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New World 1.7 Update The Ennead Expedition Guide

The Brimstone Sands expansion pack for New World will include a new challenging expedition. It goes by the name of Ennead and is offered to every customer as a part of the ExpCarry service's New World Ennead Boost option. The player can take down any number of enemies with our assistance and get a good reward.

You have the chance to quickly and efficiently complete the new dungeon and grab all the loot with the New World Ennead Carry option.

Unlocking The Ennead Expedition

You must be level 60 or higher to attempt the Ennead Expedition in the New World. Before joining the Expedition, you must have at least five companions and be level 60. We advise having at least five people to have three DPS, one tank, and a healer. It will be possible for you to complete the dungeon from beginning to end if you have five people who can fulfill all of these roles. However, it would help if you first unlocked the Brimstone Sands biome before you can even travel to the Expedition. By accomplishing the following missions, the Brimstone Sands biome will be unlocked and accessible to you:

A Selfless Nature

Where to find: After reaching level 50, you can locate the Selfless Nature quest in the Edengrove area of New World.

Strider of the Sands

Where to find: The following places have the Strider of the Sands quest available: Shattered Mountain, Ebonscale Reach, and Great Cleave.

New World The Ennead Expedition

Ennead Expedition General Information

Enemy Types and the Ideal Group Makeup

In the Ennead Expedition, most of the mobs are either Corrupted or Ancient. Strike (20%), Lightning (30%), and Void (30%) make the ancients vulnerable. The Corrupted are vulnerable to Nature (85%), Arcane (30%), and Thrust (20%). Since there are many types of monsters in the Ennead expedition, the ideal team composition to benefit from these benefits is shown below.

  • TANK – Sword and Shield/War Hammer

  • DPS Utility – Warhammer/Great Axe – Spear/Hatchet/ (Opal/Opal)

  • DPS – Spear/Hatchet

  • DPS – Spear/Hatchet

  • Healer – Void Gauntlet/Life Staff

You would have to switch between weapons with various gems and banes for each boss to be truly effective. The breakdown is below, along with further information on the boss battles.

  • Trash mobs: Ancient Topaz and Bane

  • Godling Khepri Supernal:  Ancient Topaz and Bane

  • Trash mobs: Ancient Topaz and Bane

  • Godling Khepri Supernal: Ancient Topaz and Bane

  • General Crassus: Corrupted Sapphire and Bane

  • Anpu and Heru: Ancient

Every Expedition or mutation must include War Hammer/Great Axe builds to group and CC big groups of enemies. To ensure effectiveness, make careful to synchronize Gravwells and Maelstroms. The Oblivion will be employed to damage all foes and stack Empowerment for the party, while the Warhammers and Spear will be in charge of maintaining maximum Rend stacks.

The Ennead Expedition Entry Procedure

Like all New World Expeditions, The Ennead requires that a party member be present at the gate to enter. You are only permitted to lead a certain number of excursions.

  • Each player gets 15 normal expedition rounds daily, or 105 per week.

  • There are 25 Mutated Expeditions per week.

You may also use the dungeon expedition group finder to discover a group and join the Expedition. You can access the group finder by tapping on the Expedition map symbols on the map or via the adventure entrance UI.

You can look through player-created listings or submit a request to connect to other gamers on your server. This tool can identify your ideal team position, such as healer, tank, or DPS. Based on those roles, you can hire. Another option is to inspect members to find their average equipment score and the number of weapons and mastery levels. You can also set recruitment conditions like the minimum degree and gear score.

New World The Ennead Expedition Guide

A new update can provide you with multiple items to unlock, and you will require a decent number of gold coins to get across the game in time and defeat the bosses. So, ensure you have some Gils saved up for weapons, armor, and other things.

To aid you, if you need New World Gold Coins, purchase them from our website MMOPixel. We provide the best service on the web.

Supernal Boss Guide for Godling Khepri

A Level 66 Ancient Giant Scarab by the name of Godling Khepri Supernal. The fight's mechanics are listed here.

Godling Khepri Supernal Mechanics

Laser Beam

Godling Khepri fires a yellow laser beam that deals significant damage in the direction it is pointed. Additionally, it leaves a yellow AOE on the ground, which increases damage.


Godling Kephri charges forward, damaging and taking down enemies in the process.


Godling Kephri soars into the air before unleashing a slam that causes AOE damage wherever he lands.


Godling Kephri slashes twice, once with each claw, forward.

Orbital Relics

Godling Kephri spreads his wings and sends artifacts from antiquity flying. These Relics will hover and follow nearby players for a while, causing a tonne of harm throughout time.

Ancient Mines

Godling Kephri lies down and scatters golden mines all about him. When activated, these mines cause enormous harm.

New World The Ennead Expedition Guide

Walkthrough for Godling Khepri Supernal

The tank must maneuver the Golding Khepri Supernal boss to prevent the mechanics' destruction. In the room, there are four pillars. The tank will utilize these pillars to move Khepri across the space.

The tank must relocate Golding Khepri to the opposite side of one of the pillars after Khepri utilizes Ancient Mines or Orbital Relics to prevent the group's wipe. These are the fight's main mechanics, and if they are used appropriately, the fight should be rather simple.

The tank and DPS may sidestep mechanics like Slam, Charge, and Slash because they are pretty simple. Slam is heavily telegraphed, while Slash is a front cone AOE. The charge is an easily avoidable forward-pathing assault.

You'll have the boss down in no time as soon as the tank realigns Golden Khepri Supernal after every Orbital Relic and Ancient Mine. After defeating the boss, take the Expedition Chest up and use the portal to advance to the following section.

Scipio, Pluto, and Lucius

Go up the stairs after passing through the teleporter to clear the mobs in front of you. Another Glyph Consule with a few enemies is to the north. Clear the enemies to turn on the console and access the Expedition Chest. There are several groups with an orichalcum branch to the south. From here, turn east and use the Azoth Staff to smash the monolith. This will reveal a sizable area containing the three passageways Timeless Crypt, Corrupted Monument, and Seal of the Sovereign.

You can find the next boss with the Seal of the Sovereign. Make sure to clean up the Corrupted Monument and the Timeless Crypt before entering. You'll run into the next Glyph Consule and side boss Pluto within the Timeless Crypt. The Corrupted Monument is home to Scipio, the last miniboss.

Anpu and Heru Boss Guide


The fight starts with just Anpu. When Anpu begins his Fiery Rage is when his primary mechanic begins. Anpu will have to be drawn inside a floating tainted crystal in the area after he begins his charge by the tank. Anpu won't be able to charge if you do this. Until he strikes a crystal, Anpu will continue to charge. Anpu will dump more Corrupted Fire Pools the more he charges. These pools must be evaded at all costs since they do a significant amount of harm. Spinning Fist also deals substantial damage. Be sure to leave the area when Anpu raises his hand to prepare the strike and wait for Spinning Fist to finish. He will bow down after damaging Anpu; after this, Heru comes to battle you.


Players must be mindful of Heavenly Beams and steer clear of the AOE they create in the Heru-only stage. As the battle progresses, players should be on the lookout for Roaming Lights, as they will build up and get harder to avoid. Watch out for Heru as he develops Beam of Light since it will immobilize you and open you to further assaults. To protect other players from harm, the player who Beam of Light targets must leave the group.

After you damage him critically, both Anpu and Heru will come to attack you at once.

Anpu and Heru

Heru and Anpu will reappear with 50% health once you defeat Heru. You now have to battle both bosses while navigating through all their tactics simultaneously. Anpu and Heru must be killed within 10 seconds of one another. Groups could either drag both monsters together and destroy them together or DPS one boss down to a single bar before moving on to the next and defeating it.

To halt the Fiery Charge cast by Anpu, while the DPS shut their pillars, the tank should first draw Anpu into his designated pillar. Then, the tank can pull Anpu aside after he hits the pillar while a DPS member approaches to seal the last pillar. This should only happen once; however, it is the most difficult aspect of the battle, based on your DPS. Wrap up the boss fights and ensure to plunder the expedition chest and take all the treasure from Anpu and Heru.

How to locate the Ennead Expedition in the New World and where to find it?

After finishing the objectives, you can access the Brimstone Sands biome without risk. The Ennead Expedition is located in the Brimstone Sands biome, as indicated by the location below:

The Brimstone Sands biome in New World is where the Ennead Expedition is situated. The Ennead Expedition is located at the Great Pyramid of Akhet, a sizable pyramid. However, it would help if you first acquired the fast travel spot beside the enormous Pyramid before rushing there.


That is all with the New World Ennead Expedition guide, this update has multiple foes, but it need not be overwhelming if you play your cards right and handle the enemies using the information given in the guide.

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