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New World Best DPS Build

There are 11 weapons in the New World weapon system, each with two specialties. To create your playing style, choose from any of the 22 game-related specialties and select a second weapon. The fact that practically every weapon in the game may be used for different types of content is its strongest feature.

However, many people are particularly interested in performing using the finest builds. We'll walk you through some choices if you're seeking the greatest New World DPS builds and weaponry. You will need to devote time to weapon leveling, carefully allocating attribute points, and selecting which talents you will employ in combat when creating a loadout for New World. Weapons with a shared feature work exceptionally well together. There are more feasible possibilities than you may realize. However, a few more weapons function well when designed properly.

The Rapier Build

The New World Rapier build is one of the few weapons in New World with a conventional MMORPG rotation. As a result, the foundation of the Rapier build specs into the Blood tree mixes damage-over-time stacks with an execution that becomes more potent with each additional stack of blood.

The major goal of the construct is to keep applying pressure by employing the execute window and Rapier's Bleeds. You must attack throughout that period utilizing both your light and heavy attacks. 

New World Rapier Build

The third skill is unnecessary because you can utilize any Grace skill. Be mindful that bosses are a great fit for this build because you can usually get three stacks of the bleed-off before the mob dies. However, it's improbable that you'll reach three stacks if you attack enemies in your level range. The optimal strategy is to reach two stacks before using Flourish and Finish to kill the mob. Sometimes, you can only utilize one stack before the mob is nearly dead.

Additionally, keep in mind to attempt to CC and strike them from behind for an increase in burst damage. When you reach 200 and 250 points in Dexterity, it becomes much more crucial to accomplish this. Attacking from behind always deals more damage, and certain attribute advantages only strengthen this benefit. If you desire to scale that way, Riposte on the Rapier's Grace tree will grant a stun to the target. 

You can choose between medium and light armor for the 10% CC duration and 10% bonus damage, respectively, and light armor for the 20% damage buff. The abilities and qualities listed below are necessary for the build to succeed.

  • 50 Dexterity: +10% skinning speed, +5% crit chance.

  • 100 Dexterity: +20% haste for 3s after skinning, +5% thrust damage.

  • 150 Dexterity: Dodges now need 10 less stamina, and skinned objects now weigh 10% less.

  • 200 Dexterity: +10% additional backstab and headshot damage, with +10% faster skinning.

  • 250 Dexterity: 10% more critical damage bonus against shocked, slowed, or rooted foes; 10% more skinning yield.

  • 300 Dexterity: Once every ten seconds, guaranteed critical hit following a dodge roll; 15% chance of ammo being refunded.

  • Unerring – 5% extra damage is dealt to targets who are bleeding.

  • Engarde – 10% more harm is dealt if their health is at least 50% 

  • Light Edge – Adds 8% more damage to the assaults in the middle of a light attack chain.

  • Tondo and all its passive upgrades.

Obtaining various in-game objects like armor and weapons can be a tedious process. Therefore, we advise you to use some real-life money and purchase some New World Coins to get the desired weapon faster.

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DPS Bow Build 

With its marksman single target damage builds and AOE / debuff focuses, the Bow is a tremendously adaptable weapon. The Skirmisher build focuses on dealing powerful AOE damage, which is excellent for kiting enemies in both group content and the open world. You accomplish this by applying a DoT to your targets with the Poison Shot while arrows fall from the sky. The Hunter spec might be right for you if you want a single target build that works well for PvP or taking out bosses in PvE. Rapid Shot, Piercing Shot, and Splinter Shot are all available from the Hunter. These talents deal significant armor-piercing damage while also including some cleave.

New World DPS Build

The selling point, though, is the increased damage the further away you hit a target and the ability to score headshots. Again, this playstyle requires a little more accuracy, especially given that the weapon employs projectile targeting instead of hitscan. This New World build will feel like one of the best New World weapons if you can consistently hit your target.

You must choose a full dexterity build for the attributes, especially for the 300-point boost of a 15% probability of ammo returning. In either case, the Bow offers two different New World DPS builds. Due to the variety of viable build routes, we haven't bulleted the qualities for this build or useful skills and passives like we have with other builds.

The Bow's only drawback is that it might be the most formidable weapon to wield in the entire game. Projectile aiming, which the Bow uses, is a challenging aiming technique. To make this build effective, you'll need to put in the necessary time and effort because it depends on your ability to comprehend the arrow's velocity, trajectory, and point of aim.

The Musket DPS Build

The New World Musket build's primary focus is exclusively on headshots. You can still obtain enormous damage bonuses to your standard attacks and talents, even if you can't always hit your target in the head. You must constantly aim to receive some insane damage bonuses and regularly land headshots to maximize your damage potential. Headshots are the only focus of the New World Musket build's primary design. 

New World Musket DPS Build

Even if you aren't always successful in getting headshots, you can still increase the damage of your standard attacks and skills by an enormous amount. You must continuously aim if you want to receive some insane damage boosts and constantly land headshots to increase your damage output. Keep in mind the following necessary skills and abilities:

  • 300 points in the Dexterity Attribute.

  • 3 headshots in 10 seconds or less with a quick reload qualify as a critical reload.

  • Called Shot: For more than three seconds, increase musket damage by 15% while aiming down sights.

  • Ballistic Advantage - Eliminates the penalty for damage falloff.

  • Successful headshots result in the acquisition of Empower, which increases all Musket shot damage by 10% for five seconds.

  • Sniper: Get a 3x optional zoom that increases headshot damage by 25%.

  • Upgrades to Power Shot.

  • Updates to Shooter's Stance.

  • In an emergency, use Traps for some CC or Powder Burn and its upgrades.

DPS Melee Build

Use the Great Axe and the War Hammer to use strength-based weaponry. Both firearms are practical in a range of circumstances. Doing incredible domine cleave is an example of one of those scenarios. The Path of Destiny skill of the War Hammer deals weapon damage to all opponents in its path. They also possess AOE CC abilities similar to Shockwave.

New World Melee Build

The Great Axe, meanwhile, features several cleave abilities dubbed Maelstrom, which is a cleave that draws opponents closer. The next move is Whirlwind, which does 50% weapon damage with each spin and can spin up to seven times with an upgrade. If the Whirlwind is hitting three or more foes, the damage done by the Whirlwind increases by 30%.

You can select any of the additional skills and customize the weapon builds since both of these weapons just require two weapon skills. Don't forget to invest in every degree of strength to boost the power of your light and heavy attacks and do more damage to shocked adversaries. As an alternative, Spear and Cyclone have excellent AOE. You can add a spear to this build if you'd like to deal extra CC, single target, and cleave damage. To avoid being killed in the melee, we also advise wearing at least medium armor. Additionally, the additional armor enables you to drag numerous enemies and take them out as your build requires.

  • At 50 Strength: Increased melee light attack damage by 5% and mining speed by 10%.

  • At 100 Strength, melee heavy attacks deal 10% more damage and add 20 encumbrances.

  • At 150 strength, melee light and heavy attacks deal stamina damage increased by 50%, and the weight of mined objects is reduced by 10%.

  • At 200 strength+10% damage to foes who are shocked, slowed down, or rooted; +12% mining speed.

  • At 250 Strength, melee attacks regenerate stamina more quickly, and mining yield increases by 10%.

  • Melee attacks gain GRIT at 300 Strength; there is a 25% chance that a single swing may mine an ore.

Void-Gauntlet DPS Build

This construct employs the ice and void gauntlets to apply crowd control and cause devastating damage to adversaries. The Void Gauntlet will be your main defense against your adversaries. Orb of Decay is an effective weapon against enemies because it is an AoE strike that also explodes with the Detonating Orb perk.

New World Void Gauntlet DPS Build

It can receive two stacks of Void Essence when you hit an opponent and successfully detonate it, which can potentially reset all of your talents. Your opponent will be immobile if you land a Petrifying Scream on them, making it simpler for you to anchor your combination. By reducing their health by a certain amount or by killing them completely, Baleful Tethers can also help enhance DPS. Due to its ability to restore mana, cast AoE to slow enemies, and inflict DoT and crowd control effects on your enemies, the Ice Gauntlet is typically employed as a support weapon. It facilitates using your Void Gauntlet talents, making it a great support weapon to team up with.


This guide informs all our readers about the top DPS builds for the new world. You may unlock the finest game experience by using the builds indicated above. Of course, our favorite is the build that deals the greatest damage to your opponent, the void gauntlet. We sincerely hope that you enjoy using these DPS builds!

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