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New World Brimstone Sands Ancient Glyphs Guide

An MMO gets a new lease on life with each update and expansion, and so does the New World. There are constantly new tales to read, new places to visit, tasks to complete, new things to find, and much more. The Brimstone Sands added a new environment to explore to Amazon's MMO videogame New World and several new functionalities that players could use. One of these comes in the shape of Ancient Glyphs, a new power boost. This guide will help you locate every Ancient Glyph position in the New World.

Brimstone Sands Ancient Glyphs

Items bearing the ancient glyphs can be found all across Brimstone Sands. There are 26 glyphs, which you can view by selecting documents and tapping the default key, "J." Locate Tales of Brimstone Sands there, then head to the section labeled "The Ancient Glyphs." You can view the glyphs you have already found and how many are still out there.

These glyphs must be obtained to access specific portals in the area and plunder the elite chests that can be discovered there. Therefore, you will only be able to engage with them if you have the Glyph that corresponds with the inscription on the portal or the chest.

New World Ancient Glyphs

If the Glyph that appears on the chest is shining blue, you can tell if you can engage with it. You only need to obtain the Glyph once, after which you will always own it and be able to open chests or portals that need it. These chests function precisely like other in-game elite chests. Once looted, they need 24 hours to cooldown.

In the zone, there are numerous portals. You can teleport to another place within the zone when you engage with one. They function like rapid travel hubs but deliver you to a predetermined location rather than letting you choose where you want to go. You'll need a good amount of gold coins to progress through the game and beat the bosses. As a result, be sure to save up some gold for items like armor and weaponry.

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Starting a Quest

In Brimstone Sands, there is a side mission that you can accept to begin your mission to gather the glyphs. The "The Ancient Glyphs" quest can be obtained from William Heron. This quest will explain the history of the glyphs and the purpose behind your collection.

It will lead you to the Satet point of interest. You can find your initial Glyph and unlock your first chest here. You can also find a few glyphs through several tasks scattered across the zone. You can get them whenever you come across one. The sites of each Glyph in Brimstone Sands are shown below.

New World Ancient Glyphs Locations

DINGTA, Wisdom - Above

It is discovered in the Nekhbet Palace. First, find various bird nesting places along the walls by climbing through the castle and scanning the building edges. Then, drop down these cliffs cautiously until you come to one with an additional stone sticking out in the middle. To locate and open the first Glyph, jump here.

JIIBA, Wisdom - Shadow

It is located at the Ta-Bitjet Beds. Explore the region to the east, climbing the stairs as you go. Go south and leap off the cliffs rather than climb to the summit. You can obtain the Glyph by entering a small cave opening that is located near the north.

KEYYA YIB', Wisdom - Crossroads

It is located on Atum's Way. To get to the pillar, move toward the area's center and battle your way past the monsters there. Within the pillar's side is the Glyph.

TEYII, Wisdom - Journey

It is located in the Great Thoth Shrine. When you arrive, climb the first stairway on the left or right and move toward the area's center. In the wall alcove is a little shrine with a glyph facing your direction. Go down the stairs in this direction if you have reached the shrine.

WETZUU, Wisdom - Gift

It is located in the Oasis Spontanea by Aqua Anuket. Once you arrive at Aqua Anuket, look around until you reach the large wall. After crossing this bridge to the end, descend to the ledge below. Here, beneath the stones, is the Glyph. Be careful not to fall completely to the ground!

CRUUJ, Wisdom - Sun

It is located in Heliopolis. Defeat the numerous monsters as you reach the highest point, where you will locate a shrine. In the middle of this shrine lies the Glyph. Bring a team here so you can drive the crowds away!

AMBA, Wisdom - Mountain

It is located in Diospolis. When you first visit the region, you'll see a locked door, which you'll be able to open as you go through the main plot. To locate the Glyph, follow the path inside.

PIMBII, Wisdom - Dawn

It is located in the vicinity of Heliopolis in Kephri Arena. First, beat the monster that spawns here in a team. After that, the Glyph will materialize in the arena's center for you to unlock.

D'UN-YICH, Wisdom - Ordeal

It is located at the Orcus Pools. Take the southern path and travel southwest if you're coming from inside the Brimstone Sands Settlement. There is a split in the road; it leads to the oasis on the western side. When you reach the second fork in the road, take a direct southerly direction to the tiny body of water. Here, a sizable boulder is situated alongside the glyph pillar.

HIMDE, Wisdom - Ocean

Discovered at the Isis Temple. The Glyph pillar will be on a big platform to the south, flanked by tough foes.

AABER, Wisdom - Day 

It is located at the Osiris Lamp; as soon as you reach the central region with the Radiant Automation, circle around it and use the stairs to the northeast to exit. Follow this path, crawling through the wall's opening as you go. Move in this direction until you come to the Glyph pillar inside a wall alcove that is being watched over by two foes.

ITKA, Wisdom - Below

It is located in the Pillars' Place- Park westward, following the pillars until you cross the Glyph further along rocky walls. The "X" platforms to rest on distinguish the pillars you need to leap across from the others. Additionally, they contain white markings that resemble paint. Unsealing the Glyph will release a powerful and hostile goat king who will attempt to derail your plans, so take caution.

DZUU, Wisdom - First

It is located in Heru Plaza. When you reach the landmark, turn northwest until you locate a tiny freshwater pond encircling the Glyph pillar. You'll know you're getting near when you look west and spot a golden bird.

J'IJ, Wisdom - Sealed

It is located at the Sutekh Necropolis. You can teleport here and proceed to Sutekh's Tomb. The Glyph pillar is located on a stone terrace behind the tomb.

TSADZUI, Wisdom - Wall

It is located near the Nebet-Het Great Wall. Reach the highest point of the structure by ascending the stairs. A pool of water surrounds the Glyph pillar in the middle of this space.

HID, Wisdom - Home

It is located in Hermopolis. After advancing through a portion of the main storyline, use the neighboring teleporter to arrive close to the Glyph.

B'EYEG, Wisdom - Chaos

It is located after the Ennead Expedition. After taking out the expedition's last boss, you can find the Glyph.

RIIGA, Wisdom - Persona

It is located at Arit-en-Geb. Before opening the Glyph along the southern wall, move toward the area's center and remove the adjacent guard.

EYBUE, Wisdom - Virtue

It is located in Satet. Go to the area's center and take a similar eastward glance as in the example above. The Glyph is against a small, crumbling wall that you can find.

CRUUJ'II, Wisdom - Strength

It is located at Ptah's Forge. Once you get to the top portion, continue climbing the stairs while taking down the bad guys along the way. Numerous powerful creatures defend a glyph along the rear wall.

D'UN-GA, Wisdom - Destruction

It is located at Castrum Principium. The southernmost portion of this region is where you can discover the Glyph through stone walls. You'll run into plenty of foes here, just like in many other places on our list, so ensure that you bring a team!

TAB', Wisdom - Night

It is located at the Scorpion Ordeal. After you've unlocked the first Ancient Glyph doors, you will need to work together to battle the Scorpio Supernal monster. Once you do, this cave is where you'll locate the Glyph.

B'ENGYING, Wisdom - Shield

It is located in Serpent's Pass. Run south until you reach a little stone platform with only a few soldiers and supply containers, then turn back towards the main structure. Along this wall is the glyph pillar.

TSANGMIIJ, Wisdom - Food

It is located close to Castrum Victualis. You can, however, round the area and continue north past it rather than going inside. You can locate the Glyph within the stone pillar of a small, deserted building.

JICH, Wisdom - Water

It is located at Heka's Cauldron. The Glyph pillar is close to the big central boulder in the region, towards the direction of the little acid pool.

DUBUU, Wisdom - River

It is located in Sopdu Hot Springs. Run past the creatures and into the farthest pool from the river. The Ancient Glyph is located close to a small, crumbling stone wall.


The basic operation of an Ancient Glyph is comparable to that of a Lore Page, except you must first unlock it by utilizing the Azoth Staff. Your character will be able to study and utilize them at that time. If you're not willing to devote endless hours searching through every crevice of Brimstone Sands, locating all of the Ancient Glyphs might be a little hassle.

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