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New World Blunderbuss Guide

New World does not need any introduction, the game has been a source of entertainment for gamers for quite a while now. With a plethora of weaponry at your disposal, the March 2022 'Heart of Madness' update has included the deadly Blunderbuss, a weapon renowned for doing massive amounts of damage at close range. With each passing month, the game has been updated significantly, whether it’s about the graphics, the gameplay or the weapons. The same was the case when New World introduced us to its latest weapon - The Blunderbuss.

In this article, we will discuss this excellent new weapon more and how you can use it efficiently. We will discuss the Containment and Chaos Mastery of the Blunderbuss. Our New World Blunderbuss Guide will also cover the Bunderbuss’s Active and Passive skills as well. Blunderbuss might not look all that fancy and dangerous to some, but when used correctly, it can cause a lot of damage. So, make sure you read the entire article to understand what Blunderbuss actually is and how you can use it to its potential.

What is Blunderbuss and Why should you use it?

Putting it simply, the Blunderbuss is a strength-based weapon. It can deal a lot of damage - through Area of effect abilitiesheadshots, and Critical Chance. As far as Why is concerned - we will be answering it in the rest of the article, but here is a glimpse. Blunderbuss can effectively shoot out 8 bullets all at the same time. This allows you to shoot multiple enemies at once. This was all about its destructive power. This is a powerful weapon for landing critical strikes and slowly burning adversaries before transitioning to your melee weapon.

Blunderbuss possesses a variety of abilities tailored to deal long-range damage, mobility, CC, and debuffsChaos and Containment are the two mastery trees, which are pretty much balanced in this aspect. There are various abilities available with both of these trees. So, it’s completely up to you, which mastery you choose.

About the Blunderbuss

  • Range - Long, Medium, Close-Range

  • Role - DPS and CC

  • Good Weapon Pairings - Great Axe, Hatchet

  • Attributes - Strength (Primary), Intelligence (Secondary)

How to obtain Blunderbuss through Crafting?

Adding a weapon to your arsenal could be tricky and sometimes too difficult. But, it’s different with the Blunderbuss. Any Workshop of Tier 2 or above could easily be used to craft the Blunderbuss. We have listed the items that you will be needing to do so.

  • 2x Course Leather

  • 3x Wood (Refined)

  • 12x Iron Ingots

When you are done crafting the Blunderbuss, you can move on to the higher and more advanced versions of this weapon to upgrade it to a more powerful machine. Upgrading a weapon can be costly, especially when you have a weapon like Blunderbuss. But you can always count on MMOPixel with such issues. Our website offers New World Coins at the best price available.

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Best weapon combinations and Core Attributes

Because the Blunderbuss scales with the Intelligence and Strength Core Attributes, it may be used in a variety of ways. The Great AxeWar Hammer, and Fire Staff are our particular favourites among the several weapons you may use with this one-shot monster. Let’s discuss this in detail.

The Great Axe - With a core attribute as Strength, it’s one of the best weapons to sync and combine with the Blunderbuss. The Great Axe offers a lot of CC, which allows you to ensare your enemies and then use the Blunderbuss to kill them with one critical hit. 

War Hammer - With a core attribute as Strength, it’s one of the best weapons to sync and combine with the Blunderbuss. The Great Axe offers a lot of CC, which allows you to ensare your enemies and then use the Blunderbuss to kill them with one critical hit.

Fire Staff - If you want to play a high DPS build, the Fire Staff lets you to do mid-range damage quickly, and when swapped out for the Blunderbuss, it can be fatal.

Hatchet - The Hatchet/Blunderbuss combination is ideal for fast-paced gamers. Because of Berserk and Defy Death, you can get up close and personal (ideal for the Blunderbuss) then dart away to safety without a scratch.

New World Blunderbuss Guide

Weapon Mastery for the Blunderbuss

When you are using Blunderbuss, you get to gain access to 2 Weapon Mastery - one is Chaos and the other one is Containment. Containment Weapon mastery allows the Blunderbuss to enhance the DMG of the last shot dealt before reloading. Though this effect takes place after reloading. This also attaches a bomb to the enemy. Chaos increases burn damage, reduces cooldowns of abilities by landing headshots or after a specified length of time, and offers haste in addition to stamina.

Best Active and Passive Skills for the Containment Tree

  • Reach - This active skill helps you to increase the range of the weapon - Azoth Sharpnel Blast. Reach, as the name suggests, extends the reach of Azoth from 12 m to 16 m.

  • Azoth Bomb – This active skills lets you fire the bomb. Additionally, this bomb will remain with the target and when it explodes, it will cause 100% weapon DMG in a 3 meters area after a second.

  • Refresh – Azoth Shrapnel Blast’s cooldown time is lower by 1.5%. But it will only happen if the strike is from the Azoth Shrapnel Blast.

  • Discord – fires four extra pellets with Azoth Shrapnel Blast

  • Azoth Shrapnel Blast – It allows you to fire 5 bullets in a way that will propel you back in order to deal 50% damage. Also keep in mind that, when you hit the same enemy, it will deal 15% less weapon damage than what happened with the previous strike.

  • Deep Shot (Passive)– It will deal a 15% increased DMG to the opponents.

    Reload (Passive)– This Passive skill allows the users to have 4% damage boosts, for a maximum of 6s. Though it can be stacked up to 4 times.

New World Blunderbuss Weapon Tree

Best Active and Passive Skills for the Chaos Tree

  • Streak – This active skill allows the players to gain an extra canister to fire 4 shots instead of 3.

  • Freedom – When you fire using the Blunderbuss with this skill activated, you will receive +50% Haste. It allows you to gain extra speed for movement for 2 seconds.

  • Mortar Charge – This active skill is used to fill the Blunderbuss with canisters, typically the heavy ones. This effect will last for the next 3 shots or 15 seconds. Each of these shots, during this duration, will be a kind-of mortar canister. These shots will be heavy and dive-fast into the enemies, which will create an explosion, powerful enough to deal 100% of weapon DMG. This will take place in an area of about 3 meters. Although, if the target is 10 meters away, the DMG will be increased to 35%.

  • Incendiary Bursts – When you use a Splitting Grenade, it causes burn. With this skill activated, the weapon DMG is 10%, for the next 10 seconds. However, it can be stacked up to 3 times.

  • Delayed Escape – grenades hit will grant Haste, which increases movement speed by 20.0% for 3s with multiple hits refreshing the duration

  • Soften – deals 25.0% increased damage to targets with more than 50.0% health.

  • Splitting Grenade – This Active skill is used to shoot the Grenade. But this is not an ordinary one. This special grenade will bounce for a maximum of 4 times and explodes after 1.5 seconds. Once this Splitting Grenade is detonated, it will turn into 3 smaller grenades, with an explosion time of 1 second. It will deal 85% weapon DMG in an area of 3 meters.

  • Double Down (Passive)– Each of the next abilities that will be used after activating this passive skill, will have their cooldown reduced by 50%. This effect will last for the next 30 seconds.

  • Extended Chamber (Passive)– having 2 loaded ammunition after 2.0s from reload loads a third active ammunition

  • Bite Back (Passive)– each pellet with a headshot reduces all cooldowns by 0.5%

  • Future Planning (Passive)– reduce all other ability cooldowns by 4.0% after using an ability.


This will be all from us in this New World Blunderbuss Guide article. Hope you have liked it and it has helped you in understanding more about this weapon. Blunderbuss is an awesome long-range weapon with so many abilities. You can combine it with other weapons and/or upgrade it to see what else it can do. But whatever you do, keep in mind that the weapon is as good as the wielder. So, having a powerful weapon does not guarantee victory against any opposition. You have to keep exploring the other weapons that can be combined with it. We will be updating this article with the latest information about the Blunderbuss. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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