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New World Best Levelling Builds

Long gone are the days when levelling up in MMORPGs was the only important aspect. Nowadays, most of the content is created for characters at their maximum level, and players are urged to level up as quickly as possible. As a result, levelling has evolved into a task that must be completed before the user may enjoy all of the MMO's features. 

The majority of the pleasure is found in the endgame. Even though New World provides quite a bit of stuff for levelling players and does not limit them in any meaningful way (there are no level-gated locations in New World, and you can visit a high-level zone at level 1 if you so choose). Despite being extremely extensive, the levelling stuff is repetitive. After about 30 levels, you'll realize that you're performing the identical actions repeatedly, with the only variation being the rewards you receive. 

Additionally, if you solely pursue the main objective, level advancement will be agonizingly slow. As a result, there's a good likelihood that you'll feel exhausted before you ever achieve the goal.

New World Levelling

New World Levelling Gear

You must become familiar with the game's equipment system before you begin levelling to make informed decisions regarding the gear you should equip for your character. Wearing the right gear can speed up your levelling process by hours, not days.

There are many different things available in New World that you can equip. These items range in price from the most affordable common gear to the most expensive and uncommon Epics and Legendaries. The 14 equipment spaces that are available to your character are broken down into five classifications: five armor slots (body, helm, legs, gloves, and feet), three trinket slots (earring, amulet, and ring), three bag slots, a shield slot, and two weapon slots. Some of these slots must be unlocked. Here is a brief explanation of each type of gear:

Gear Breakdown

The three weight categories/types of armor are Light, Medium, and Heavy. You can combine these sorts to fall into the appropriate weight category (also Light, Medium, and Heavy). Each category has a particular set of characteristics:


  • Light Category: 20 percent damage increase, farther dodge (roll), and the least amount of damage mitigation for the light category. This category gives up defenses in exchange for the maximum DPS attainable.

  • Medium Category: 10 percent more damage, 10 percent longer duration of your debuffs, slower sidestepping, and average damage mitigation. A balanced option that works well with all solo melee builds.

  • Heavy Category: 15 percent block increase, 20 percent longer duration of your debuffs, slowest dodge (slow sidestep), and effective damage reduction. An effective defensive option for tanks but not the best for solo play.


Trinkets boost your fundamental qualities and don't change your weight category; they can add points to one or more attributes. They also offer a variety of valuable special bonuses.


You only have 200 carry points to work with when you first start the game; thus, it will be difficult for you to avoid becoming encumbered. Luckily, at levels 10, 30, and 45, you will acquire Bag Slots. By equipping Bags, you can use these slots to enhance the carry weight of your character. The simplest bags add 50 pounds to carry weight, while the better bags are much better. As soon as possible, update your bags because doing so will increase how quickly you level up (the fewer trips back to town, the better).


The shield may only be utilized with a one-handed sword and increases your weight category (it has its skill tree). This means that to prevent it from raising your weight category when utilizing other one-handed weapons, you should think about taking it off.


In New World, there are no classes, simply weapons designed for certain fighting purposes. Each weapon features two distinct mastery attempts, each with three active and many passive abilities. You can use two weapons at once, pair up the skills and passives associated with each weapon, and develop your unique playstyle with these tools. In this article, we'll show you some excellent Levelling builds. Unfortunately, you may have to spend many gold coins to buy the gear.

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Levelling Builds

Life Staff + Sword

Life staff might be one of the best tools for levelling in the game. The Life Staff has the benefit of not depleting your mana during assaults. Again, neither light nor heavy assaults now require mana. You can use the great heals that are available on the table to sustain yourself.

The Healing Tree and the Protective Tree, both have several skills. Sacred Ground, Orb of Protection, and Beacon are a few examples. We shouldn't be concerned about moving around for levelling. We may remain here as long as we like.

The Sword is fantastic since it will let you take on tougher, game-ending hordes. Thanks to it, you may be able to solo some of the challenging enemies in some tasks. Shield Bash and Shield Rush are two abilities; they make a good CC combination for harder enemies. Then use your extra damage-producing Whirling Blade ability. If you tag some enemies with your life staff, Whirling Blade will let you strike numerous foes at once.

New World Iron Life Staff

Spear + Musket

These builds are all highly powerful on their own. Whereas the Musket has main Dex scaling and supplementary Strength scaling, the spear has only primary Dex scaling. The advantage of this pairing is that the first weapon is a potent melee tool, and the second is a potent ranged weapon.

The spear can be used in conjunction with the Perforate, Sweep, and Vault Kick abilities. You can destroy the enemy with this build, especially against solitary adversaries. One of the finest skills in the game is the vault kick, which deals a ton of damage and stuns the target for 1.5 seconds. Straight into your Sweep after landing a Vault Kick on the adversary. Weapon damage from a sweep is reduced by 75%. When the enemy is recovered, puncture it; it will apply some rending, increasing subsequent damage.

New World Iron Musket

Fire Staff + Ice Gauntlet 

One can cast spells and engage in ranged combat using the Fire Staff. One of its abilities, Fireball, allows you to place a blazing field on the ground for 6 seconds and deals a ton of damage upon hit. You should also use Incinerate, a skill that causes a massive fireball and applies scorching debuffs. 

An attribute called Scorched makes Incinerate deliver an extra stack of burning. Cauterized Wounds is a dormant ability that returns as health 20% of the damage done by Incinerate.

As we go on to the Ice Gauntlet, keep in mind that we want to prevent players from entombing themselves by limiting idle time. Therefore, you will receive all of your mana back from Entombed. Ice Storm is the next item on the list; gather some enemies together and use them to eject them far away from you. They will be slowed and burned if you throw a flame at them. An intriguing ability known as Ice Pylon shoots ice projectiles at enemies within a 20-meter radius for 15 seconds or until they are killed. I advise staying clear from Wind Chill and Ice Shower because they are more PVP-style abilities and deal no damage.

Hatchet + Bow 

With the passive movement advantages provided by the bow, such as Archer's Speed in the Skirmisher skill tree, this build increases the speed of the hatchet in Berserk Mode. However, it's also important to remember that you'll need to make arrows before using the bow.

The levelling build that works best for you will always be the one you love using. So go ahead and substitute a spear or a large ax for the life staff or hatchet, as you choose. Try out different weapon and skill combinations to see what works best.

If you're not having fun with your build, there's no use in continuing with it, and forcing yourself to play will slow down your levelling process over time.

Hatchet + Life Staff

With this build, you will have a ton of survival potential, so you won't need to spend a lot of time recovering between enemies. It combines the life staff's healing powers with the hatchet's passive Berserk Mode healing, but you won't have to spend much time casting. After being installed, the Sacred Ground skill from the staff's recovery skill tree can heal for a respectable time. It also has a 20-second cooldown, which is not too long.

Which attributes to strengthen

In the New World, you get 1 attribute point each time you level up. Where you put many points will depend on the weapons you select. However, the weapons in the instances mentioned above use different traits, but what should you do?

Your decision will ultimately depend on whatever weapon you prefer to employ, and after a few levels, you should have a fair notion of this. Focus more on the qualities of the weapon you prefer because it's doubtful that you'll use them both equally.

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