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New World Boatswain Ambrose Guide 1.6.5 Version

Amazon Game Studios created the massively multiplayer online role-playing game called New World. Talking to Sylvia Oaks at the first light settlement will lead to the One Threat at a Time task. However, you might become lost and be unsure where to find some enemies, which is troublesome if they are involved in a quest. 

Boatswain Ambrose is a popularly known target of this type that many players have had to locate because of a small error in the map. You must battle Zebulon and Ambrose, two corrupted opponents, to complete the task, which is very straightforward. Return and speak with Sylvia after completing the task to receive the Adventurer's Ice Gauntlet, 82.25 gold, 1000 XP, and 20 Azoth. If your level is high enough, you'll have little trouble eliminating the corrupted foe. Finding the first foe, Quartermaster Zebulon, is simple; just follow the compass and go to the designated place.

Where in New World Can I Find Boatswain Ambrose?

You must fight Boatswain Ambrose to complete a mission. 'One Threat at a Time is a quest usually obtained from Sylvia Oakes at First Light. The intention is to go to Nyhart's Anchorage and take out the top pirate brass. The goal will be made clear after you arrive at the location. Fire Boatswain Ambrose and Quartermaster Zebulon. The former enemy is simpler to defeat than the latter.

The ship where Zebulon can be found lazing around will be marked on the map. This map sign is typically accurate, but in the case of Ambrose, it can send you on the incorrect trail. The second signpost will direct you northward toward the First Light Docks and Zebulon's Ship. Ignore the urge to climb mountains and traverse treacherous terrain; instead, stay as close to the ground as possible and look for a cave. The map's region indicated by the waypoint is where the cave can be discovered. The ship in the port is one of the landmarks that can be useful. Turn right after facing it. Once you are close to the docks, pass below them and the stonework bridges until you discover the cave's entrance. Numerous opponents are manning the cave opening. It would be best if you took care of them before you argued with Ambrose.

New World Boatswain Ambrose

Getting Rid of Boatswain Ambrose

Finding the zombie pirate chief was undoubtedly the biggest obstacle. The encounter with Ambrose, a level 18 boss, is not particularly challenging. You can defeat him if you simply remember a few things, though. His big axe is the first thing you need to be aware of. You must avoid Ambrose's strike because it has the potential to cause significant damage to you. His assaults are easy to evade, so all you need to do is be cautious.

He's defeatable in two different methods. If you don't want to be in his Great Axe's line of sight, the first option is to use ranged weapons like a Fire Staff or a Bow. The alternative is to avoid his blows and hit him with your hardest blow when you have the chance after he misses. When you have a little opportunity before he attacks you again, avoid his attack and strike him. You can use one of the two strategies to defeat him with ease.

Weapons to consider

The Fire Staff

The Fire Staff is the most damaging of all the fantastic weapons in the New World. This option is for you if you want a weapon that can compete in a solo battle against other damage classes while maintaining a magical aesthetic.

Weapons in New World can be built in various ways that are better for certain game conditions thanks to the two distinct branches in their ability trees. Additionally, you need to consider your attributes, secondary weapons, and armor. In the New World, each weapon's ability has a matching perk that may be found on both armor and weaponry. The majority of the bonuses scale in strength based on the item's Gear Score. It's vital to remember that each weapon's ability perk can only be used once at a time. The weapon perks can be acquired randomly through drops or by crafting gear that already has the desired perk. Using timeless shards will increase your likelihood of earning a particular bonus.

The Bow

The bow is an agile and adaptable weapon thanks to its single target marksman damage builds, AOE, and debuff focuses. When kiting adversaries in both group content and the world, the Skirmisher builds strong AOE damage is ideal. You achieve this by using the Poison Shot, which imparts a DoT to your targets as arrows rain down from above. The big attraction, though, is the ability to land headshots and the increased damage the further away you hit a victim. Since the weapon uses projectile targeting instead of hitscan, this playstyle once more calls for a little more precision. Nevertheless, provided you can regularly strike your target, this will feel like one of the best weapons available to you in New World.

The only disadvantage of the bow is that it could be the most formidable weapon to use in the entire game. Because the success of this project hinges on your ability to comprehend the arrow's trajectory, velocity, and point of aim, you must invest the appropriate time and effort.

The Musket

The Musket is primarily designed with headshots in mind. Even if you can't always hit your victim in the head with a regular attack or talent, you can still gain huge damage increases. To optimize your damage potential, you must continually aim to get incredible damage bonuses and consistently hit headshots. You can significantly improve the damage of your standard attacks and talents even if you don't always succeed in getting headshots. You must continuously aim to consistently land headshots to enhance your damage output and get incredible damage bonuses.

New World Boatswain Ambrose Gameplay

Obtaining various in-game objects like armor and weapons can be a tedious process. Therefore, we advise you to use some real-life money and purchase some New World Gold Coins to get the desired weapon faster.

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Combat Strategies to Keep in Mind

While fighting Boatswain Ambrose, a player must keep the following in mind to increase the chances of success.

Heavy and Light Attacks

Light attacks are typically faster and deal 100% weapon damage. For melee weapons, these light attacks frequently consist of a chain of two to three hits before repeating. In addition, many weapons have extra features or benefits that activate when particular elements of their light attack chain are used.

Heavy Attacks typically deal up to 140% weapon damage depending on the weapon. These slower assaults can be combined and frequently knock down some AI adversaries. Some weapons have extra features and benefits that, while occasionally needing more than one strike, can also be activated with heavy attacks. For example, with stave attacks, you can move while charging the attack and are only momentarily stopped when the projectile is released.


Stamina is a resource used by every weapon in the game; however, most just require it for evading/dodging. Melee weapons can also access a Block that they can employ. Stamina is also a resource that is used for several attacks and skills.

Most weapons require stamina, mostly for dodging. You gain a brief period of invulnerability by dodging, during which time assaults won't hurt you. Since there are currently 17 frames in this window, this usually takes around 0.25 seconds. Dodging is still viable for establishing distance because stamina prevents it from being overused or corny.


The L-Shift key in New World is associated with the evasion function. By tapping it, you can dodge either backward or in the direction you're currently traveling. Though you'll need to keep an eye on your yellow stamina meter, this is a terrific technique to remove oneself from danger rapidly. You won't be able to dodge until it is fully depleted, and then you will need to wait for it to replenish.

New World Boatswain Ambrose Guide

Enemy's Stamina System

Similar to how we utilize it, larger adversaries and those carrying shields also use the stamina system. Field bosses tend to have this; however, Alligators and a few other mobs can also have it.

You can refer to this as Enemy Stamina for Field Bosses and other sizable monsters. They will gradually lose stamina with each attack, no matter how light or strong. Some weapon skills can severely deplete this stamina. Once their stamina is low, they undergo a brief period of vulnerability where they cannot move or fight and are vulnerable to more harm from all directions until they replenish it.

This second health bar is known as Block Health for Shielded Enemies. This will be present in all enemies who possess shields. It functions very similarly to Enemy Stamina, except for a predetermined period, they are only unable to block. They can still use other methods of assault, but they will now sustain full undiluted damage.

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