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New World Armoring Leveling Guide - Master Your Gear!

New World Armoring Leveling Guide at MMOPixel

Armoring skills are one of the most relevant abilities you need to level up in New World to prepare yourself for battle and defend your territory. To level up this skill, you will need to have several crafting materials and then craft all the armory you can.

But not all crafted items are equally useful for fast leveling. Some elements are better than others, or some materials are easiest to find, such as raw materials.

For this reason, we’ve written this New World Armoring Leveling Guide, as we want to help you make the best decision regarding crafting skills. 

Now, let's begin so that you become the best weaver and armorer of the New World!

Table of Contents

What is Armoring in New World?

Materials and Recipes

The Outfitting Station

The Forge

Where to Find Materials to Craft and Level Up the Armoring Profession?

Iron Ingots


Earth Motes, Water Motes, Oil, Wood, and Similars

Orichalcum Ore

New World Armoring Leveling Guide Conclusions

What is Armoring in New World?

Trade Skills in New World

Armoring skill is part of the crafting category. It allows you to create different pieces of armor, either light, medium, or heavy. You can also add the first perk and craft storage bags, which are very useful to increase your inventory capacity. Additionally, it’s possible to sell storage bags to get good money. Creating armories will make you gain armoring XP to upgrade the ability.

As it’s a crafting skill, your gear will vary depending on your New World armoring materials and resources. You’ll get better items depending on these elements. Of course, you can get the materials either by gathering, farming, or buying them from other players. You can also purchase them in the New World Trading Post. Other skills that are very recommended for successful armoring are the following:

  • Mining.

  • Skinning.

  • Leatherworking.

  • Smelting.

  • Weaving.

  • Harvesting.

Thanks to these skills and tools, you can gather every common and special resource you need in abundance. In perspective, gathering ability is the most efficient way to collect materials in the quickest way. 

Materials and Recipes

Get more recipes to craft unique pieces of equipment

You can see the learned recipes in the left panel of the interface. When you select an item, you can check the materials needed in the materials panel.

You can also use special resources and add Azoth to add New World perks, a gem socket, and improve the gear score of the resulting item. Notice that the item you get is completely random! This way, you can get more powerful versions of the equipment. Gear can reach the max level possible. 

Linen Shirt in New World

Materials panel.

With this in mind, we’ll cover the best ways to level up your armoring trade skills, along with crafting recipes and rewards you can get after reaching level 200.

Gear Score Bonus in New World

Gear Score Bonus.

But first, we have to mention that the process of crafting armors starts in two types of crafting stations: The Outfitting Station and The Forge. Let’s take a look at some details.

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The Outfitting Station

In Outfitting Station you can create the cloth you want in New World

Here you can
craft light and medium armor using linen, silk, and other stuff – coarse leather, rugged leather, layered leather, infused leather, and furs, which are pretty rare.

Keep in mind that the secondary resource you use to craft determines the potential gear score of the armory. Due to this, we’ve chosen the best option according to our judgment. 


Level 1 to 50

Linen Shoes

To go from level 1 to 50, you need to make
112 Linen Shoes at the Outfitting Station Tier 2. You need the following materials to complete the task.

  • 560 Linen (Loom Tier 3) - You can get Linen from Herm Fibers.

  • 336 Coarse Leather - You can get by killing animals and taking their skins. Then, you can craft them into coarse leather.

  • 112 Iron Ingot - One of the best resource locations for Iron Ingot is Cutlass Keys. 


 Level 50 to 100

Rugged Leather Gloves

To go from 51 to 100 in your armoring level, you need to make
384 Rugged Leather Gloves at the Crafting Station Tier 3. The materials you need are very easy to obtain, not much different from before.

  • 1380 Rugged Leather (Tannery Tier III) - You can find this primary material with the crafting rawhide. 

  • 1380 Linen (Loom Tier III).

  • 345 Iron Ingot.


Level 100 to Level 150

Silk Gloves

To bring your level armoring to 150, we recommend making
653 Silk Gloves at the Outfitting Station Tier 4. The materials required to craft them are:

  • 2612 Silk ( Loom Tier 4).

  • 2612 Coarse Leather.

  • 653 Iron Ingot.


Level 151 to 180

Infused Silk Gloves


We recommend you make 518 Infused Silk Gloves at the Outfitting Station Tier 5. These require higher tiers.

  • 2,072 Infused Silk (Loom Tier 5).

  • 2,072 Coarse Leather.

  • 518 Iron Ingot.


Level 180 to 190

Infused Leather Pants

You need to craft
137 Infused Leather Pants at the Outfitting Station Tier 5. The gathered materials you need are the following:

  • 1,370 Infused Leather.

  • 822 Linen (Loom Tier 3).

  • 274 Iron Ingot.


Level 190 to 195

Infused Leather Boots

You need to craft
155 Infused Leather Boots at the Outfitting Station Tier 5. You need to acquire the following to complete the task.

  • 775 Infused Leather.

  • 465 Linen (Loom Tier 3).

  • 155 Iron Ingot.


Level 195 to 200

Infused Leather Coat

You need to craft
44 Infused Leather Coats at the Outfitting Station Tier 5. You need to acquire the following to fulfill the task.

  • 968 Infused Leather.

  • 528 Linen (Loom Tier 3).

  • 44 Iron Ingot.

Note. There are several craft items you can create to level up your skill, such as Linen Gloves. But, in general, the materials with which they are made are in high demand. 


The Forge

The Forge in New World Armoring Leveling

The Forge is where you make heavy armor using iron ore, steel, star metal, and/or orichalcum. You can create some armory in the Forge, but, in general, it’s harder to reach the maximum level of this skill this way.

To make metal armor, you need to level up your character. Once you do this, you are going to start to use steel, which just uses iron to sand flux. But then you will start using metal once you get the star metal. You will use star metal ores and steel ingots to make star metal ingots.

Where to find star metal in New World

Star Metal’s location in Soddenswale.

There are four great places where to farm star metal:

  • In Weaver’s Fen, to the south of Soddenswale, near the broken bridge. 

  • To the east of Brightwood, over the mountains located in that point. 

  • In Great Cleave, all up and down these mountains by the outpost.

  • In Morningdale, in the north of the settlement, and in the mountains of the south. 


Where to Find Materials to Craft and Level Up the Armoring Profession?

Beyond purchasing materials in the trading post, you can find required materials on different routes and points on the map. 


Iron Ingots

Example of where to find Iron Ingots in New World

Iron’s location in First Light.

The hard part of crafting a lot of stuff is finding the Iron Ingots you need for the recipes. Two good places where you can mine iron are in the south of Windsword over by Milbury Hills – in Bearclaw Pass, and northeast of Monarch Bluff.



Where to find silk in New World

Silk’s location in the south of Weaver’s Fen

The silk path begins with linen. You will use linen to make refining materials, such as sateen, crossweave, silk, and silk threads. 

You can find a lot of silkweed all up and down to the east of  Brightwood, in the south of Weaver´s Fen, by Wretched Shallows, and in the valley in the south of Morningdale. Then, you can make Infused Silk Clothes, such as infused silk leggings. 

Infused silk uses wire fiber. You can find it in the south of Ebonscale Reach. And a huge place for iron fiber is in Eden Grove by Light Crown. 


Earth Motes, Water Motes, Oil, Wood, and Similars

You can find these types of materials across the starter regions, near to first settlements. These elements will allow you to create Weak Oakflesh Balm, which is an alternative to any crafted item we mention here. Besides, you can refine these resources and produce others, such as refined wood.  


Orichalcum Ore

Where to find Orichalcum Ores in New World

Orichalcum Ore’s location in Reekwater

This is one of the rare items of the game, a high-quality material you can craft Orichalcum Ingots with. You can find Orichalcum Ore in the east of Reekwater, and inside of a boat in Fort Damnation.

The fastest way to level this profession is to make one of two different things – you are either going to make Linen shoes or Coarse Leather Boots. 


New World Armoring Leveling Guide Conclusions

In a few words, going through the level range of 0 - 200 is a very hard task. It is so because leveling armoring takes a long time, making it a big commitment. The resources needed to progress are thousands, and many are difficult to get. And we haven’t talked about the cost. 

However, this is an indispensable skill you must develop. For this main reason, we’ve given ourselves the task of teaching how to level Armoring in New World with the best method.  

New World Armoring Quickly Leveling

We’ve arrived at the end of this article, warrior! We hope we’ve helped you improve your character and carry them from the lower tier to the higher tier regarding armoring. 

Do not forget to head, visit, and register on our site and sign in to discover everything about our services, which includes providing currencies for your favorite games, great reviews, and tips.  

If you have some questions about prices, data, or anything, feel free to contact us via our live chat or via email. Do not worry! We are 24/7 online. And now, let's play New World! This great adventure is waiting for you.

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