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New World Attributes Guide

New World is a very complex game; it can be hard to know where to start. However, this is the place for you if you are looking for an attribute guide. This article will cover everything you need to know about attributes in the New World, including how they affect your character, what influences them, and how best to level them up. 

Attributes are essentially character stats. These attributes can be leveled up and affect your character's base stats, affecting your character's final stats (which are also affected by gear). The level of the attribute will affect how much of a bonus that attribute gives you when it comes to leveling up.

Attributes are the five main categories that make up your character in the New World. They are strength, agility, Intelligence, dexterity, and constitution. Each attribute has a different role in the game, and you must level them up effectively to work well together.

Core Attributes

Core attributes are the basic stats for a character. Core attributes are found in all races, starting at level 1. They are selected at level up or by purchasing a piece of gear that allows you to select your race and all core attributes together. Also, at level 85, you can choose to reroll your core attribute percentages and receive 85 points to redistribute between the 6 different cores. Core attributes are:

  1. Intelligence (INT): It is the caster/mage attribute

  2. Constitution (CON): It is a tank attribute

  3. Dexterity (DEX): It is the one-hander or ranged stat

  4. Strength (STR): It is a melee attribute mainly for two-handed DPS

  5. Focus (FCS): It is an attribute associated with healers

New World Core Attributes

To level up your character, you will need to gain experience points. Experience points are earned by completing quests and killing monsters. In addition, you will also receive a one-time boost in experience for every race completed at level 85. 

Respeccing is an integral part of improving New World Attributes and is free up to level 20, but after that, it costs coins. If you do not have coins, you can purchase them using real money.

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Strength Attribute

Strength is one of the six attributes a player can improve. Players with high strength can hit harder, deal more damage and take more damage. Strength comes naturally to warriors, and warriors are often tank classes, but any class that uses weapons can benefit from strength. Strength increases your Attack Power and Armor Penetration.

The strength attribute focuses on melee damage but also increases the damage of non-melee attacks. The ability to hit harder, faster, and more often is extremely valuable. Strength should be your primary attacking stat in PvE situations where you can't use Cooldown Reduction, for example, when fighting bosses.

The weapons mentioned below get an increase in damage for every point of strength:

  • Hatchet

  • Sword

  • Spear

  • War Hammer

  • Great Axe

The following are the bonuses (threshold bonuses) involved for Strength:

  • 50 Strength: increase in melee attacks(light) by 5%; mining speed increases by 10%

  • 100 Strength: melee attacks (heavy) increase by 10%; encumbrance increases by 20%

  • 150 Strength: stamina damage increases by 50%; mined item's weight decreases by 10%

  • 200 Strength: damage on slowed, stunned enemies increases by 10%; mining speed increases by 10%

  • 250 Strength: mining yield increases by 10%

  • 300 Strength: chances of mining ore in just a single swing increase by 25%

New World Strength Attribute

Dexterity Attribute

Dexterity is the primary stat that determines how much you can dodge attacks and what the minimum damage reduction of your damage reduction is. Higher dexterity than any other attribute grants you more maximum damage reduction, which means you take less harm while blocking enemy attacks and receiving less damage from them (that's an important thing to know because it directly influences your playstyle). 

A higher Dexterity means more crits, which means you can deal more damage with your attacks. Dexterity also increases your chance to hit enemies, which means that you'll be able to land more hits on them and do more damage. It also determines how fast you can swing your weapon, which is essential because it affects how quickly you can attack and move around the battlefield.

The weapons mentioned below get an increase in damage for every point of dexterity:

  • Rapier

  • Musket

  • Spear

  • Sword

  • Bow

  • Hatchet

The following are the bonuses (threshold bonuses) involved for Dexterity:

  • 50 Dexterity: crit chances increase by 5%; skinning speed increases by 10%

  • 100 Dexterity: thrust damage increases by 5%

  • 150 Dexterity: the skinned item's weight decreases by 10% 

  • 200 Dexterity: skinning speed increases by 10%

  • 250 Dexterity: crit damage on slowed, stunned enemies increases by 10%

  • 300 Dexterity: ammo being returned increases by 15%

New World Dexterity Attribute

Intelligence Attribute

Intelligence is a primary attribute that allows characters to cast spells, use items and abilities, understand NPCs and global event dialogue, and perform rituals. Intelligence is also a primary attribute for mages and priests, allowing them to cast spells.

Intelligence represents how well the character can think in complex situations and how intelligent they are overall. It is essential for characters who want to use magic or who want to be able to understand NPC dialogue.

The weapons mentioned below get an increase in damage for every point of Intelligence:

  • Rapier

  • Void Gauntlet

  • Musket

  • Ice Gauntlet

  • Fire Staff

The following are the bonuses (threshold bonuses) involved for Intelligence:

  • 50 Intelligence: magic attacks increase by 10%

  • 100 Intelligence: crit damage increases by 10%

  • 150 Intelligence: elemental damage increases by 15%

  • 200 Intelligence: Harvest speed increases by 10%

  • 250 Intelligence: harvest yield increases by 10%

  • 300 Intelligence: for the first hit, there is a 30% damage on the target with full health

New World Intelligence Attribute

Focus Attribute

Focus is a primary attribute. It grants an additional 20% chance for Spell Crits and 15% increased damage for the first two seconds of combat with a 15-second cooldown. Focus is generally considered a high-priority stat by most players since it can further increase their crit chance and damage output by helping them land more critical hits or increasing their damage while also using faster-paced skills like abilities or multi-hitters. 

The weapons mentioned below get an increase in damage for every point of Focus:

  • Void Gauntlet

  • Life Staff

The following are the bonuses (threshold bonuses) involved for Focus:

  • 50 Focus: mana regens increases by 10%

  • 100 Focus: mana increases by 20

  • 150 Focus: healing output increases by 20%

  • 200 Focus: casted duration increases by 20%

  • 250 Focus: mana increases by 30

  • 300 Focus: cooldown in case of Inn fast travel reduces by 10%

New World Focus Attribute

Constitution Attribute

The Constitution determines how much health you regain over time after being killed. Constitution is always distributed evenly amongst other stats in your character, so you can choose the attribute you want to boost if you want a high percentage of HP regen. This can be helpful when you are leveling or just in general because if you do well in raids, it will help your HP recovery more than another attribute.

The following are the bonuses (threshold bonuses) involved in Constitution:

  • 50 Constitution: logging speed increases by 10%

  • 100 Constitution: max health of physical armor increases by 10%

  • 150 Constitution: crit damage increases by 10%

  • 200 Constitution: logging speed increases by 10%

  • 250 Constitution: Logging yield increases by 10%

  • 300 Constitution: the chance of chopping down a tree with a single swing increases by 25%


Hopefully, all the new players will be able to benefit from this guide and make the right choice of choosing their attributes to level up in the New World. 

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