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New World Armor Guide - Learn All You Need About the Stat

Learn everything about Armor stat in New World with this MMOPixels guide. Gear Score, Rarity, where to find armor, and much more!

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Released by Amazon Games in September of 2021, New World is one of the latest and biggest entries in the Open World MMO universe. Through this and many other releases still to come, the company wishes to revolutionize the MMO genre, which certainly couldn’t be done without a great debut.

Just like any other AAA MMO release, New World has an open world of countless features and unique characteristics. Almost one year after this RPG launch, many players still want to learn and discover the best way to grow inside the game. That’s why MMOPixels brings many lists, guides, and tips about New World.

One of the most important things to look at when beginning is the New World armor sets. That’s why armor in New World is one of the most important things, as it protects you against any weapon and enemy attack. 

However, keep in mind that many factors directly interfere with your New World armor stat. Besides mitigating damage, it also changes your character's movement speed, damage, and crowd control. And that’s why we want to help you with that.

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The DIfferent Types of New World Armor Sets

When exploring Aeternum, players will see three different New World armor types, represented by the armor weight. The playstyle for each armor changes, as the stats, such as defense and mobility, also change slightly. The armor types are

 • Light Armor

 • Medium Armor

• Heavy Armor 

All the players can switch between light, medium, and heavy armor, equipping different gear to see what best fits their preferences.

Light, Heavy and Medium Armor

• The light armor gear grants players more damage and a faster dodge and is considered the best for DPS builds. 

• The medium armor gear also increases damage, even though not as much as the light armor, and buffs your crowd control. It also has a good dodge but not as good as the first one. To compensate for this, it offers more mitigated damage.

• New World heavy armor, on the other hand, has a simple sidestep as dodge, making it far inferior when compared to Light armor and medium armor. It also doesn’t offer any damage bonuses as the other. But, to keep the balance, New World Heavy armor gear offers the biggest protection and damage mitigation. It also affects, even more, your CC effects and gives you more block stability.

Different Types of Armor Combinations

It is important to ensure, though, that you can combine armor pieces from different sizes so you mix the bonuses. That way, you ensure better protection alongside the best damage bonuses and dodge movement for your gear. You can use a medium-weight item if you know how to equip and create a set using most pieces from a smaller weight.

For example, you can still get a higher mitigation level than a normal light armor set would give and still have this tier classification, which will provide you the dodge and extra damage. To do so, you can equip and combine Light Head, Medium Chest Piece, Light Gloves, Light Pants, and Light boots. 

The total armor weight must be 12.70 or less. The same can be done for medium-weight armor but using a heavy chest piece, for example. The weight you will equip can’t surpass 22.70 in that case.

Where to Find Armor in New World

There are many different ways to get the armor in New World. Enemies and monsters you kill can drop various parts of armors sets. You cal also craft armor in crafting stations. Other ways are true faction vendors, trading points, and advanced outposts, where you will get special missions that will reward you with special armors.

Note that, to get the armor type you want with better stats, you will need to defeat high-leveled monsters or have giant forge and crafting levels. On the other hand, if you're going to purchase determined stronger gear, you will need to spend more gold and resources. Completing quests and services are also a good way to get different New World armor types.

Crafted Armor vs Looted Armor

You can find good and bad armor equipment no matter how you look for them while playing New World. But there is the main difference between the armors you crafted and the ones you got from dead bosses or enemies. 

The crafting process allows you to choose which perks and gems will be on the armor you just crafted. When you don’t craft it but get it from the floor, you won’t be able to choose or change the set of perks on that gear.

The Importance of Low-Level Armor Gear 

Even though we are always looking for stronger armor, with higher gear scores, weaker armor pieces are also important. When you do the salvage process of items like a light helmet, for instance, you receive repair parts. 

Your character will use these repair parts to fix your damaged equipment. Rarity level, crafting, gear score, and other things don't matter, and your character just needs to have these parts to do the process.

Faction Armor

These are special kinds of armors sold only by your faction. These items carry specific perks you may not find in any other gear. For some players, they are a great alternative until players can craft their own legendary armor sets.

Different Faction Representatives New World

Gear Score and Rarity Levels

These are the two ways New World has to measure the quality of your armor, determining how good or bad it will do the job of mitigating damage and all the bonus you will get for using that armor with that perks. 

Gear Score

This is the quality of your armor translated into numbers and the visual way to show you which armor piece has the best effectiveness. A higher gear score means a better piece of armor and more physical and elemental defense obtained. That way, you have better control over your gear, attributes, and benefits.

Rarity Levels

Voidbent Legendary Armor

The rarity level of your armor gear is determined by the number of perk slots you have for the item. These perks grant varied bonuses for your armor and can make a huge difference in your gameplay even if the gear score isn’t the best. There are five different rarity levels directly related to the perk slots. They are

  1. Common - 0 perks (Gray)

  2. Uncommon - 2 perks (Green)

  3. Rare - 3 perks (Blue)

  4. Epic - 4 perks (Purple)

  5. Legendary - 5 perks (Golden)

Once again, it is worth noticing that if you take a New World Armor from dead enemies, you will find a different rarity level for each piece and won’t be able to decide what will fill its perk slots. That way, rare or epic quality New World armor will already have its perks.

Tiers, Gear Score, and Levels

New World also has another way to list their armor, which is through tiers. Every armor type in New World has its tier directed to specific levels and with specific ranges of gear scores. They are:

  1. Tier II - Levels 1-19 (100-299 Score)

  2. Tier III - Levels 20-39 (250-399 Score)

  3. Tier IV - Levels 40-59 (350-499 Score)

  4. Tier V - Level 60 (450-600 Score)

Physical and Elemental Damage

There are two different types of resistance a character can gain while using armor in the New World game. They are physical resistance and elemental resistance. This physical protection will boost your defenses and mitigate the damage from melee and ranged weapons such as bows and muskets, axe throws, etc.

On the other hand, elemental resistance protects you against the other types of ranged and magical attacks. The elemental damages you can give and receive in the New World game are Arcane, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Nature, and Void.

The Second Bonus

Besides the already mentioned perks, there is also a second type of bonus inside the New World game. It is the gem slots. They work similarly to the perks, as the armor of your character will have slots for you to put these gems. When put in a piece of armor, all the characters that use it will gain specific bonuses.

Suffix and Prefix System

This system is directly related to the armor name. It is a scheme that helps players understand the main characteristic of each armor only by looking at its name and checking the prefix and the suffix.

If you take the Steel Heavy boots of the barbarian, you will see that the prefix heavy indicates, of course, that it is a heavy piece of armor. Among other features, it will have a primary physical resistance and an elemental as the secondary one. The barbarian suffix, on the other hand, indicates a primary bonus of strength and a secondary one of constitution. You can use the prefix and suffix system while crafting as well.

Watermark System

The Watermark is the system that allows your characters to keep increasing even after level 60 inside the game. Apart from tier, gear score, or rarity, after you reach level 60, your watermark starts counting and it will increase your maximum gear score, so you don’t stay limited. 

For instance, if you have a watermark of 600 gear points in your chest piece, then an enemy drops another with a score of 620. After you obtain it, your watermark score will enhance and actualize to meet the new value, improving even more your defensive ability. 

Note that these watermarks are not for full sets, and the watermark for a part of your armor set doesn’t impact the others you wear. This is how you will develop after the max level cap. After some time, the score difference and ability improvement may become relevant.

Some Great Armor Sets for you to Try

Now we have seen all we need about armor. All that is left is to see some complete armor sets that will help you obtain some great extra values for your abilities and mobility. One year after the New World game release, there are many things to explore. Popular armor sets are sure of these things, so here follows a full list of armor that will help you in most cases.

Marauder Comander of the Barbariean Set

Marauder Commander coat of the Barbarian

This is an armor of a faction. This means you can be crafting, looting from drops in a location, or solving quests. The only way to obtain it is by choosing the militant marauders as your faction at level 10. After that, if you be interested, you can acquire it with the faction quartermaster.

It will grant you bonuses strength and a constitution. Also, gamers will get cooldown reduction based on extra resilience. To have the complete set, you will need the headwear, gloves, footwear, and leggings.

Augur or Corrupted Rage Sets

Carapace of the Corrupted Rage

The Augur set is for the characters who focus on range, using magic abilities. The corrupted rage goes for the close-ranged ones. Apart from focusing on tanks' defense, constitution, strength, or dexterity, those wearing them will see a balanced set carrying many strong points.

These sets come with two of the most valuable perks in the game: Freedom and Refreshing, which is a good sign and a great reason for you to go and acquire it. The armor parts you need to make the full set will drop from mobs and monsters in the elite zone. So, quests through these regions will help you get them.

Trapper Set

Trapper coat

This is a common set, which doesn’t mean you can't add perks and buffs while crafting it. Just mind that you need a good armoring level to do so. Another feature of this set is that you can choose variated medium and heavy equipment to fully acquire the set.

This set is focused on PvE for those who want to focus on gathering resources. Exploring, killing monsters, and gathering resources are three of the most important things in an MMO, and this set helps you with all of them. Plus, this set is one of the few focused on resources that are intended for high-level players, with a 4 or 5 tier.

Harbinger Set

These sets vary their stat values, as you can go for a light, medium, or heavy set. The primary bonuses are constitution, dexterity, and intelligence. There are also two great perks available in all parts of the set. 

The first is the already mentioned Refreshing. The second is the Angry Earth ward. These attributes make the set suited for PvP and PvE, so you can go gathering and completing the set as fast as you can. The empty gem slots are also helpful.


Now, you already know all you need to take advantage of all the armors in New World and all of their most important stats. If you want more New World guides, tips, and information, you just need to check the MMOPIxels website and stay tuned to everything surrounding the best MMO games!

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