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New World Best PvP Builds

Choosing the best PVP build basically relies on how you intend to play and what kind of nebulous class you want to pursue in New World because it is a classless system. Mostly an individual player? You'll need equipment to keep you alive throughout a battle. Would you rather run with a circle of friends? You have more freedom in your decision-making.

The vast array of playstyles available to players is one of New World's finest characteristics. There are several feasible alternatives for each job, whether you want to play a caster, ranger, tank, melee, or some other mix. The most well-known endgame PvP builds that rule the current meta will be the main emphasis of this list.

Hatchet and Spear - The Undying Impaler

One specific PvP setup pairs the Hatchet with the Spear although the Hatchet is typically coupled with more Strength-based weapons such as the Great Axe or the Warhammer.

This time, the entire build will be centered on Strength instead of Dexterity because it is the major attribute scaling factor for the Hatchet and indeed the second scaling factor for the Spear. This time, the Spear will play a more supportive role, being more necessary to give debuffs well with Skewer skill and serve as a backup damage source whenever the Hatchet is in the cooling process. Out of all the weaponry in the game, the Hatchet boasts one of the greatest DPS outputs. Its unique ability to "stand and deliver" is unmatched by any other weapon in terms of damage, which is one of the causes it excels in one-on-one combat.

The Undying Impaler excels in both PvP and PvE and has medium armor because this build is not focused on avoiding attacks.

New World Hatchet and Spear - The Undying Impaler

Fire Staff and Gauntlet - Fire and Ice

The DPS battle mage build in New World is finished with both the Fire Staff as well as Ice Gauntlet. Early on in the game, the Fire along with Ice weapon combos could seem a little lackluster. However, as players begin to invest some points in abilities and traits, the damage statistics dramatically increase.

It is desirable to allocate points to Intelligence along with some to Constitution in a 3:1 ratio as both of these weapons largely scale off of that characteristic. As the primary function of said Fire and Ice build is to remain outside of the fray and launch projectiles at the enemy, destroying the health bars by using some of the most potent AoE abilities, players can choose to equip a more midrange set of armor.

As a result, the weapon combination is among the finest in PvE and Faction Wars since it combines crowd control from the gauntlet with obscenely high fire damage from the staff.

New World Fire Staff and Gauntlet - Fire and Ice

Spear and Musket - The Trapper Spear

Since the game's formal debut a few months ago, the Spear with Musket combo has been a staple of the New World PvP paradigm. The Trapper Zoner will mainly rely on crit damage with dexterity scaling, similar to the Duelist Hunter. Players have the option to make their avatars a little bit beefier with this build, though, by adding a little amount of Strength and Constitution.

Once more, light armor is going to be the way to go, and agility will be key when dodging opponent strikes or sticking to the targets and mowing them down with a few crazy weapon combinations. When facing adversaries that want to get close and personal, both Spear and the Musket complement each other quite well, and also Trapper's talents are helpful.

Players will continually swap between the two guns in the in-and-out playstyle of the Trapper Zoner. The best method to use it is to first use the Musket to attack the target's heal before using the Spear to finish them out. It may struggle against mobs, though, as it lacks the required AoE abilities, just like the Duelist Hunter.

New World Spear and Musket - The Trapper Spear

Rapier and Bow - The Duelist Hunter

The Bow and the Rapier, which largely scales up from the Dexterity attribute, will be combined in the Duelist Hunter construct. It is not necessary for players to subtract points from other characteristics and add them to Dexterity while investing the points, as a result.

Duelist-main Hunter's gameplay characteristics, which include evading and movement, make light armor essential for this build. It is one of the most flimsy glass-cannon builds available because not a single point is spent on Constitution (unless this comes from the passive armor or weapon). The build manages to make the most of debuffs plus passive tick damage in addition to dealing a tonne of physical damage on-hit. Poison Cloud from the bow and Tondo from the rapier deliver Poison and Bleed, respectively, which begin depleting the target's health and make killing them much simpler.

This build is ideal for PvP since it allows the player to cling to their opponents and keep inflicting damage on them because of its mobility and gap-closing abilities provided by the light armor and Fleche. Due to the adaptability of the bow, a battle at a distance will be possible. It's crucial to emphasize that this build isn't totally appropriate for PvE at this point. In some situations, taking out hordes might be difficult due to the absence of appropriate AoE damage talents.

New World Rapier and Bow - The Duelist Hunter

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Void Gauntlet and Life Staff - The Void Healer

The Void Gauntlet is the only weapon that works effectively with the Life Staff, and New World's newest weapon addition has a staggering level of damage but also sustains. Additionally, using the Void Gauntlet and Life Staff together will render players impervious to death in both PvE and PvP situations.

The secondary scaling using Focus that the Void Gauntlet offers is the primary scaling for the Life Staff. Players who want to use this construct must allocate all of their points to Focus and Constitution since staff scales only on this single attribute, with no other scaling choices.

The Annihilation and Decay skill tree of the Void Gauntlet already provides a considerable amount of damage. However, it's preferable to concentrate primarily on the latter in New World's PvP. This should make the build predominantly ranged and enable players to deal significant damage while maintaining a safe distance from their opponents. The skill Glimpse of the Void, which may proc quite readily with Essence Rupture and Orb of Decay, is championed by this weapon combo.

Whenever it comes to armor, light armor should be chosen because the goal of this build is to remain nimble and do continuous damage. Additionally, during Faction Wars, the Life Staff abilities will be useful for healing allies.

New World Void Gauntlet and Life Staff - The Void Healer

Musket and Rapier Build

The Musket plus Rapier is another melee & ranged combination that is specifically designed for Dexterity. This one stands out from the others because of the terrifying damage that is present in both combat techniques. It's minimal health, heavy damage builds with the ability to snipe with the Musket and deal deadly headshots that can 2-3 shot, certain opponents. If foes approach, you can use the Rapier to either blast them down or escape away.

To get maximum damage with this setup, the player must regularly connect with headshots. It might be challenging to fool about with the tiny health pool, but it's one of the most used builds for a purpose.

New World Musket and Rapier Build

Sword and Warhammer Build

Here's another tank build, although this one does a huge amount of damage. Your main objective is to damage the adversary as much as you can. The Warhammer, on the other hand, is far superior to the Spear for group combat because of its reputation for packing a punch with its powerful assaults. Overall, you'll be able to CC both groups and single targets, and the Warhammer's terrifying strike damage against stunned foes will be terrifying.

Healers continue to be a challenge in one-on-one combat because, even with a Sword and Shield in your arsenal, you simply cannot out-damage their healing.

New World Sword and Warhammer Build

Void Gauntlet and Ice Gauntlet Build

There isn't a pair more recognizable than the two gauntlets from New World. The advantages of the Void Gauntlet, which combine scary damage, debuffs, and healing, are still there from the previous version. The Ice Gauntlet can do bursting damage from a distance while adding a tonne of CC, allowing players to either run or catch fleeing adversaries with it. Its main features include CC Damage over time, a lot of healing, a strong burst damage playstyle, and various debuffs from the Void Sword and Orb of Decay, together with a lot of survivability.

New World Void Gauntlet and Ice Gauntlet Build


That's it for the Best New World PvP builds! Even if some on this list may be more powerful than others, you must always go with your preferences. If you don't like the way the game is played, specifically, don't rely too heavily on which one is more powerful. Choose the build depending on more than just the items on this list!

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