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New World Best Mage Builds

A Mage build, combining the Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet, provides powerful crowd-control, damage, and defensive cooldowns. Mages are crucial in PvP, dominating the battlefield in Outpost Rush and applying pressure to take sites during battles.

Although the Mage has great potential, it can also be challenging to play and master its unique set of weapons. To be fully effective, the Mage requires experience and understanding of how to use skills correctly. Due to their ability to produce millions of damages over a full 30 minutes, Mages often take the top rank on leaderboards and are guaranteed a place in conflicts.

Mage Strengths and Weaknesses


  • This is the 1st line

  • High burst damage and area of effect

  • Strong ability to handle crowds and areas

  • A strong defensive toolbox

  • Strong skill cap


  • Lack of self-sustain

  • Dependency on Gear

  • Dependency on Mana

  • Limited movement

Fire Staff & Ice Gauntlet

With elemental fury, the Mage can deal massive critical strike damage to their enemies, obliterating them with high AoE and burst damage. In addition, the Mage is a flexible combination of the Fire Staff and the Ice Gauntlet, giving this construct an impressive toolset of defensive and offensive abilities that, in the hands of skilled players, may completely rule the battlefield.

New World Mage Build - Fire Staff

Mage skill trees for weapons

A word of warning: Some of the things we'll be doing have to do with the game's current state and how issues affect gameplay before we get into the weapon ability trees for the Ice Gauntlet and Fire Staff. As a result, you may encounter skill tree choices that, at first glance, previous players may seem perplexing or counter-intuitive. The tooltips in the New World are frequently inaccurate or simply erroneous. The player is left to do a lot of the testing regarding how things operate because several skills and perks do not connect as planned. As we proceed through the course, we'll explain the reasoning behind these choices and give a detailed justification.

Build Staff Fire

We will choose Pillar of Fire, Fireball Fireball, and Incinerate Incinerate as our three abilities for the Fire Staff. For two reasons—first, we will require the Pyromancer tree points, and second, the upgrades are either not worthwhile or simply don't work—we won't be upgrading either Pillar of Fire or Fireball.

For instance, the Catch Catch talent only provides a slight advantage, whereas the Scorched Earth skill on Fireball Fireball is flawed and reduces the damage of your Fireball. So instead, we'll choose. Let it Burn, which gives you 10 percent fortification whenever burn deals damage. Watch it, Burns, which gives you an additional 18 percent damage over time to your light attacks.

Ice Gauntlet Build

With the Ice Gauntlet build, our three main abilities will be Ice Storm, Ice Shower, and Entombed Entombed. These complement the Fire Staff's burst damage abilities and can be employed in concert with them because they include offensive AoE, crowd control, and defensive cooldowns.

Strafing Storm The last passive in the Ice Tempest tree, Punishing Storm, has the effect of erasing your Ice Storm whenever you switch weapons. As a result, your Ice Gauntlet and Fire Staff no longer have a synergistic effect that would allow them to work well together. Punishing Storm is thus passed up in favor of Ice Spikes, even though we do not employ Ice Spikes as one of our primary skills, to unlock Ultimate Chill as the last passive.

New World Mage Build - Ice Gauntlet

Mage Armor

For the Mage, we advise aiming for medium-weight armor. Having a hefty chest, light legs, and at least one heavy pair of gloves, helm, and boots, with the others being medium, is the simplest method to do this. You can choose a light armor to build in the open world or 1v1 battles, or you can go heavy in battle.

Mage stat points, a blend of Intelligence and Constitution, should originally be changed to Occultist stat points after obtaining their faction-specific gear. Refreshing and Resilient Resilient are two highly significant benefits for a Mage found on faction gear.

Refreshing can be seen on weapons, armor, and jewelry, but Resilient can only be found in armor. You should preferably try to gain Refreshing Move on your Fire Staff. Since this is the best bonus you can get, make the Refreshing Move. On your jewelry, you should try to receive the amulet's Health Health benefit, which raises your maximum health. Get Keen Awareness on your ring to boost your chance of a critical strike. On your earring, Nimble Nimble, Healthy Toast, but less significant Good extras to strive for include healthy toast and refreshing toast.

Numerous Ice Gauntlet and Fire Staff weapon perks are now malfunctioning or not functioning as intended. This manual will be updated when they have been fixed. Aside from Healing Tomb, which functions as designed, avoid using the weapon perks in the interim.

New World - Mage Armor

Mage Gems

The best gems to utilize with the Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet are Tier 2 Intellect scaling gems due to the way that gems are currently not functioning as intended. Due to their 200 percent intelligence scaling, these gems improve net damage by 10% to 15%. Since using the Cut Flawed Sapphire gem in each of your weapons will increase the amount of damage you do to foes of the Corrupted kind, we advise doing so. As most of the damage you will be taking is physical, you should aim for full Cut Pristine Onyx in your armor and jewelry. However, Cut Pristine Malachite or Cut Pristine Diamond gems are also acceptable.

The primary form of payment in New World is Gold Coins, which can be used to purchase various in-game things. If you are falling short of Gold Coins, you can purchase them for real money.

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Gameplay for the Mage

When mages work together, they are most powerful. Even the tankiest players on a capture point can be eliminated by a salvo of Fireball Fireballs, or a Pillar of Fire placed precisely into the ally's Gravity Well. Additionally, depending on the circumstance, your Incinerate Incinerate ability can function as a zone control ability, driving players in or out of a capture point. Your primary weapon should be the Fire Staff, and you should strive to always have burned stacks on targets to maximize the effectiveness of the Let it Burn 10 percent fortify bonus.

New World Mage Gameplay

Cold Shower Ice Shower is a good ability to utilize in Outpost Rush to block players from accessing a base or to stop rotations in wars. Additionally, Rend is provided by this power, which raises the damage dealt to targets by allies. Targets with little or no stamina are the best candidates for your Ice Storm attack. This will enable you to use your Powerful Freeze passive with a heavy attack to grab them more quickly in a chained root. Keep in mind that your ice storm cannot stack with others. You should use this as guidance for where to position the ability and when to use it.

Both offensive and defensive strategies can make use of Entombed. It works well as a panic button but may also be strategically positioned to safeguard capture sites and temporarily hold choke points. You can also benefit from eating food before using Entombed, which will grant your health ticks till the Tomb breaks and cause you to take damage.


The Mage build provides a potent and comprehensive toolkit that allows it to make a significant influence in a variety of situations. The Mage's lack of sustain can be slightly compensated using food, potions, and the Healing Tomb weapon trait. Mages are a tremendously entertaining construct to play and should see themselves with regular slots in wars.

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