.

With 45% physical and 40% elemental damage mitigation, the boss has a lot of defense. Because of this, his resistance to your normal assaults is fairly low. However, the boss has a stamina bar, and when it is destroyed, your basic strikes will inflict much more damage.

You should kill the tiny pumpklin creatures to remove the stamina bar. A pumpkin head will be left on the ground by them. The pumpkin head must be picked up and thrown at the boss. The boss will suffer harm and stamina harm as a result of this. You should have the entire party attack the boss as soon as the stamina bar is broken and he is motionless. You want to pump out as much DPS as possible during this window.

The six zones where the global boss, Baalphazu, is located are as follows:

  • Crimson Shallows, South Dynasty Wall within Ebonscale Reach.

  • Wolfbough: Brightwood

  • Frozen Claims and Slumbering Echoes in the Great Cleave

  • Richmire in Weaver's Fen

  • Genesis of Malice, Rafflesia in Edengrove

  • Inland Greens in Mourningdale

Baalphazu's Rising Quest

One-time event quest Baalphazu's Rising makes all of the rewards available for purchase via the event shop. Of course, you can fight Baalphazu without beginning this quest, but all the attractive shop stuff won't be available until you finish this quest.

This straightforward task serves as an introduction to the event's reward system. There are three steps to it:

  • Battle Baalphazu

  • Gather his Ichor

  • At the Cauldron, turn in the Ichor

The Ichor is automatically gathered and provided after the contract, which is important to note. You won't have to gather it or harvest it manually. You will receive a Nightveil Hallow Cache for completing this quest, five Nightveil Hallow Tokens, and an Uncommon rarity weapon pattern. This also includes some extra Azoth, Coin, and XP.

By quickly reaching the top of your event reputation, which there are only the initial and enhanced tiers of, it will also give you access to the Nightveil Sentinel area of the event shop.

New World Baalphazu's Rising Quest

Tips and Tricks to follow

Baalphazu is a Level 66 world boss encounter, like many previous ones. You'll have to defeat him and his goons to be able to claim your reward. Due to the massive player populations at the event, which are required to beat him, this will be a typically simple task to do. Baalphazu possesses two extra attacks in addition to melee swipes and combinations, each with a vocal line to signal its impending use.

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The Mass Pull

"You will suffer, maggot!" is the first sentence that Baalphazu uses to start his mass pull attack. Green flames will signify an AoE created by this strike, and all nearby players will be drawn into Baalphazu's melee area. You must either be fully out of his line of sight when he initiates the attack or dodges just as it is about to go off to escape getting pulled.

The Ring of Flames

Usually, but not always, this attack will come after using the Mass Pull attack. It will be accompanied by the lines "Your stark horror sustains us!" or "The darkness will seize your soul!" but will already be in effect when he begins to say either of those lines.

If you get caught in Baalphazu's donut-shaped AoE, you will take damage equal to about 70% of your maximum health. You'll have to move either closer to him or farther away to avoid this. Stay close to him to avoid being harmed by this assault if the Mass Pull attack previously drew you to him. A well-timed dodge can also be used to avoid this assault.

Summoning the Minions

In addition to Baalphazu himself, he also frequently spawns three minions. These include the following gangs:

  • Pumpklins

  • Gourdspewers

  • Calabashers

The Pumpklins

Despite only being level 35, the Pumpklins pose no threat at all. However, they are swift and still have the ability to cause the debuff Pumpkin Plague. A disease debuff called "Pumpkin Plague" accumulates and decreases healing by 2% per stack, with a maximum reduction of 50% at 25 stacks. When they are defeated, they disappear with their pumpkin heads. These heads can be picked up and tossed at Baalphazu directly to diminish his stamina, which is the primary method outside of direct attack to make him more vulnerable.

New World Nightveil Hallow Gameplay

The Gourdspewers

Gourdspewers are Gold Elites at Level 60, which makes them more dangerous. In addition, with a few ranged and several melee attacks, gourdspewers are significantly more hazardous.

Their attacks will cause the Pumpkin Plague debuff, just like the Pumpklins. They have a longer range than the other mobs in the fight, but they hit slower, so they won't stack it too quickly.

The Calabashers

Level 66 Gold Elites called Calabasher pose a real danger to the player. These large melee opponents frequently receive Fortify effects and have a higher health pool than the Gourdspewers. If you're close enough, these creatures will try to charge at you; otherwise, they'll swipe you with their powerful claws. The Pumpkin Plague debuff will be applied to either attack variant.


You will be given Baalphazu's Ichor when you vanquish him. When Baalphazu is defeated, these rewards are given automatically. The primary method of obtaining Nightveil Tokens is bringing Baalpahzu's Ichor to the Nightveil Cauldron close to Salvatore. A single Nightveil Token will also be given to you.

A Common Nightveil Weapon Pattern, 7, 10, or 13 Nightveil Tokens, an Uncommon Nightveil Weapon Pattern, and a Cauldron's Coin purse that, depending on your player level, can be opened for up to 200 Gold are all items that can be found in Nightveil Cauldron Caches.

Store Items

Once you have a sufficient number of Nightveil Tokens, you can use them to buy goods from Salvatore. The goods include skins, emotes, home accents, and gear with a weapon and shield pattern score of 600 for the Nightveil Sentinel rank and 600 for the Fledgling rank, respectively.

The two different pattern kinds that you can buy from the event shop have some differences. But there are some parallels as well. For example, the first perk slot, which is locked using either the green or legendary pattern, is shown in the chart below. The variations in the patterns are shown below these charts.

Green Patterns

The green patterns do not always result in a roll of 600 gear points. You must use your food, trophies, buffs, and other resources to construct items with a gear score between 595 and 600. However, with these patterns, you can select an additional benefit in addition to the above-mentioned keen perk, making this roll a guaranteed keen plus your chosen perk plus a random perk roll (if rolled legendary).

Gear Score 600 patterns

The legendary patterns ensure that a gear score with a "600" item will be rolled. To roll the legendary item, you don't need to have the trophies, outfits, buffs, etc. The sharp perk is assured with these patterns, but the other two perk rolls are random. With legendary patterns, there is no option to roll a second perk.

New World Nightveil Hallow Guide


The event and the sizable update 1.7 known as "Brimstone Sands" went online simultaneously. We hope our tutorial was helpful if you were unsure how to begin the quest or get to the Halloween event. Don't overlook the remaining useful material from 1.7, such as the Greatsword weapon, instructions on how to make Runeglass Gems, and Heartrunes.

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