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New World Amrine Excavation Expedition Guide

Expeditions in the New World, the game's equivalent of dungeons, is introduced to new players with Amrine Excavation. If you'd like to access Expeditions as soon as possible, the game indicates that you must be level 25; therefore, you may refer to our article concerning how to skill up rapidly. At level 20 or so is when you'll receive the task.


You probably already possess a build you feel comfortable with by the stage you are around level 20. It is advised against doing the Expedition alone; instead, a limited team of friends or strangers is advised to take on the challenge. Remember that the game is still in its early stages; thus, something may still need to be optimized. In addition, under-leveled players may have difficulty, especially when facing the final fight.

Where is the Amrine Excavation's Entrance?

The entrance to the Amrine Excavation is located in the Windsward region, but you can also reach it by following the quest route. Here is a map showing its location.

New World Amrine Excavation Entrance

Amrine Excavation Expedition General Information

Loss of Durability

You won't experience endurance damage to your equipment while on the Expedition.

The Amrine Expedition's Enemies

All of the enemies in the Amrine Excavation Expedition are Lost mobs. They are impervious to thrust and void damage but susceptible to striking, ice, and nature damage. Therefore, you must use weapons that deal with ice, strike, or nature damage and avoid using gems or weapons that deal with thrust or void damage to push out the most DPS possible. To deal more damage and lessen further damage from the Lost opponents, you can also utilize Lost Coatings and Lost Ward Potions.

Utilizing a Lost Combat Trophy and a weapon with the Lost Bane Perk are other ways to assist you in increasing damage output. Additionally, you can use armor that has the Lost Ward bonus. Coatings, Trophies, and Perks can be used to maximize your DPS and immunities while in the Amrine Excavation Expedition, although they are not necessary to finish the dungeon.  

The Amrine Excavation Entry Procedure

Like other New World Expeditions, you will require a party member to be at the gate to visit the Amrine Excavation. You are only permitted to lead a certain amount of excursions.

  • Each player gets 15 regular expedition rounds daily, or 105 per week.

  • There are 25 Mutated Expeditions per week.

You may also use the Dungeon Expedition group finder to discover a group and join the Expedition. By clicking on the Expedition map symbols on the map or via the expedition entry UI, you can see the group finder.

You can look through player-created listings or submit a desire to contact other gamers on the server. You can use this tool to identify your ideal team position, such as tank, healer, or DPS. Based on those roles, you can hire. Another option is to inspect members to find their mean gear score, the number of weapons, and proficiency levels. You can also establish recruitment conditions like the least level and equipment score.

New World Amrine Excavation Expedition Guide

Repeatable Amrine Excavation Quests

The Amrine Expedition has one recurring quest named Bones for Barkimedes. To undertake the quest, you need to be level 23. Barkimedes, seated near the Amrine Entrance, will give you the quest. You must gather 5 bones for the mission while on the Expedition. Make sure you collect all the bones when slay the mini-bosses known as Ravagers in the dungeon.

Once you have reached level 23, you can also get PvE faction quests for this Expedition from Windsward.


Clear the Lost once you're there, then make your way through a mine shaft. You will descend from a ledge here. Knock down the Withered Nest at the right rear of the chamber by moving to the right. It will keep spawning lost until you stop it. After a few rounds of Lost mobs have passed, clear the area and unlock the gate in the middle of the chamber.

Grand Traverse

Clear the mobs, including a Lost Ravager, on the bottom left platform after entering the entrance. After that, ascend the wooden ramp. Take note of the raised stone platforms on the upper and lower platforms; you will need these later.

Excavated Caverns

You will come upon a rock with Azoth Script written on it as you sprint along the following hallway. Additional Withered Nest can be seen behind this. Remove the spawner, then convert this stone using the Azoth Staff to receive the expedition quest updates. Then proceed along the route toward Broken Vestibule, where another Withered Nest can be found. Destroy it, eliminate the remaining Lost, and then proceed to the next room to locate a sphere statue bearing an Ancient Azoth Seal.

Just use Azoth Staff to remove the seal after clearing the area. This will let you access the room's exit and let some Poltergeists, lost enemies, and two Withered nests spawn within. Before returning to the puzzle chamber, the poltergeist and nest must be removed, followed by any lingering mobs. You will find your first respawn place in the corridor after that.

New World Amrine Excavation Expedition Excavated Caverns

Platform Puzzle - The Grand Traverse

The platform you previously saw enters into play here. Each of the three participants in the group must be standing on a platform. More lost monsters, such as a Plaguegeist and a Ravager, will appear due to this action, which also serves as a bridge to the following room. After the area has been cleared, proceed over the bridge to battle a further Ravager and a few Lost.

Star Shrine

Be careful to stop by Foreman Nakashimas toolbox in the hallway and take the Hollowed Candle; you'll need it to call the first boss! After that, proceed to the following room and begin eliminating Lost enemies, along with a Plaguegeist and another Ravager. Now is the time for you to start the first boss battle. To call Foreman Nakashima, put the Hallowed Candle upon that Spectral Shrine.

You may be able to unlock several new things after a new update, but you'll need to have a good amount of gold coins to progress through the game and beat the bosses. If you are falling short of gold coins, the easiest way is to get them for real money.

To aid you, visit our website MMOPixel to purchase New World Gold Coins. We provide the unbeatable service on the web.

Foreman Nakashima Boss Guide

Players should be aware of the two main concepts of Foreman Nakashima.

New World Foreman Nakashima Boss Guide

The Spectral Waves

Players must stay out of the waves or escape into holes in the Walls of Spectral pictures that Nakashima produces to avoid harm.

Slow Circle

With the purple AOE that slows mobility and attacks a random player, Nakashima makes them susceptible to Spectral Waves. The player will be startled if they attempt to exit the ring and contact the white edge. These two techniques, when combined, can deal some extremely lethal damage. Therefore, keep track of your location, stay within the circle, and attempt to escape the Spectral Waves if you are being targeted.

It's better to survive within the circle than to attempt to leap or dodge outside it because doing so will probably stun you. After Nakashima has been eliminated, gather your loot and proceed to the hallway on the right. To go to the last chamber in the Expedition, clear the chamber, travel to the subsequent respawn location, and then unlock the door (with the Azoth staff).

Simon Gray Boss Guide

These are some of the skills Simon Grey will employ:

New World Simon Gray Boss Guide

Corrupted Vomit

The boss spits forth AOE poison on players in the area.


Simon charges a player in the area, taking them out. Additionally, Simon Grey is still spawning in groups of three Lost Excavation employees. These Workers are susceptible to corruption if they consume Simon Grey's vomit.

The ads that Simon Grey creates should be challenged by your tank or promptly destroyed by the DPS to avoid your healer from attracting attention. After taking care of the ads, you should concentrate all of the firepowers on the boss. Repeat this method up till Simon Grey is vanquished. Once you've defeated him, be careful to take the treasure by the gateway.


Use these general suggestions wisely, and you'll find that the excursion will go much more smoothly. To keep the area less congested and irritating during the boss battle, eliminate all the mobs in the vicinity before beginning your confrontation with Nakashima.

Ensure that your entire party is gathered in the arena before the encounter because if any party members are outside the area whenever the boss is called, they will be shut out of the fight. When Simon Grey employs his ferocious dash attacks, be careful to pay close attention to his patterns and perform prompt dodges because even taking one hit from that attack can quickly drain half of your health. That is all about this guide.

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