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New World :A complete list of servers

With the New World release date barrelling towards us, the devs at Amazon Games are rolling out information to help get players diving into Aeternum as soon as it arrives on September 28. If you're looking for a New World server list before Amazon's upcoming MMO releases next week, you're in luck. Amazon Games just posted New World's official server list to the game's Twitter account. We can now see which servers will be available for each region at launch.

New World boasts 176 servers divided between five regions. The breakdown of world allocations is as follows:

North America East gets 54, North America West gets 22, Central Europe gets a whopping 63 (minus that duplication), South America gets 26, and Australia rounds the lists off with 11. So, get choosing.

For those that want to play with their friends, knowing the World names and available servers is going to be critical.

Players can now coordinate to make sure they're in the same world when the MMO goes live.

Some fans have asked in the comments about the possibility of adding recommended language information for each of the servers to help players decide which to head into, and the New World team has confirmed in reply that, "there will be some servers that have suggested languages to help players decide where they would like to play".You'll notice that some worlds have language tags next to them. Here's how to read them:

ES - Spanish

DE - German

FR - French

IT - Italian

PL - Polish

EN - English

Now that you've got the full list of World names and servers in front of you for New World, you can begin planning with your friends which one to join. Be sure to keep it locked to mmopixel as we bring you the latest on New World, from fresh announcements to helpful tips.

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