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New World Briar Branches Finding and Farming Guide

Resources in the New World can be scarce because every participant on the server uses the same supplies. As a result, players may be required to gather specific materials to complete some quests, although the rewards are typically worthwhile. There are a few particular areas where players may need help finding items like New World's Azoth or Briar Branches, yet some items like those may be challenging to find.

Because everyone on the server uses the same supply, resources in the New World can be limited. Although certain quests may involve gathering a specific set of materials, the rewards are frequently worthwhile. Players may find objects like Briar Branches or New World's Azoth in a few particular locations, although some of those items can be hard to locate. The New World places a high value on gathering resources like briars and Hemp. Players often need to collect, gather, or craft materials to complete objectives. One of the quests in New World that call for gathering a variety of resources is Cormack's. Players need to look for briars and collect the briar branches from them to complete a Prickly Quest, which also asks for plucked turkeys and skinned rabbits.

Briar Branch Overview

You can obtain briar branches from thorny black plants. These are frequently discovered near rivers and resemble typical shrubs as well. As a result, it is possible to mix them up mistakenly.


Look for thick vines that curve to make rounded tips if you need help identifying the Briar bush. The bush is usually found close to bulrushes and other plants and has a few leaves that might be green or brown. Since they usually quickly repopulate, stay in the region, and keep harvesting until you have enough to finish the quest or make the necessary item.

New World Briar Branches

Why look for Briar Branches?

In the New World, there are numerous uses for the briar shrub. Finding the Briar Branches is a requirement for finishing a mission. Although there are currently just a few "No Confidence Stew" quests that employ briar branches, you can also obtain other materials like briar buds and thorny vines when you come across a briar bush. Making the Weak Mana Potion can employ these; however, these are frequently less expensive on the player market. Because superior mana potions occasionally cost less, take care to avoid being taken advantage of. For instance, strong mana potions are frequently less expensive than weak ones on my New World server.

Weak Mana Potions

While harvesting the Briar, you will also find briar buds and thorny vines, even if the briar branches are useless outside of the A Prickly Request quest. You may make a weak mana potion with these. Being a weak potion, it doesn't do much to replenish Mana. Still, since you'll have plenty of briar buds and thorny vines in your possession, it seems wasteful not to use them, and it will also improve your manufacturing abilities. You need 1 briar bud and 1 water to make a weak mana potion. Any body of water, including the one near where you discovered the Briar Branches, can be used to obtain water. Enter the water, then press E to gather it and put it in your inventory. You can utilize Weak Mana Potions to replenish a little percentage of your Mana, the magic bar that powers various weapons like the Fire Staff.

One can develop harvesting abilities in the New World by picking and harvesting various plants. However, there are no known applications for briar branches except the quest and this specific potion.

Getting Started

Barkeep Cormack in Windsward will give you the "A Prickly Request" quest, in which he will request three different components for a stew. The 8x Briar Branches is one of them. As you may anticipate, Briars is the only place to obtain them. When the quest is active, you will receive two additional Briar Branches for each Briar you acquire. For the New World "A Prickly Request" quest, you must gather eight briar branches and harvest four times as many briars.

New World Briar Branches Guide

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Where to Find Briar Branches and How to Farm them?

We've had great success discovering briar Branches beside rivers. Briar plants are typically found near bodies of water. The briar bush doesn't have green leaves as other plants do. Instead, you're looking for a bush that looks like a mass of dense, jagged weeds. Hold 'E' to yank the plant out of the ground without needing to bring any equipment.

You can't use the tracking mechanic to find Briar, which is a frustrating aspect of the search. This is because Briar doesn't require the Harvesting trade skill, unlike Hemp or other comparable plants.

Windsward is an excellent place to locate Briar Branches quickly if you are still determining where to begin your search. In Windsward, you can go to Fisherman's Bend. The main questline's quick travel point, Hermit's Shrine, is situated at the confluence of the three rivers, directly between Monarch's Bluffs and Windsward. Notably, this location also boasts a Secret Fishing spot rated 3-start. If you still need to figure out its location, it is west of Windsward town until you reach the border.

First Light

Briar Branches are only seen in one location in First Light. If you have enough Azoth and have unlocked the Spirit Shrine south of the area, you can quickly travel and get the branches to cut down on journey time. Windsward is close to the region's borders, so you can go there to get extra Briar Branches.


East of Everfall's settlement are places that have Briar Branches. If you have enough Azoth and have unlocked the Spirit Shrine east of the location, you can fast-travel and get the nearby branches to cut down on trip time.

Monarch's Bluff

Monarch's Bluff is home to several Briar Branches, albeit most are situated in remote areas away from the town. If the Spirit Shrine next to Fisherman's Bend has been unlocked, you can fast-travel and get the Briar Branches nearby. Once you acquire sufficient branches, you can proceed to Windsward's settlement and store them there.

For the several upcoming chapters of the Main Story quest, you'll visit this place frequently, but for the time being, you'll see a tonne of Briar branch nodes spawning along the riverfront. They often spawn in groups in the neighboring meadows, but the best you can do is circle Fisherman's Bend while gathering Briar along the way. If you aren't competing with other players, the nodes respawn quickly, ensuring that you have a steady and continuous supply.

Thankfully, there are plenty of Briar Branches beside the river. You might need to go a little further to locate Branches that have yet to be harvested, depending on how busy your server is. Particularly considering that this is a quest-active place for individuals who are just beginning the New World story.

Keep in mind the following water bodies in Windsward to gain Briar Branches:

  • River/fishing pond next to PrimroseRiverseat River 

  • River north of Stoutmarsh 

  • River close to Perilbrook 

  • River/fishing pond next to Primrose

New World Briar Branches Locations

Additional Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Remember that fellow players playing alongside you might be attempting to finish the same mission; thus, the farther you travel, the more probable you will locate the Briar Branches and other resources.

  • To finish the quest, you still need to search for plucked turkeys and skinned rabbits, but finding the 'Briar Branches' is the most challenging until now. After gathering all the necessary supplies, return to Windsward to Matthias Cormack to finish the 'Prickly Request.'

  • A briar plant offers you Firefly Bait, Briar Buds, and Thorny Vines, as well as briar branches that aid you in finishing Pricky Request.

  • Briar Branches is a mission item required to make No Confidence Stew.

  • Briar Buds are a fantastic manufacturing material from alchemy

  • When fishing in the New World, firefly bait boosts your chances of catching better fish.

  • Thorny Vines are a prohibited alchemical component used in manufacturing

  • Arcturus, a stronghold encircled by water that can be found northeast of Everfall, is an early location to locate Briar Branches. There are many briar Branches surrounding the lake, which makes it simple to find the briar buds and thorny vines at first.


We've covered everything you need to know about finding Briar Branches, leveling up, and using them effectively. Knowing how things work now allows you to rank your game to the desired level and improve gameplay. In addition, weak Mana Potions and other items from Briar are now available for usage. Now that you know what to accomplish and how to achieve it, the mission mentioned above will be a piece of cake.

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