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New World Coins Earning Guide

The big survival/action game called New World, which was created by Amazon, is already a huge success on Steam. Not surprising given the promises of an epic plot, the opportunity to join various factions, and the opportunity to engage in massive 50v50 PVP sieges. This remarkably complex game should keep players interested for many years. The game is so expansive that it's difficult to describe even the most minute things, like how to make a lot of coins. However, you can forge alliances, establish colonies, purchase homes, and craft about anything. Here are some tips for beginning gold prospectors. 

The primary form of payment in Amazon's brand-new MMO, New World, is New World Coins. The economy of Aeternum is built on coins because they may be used to buy various in-game goods, including weapons, armor, potions, and homes. This is why we ought to collect as many NW Coins as possible. Farming them or using a website to purchase them directly are the two main ways to become wealthy. Such a website where you can buy New World Coins is MMOPixel.

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If you consider farming, there are numerous ways to stuff your bags full of coins in the game. They all take different amounts of time and are profitable in various ways.

New World Gold Earning Guide

Completing Quests

The first and most straightforward approach to making coins is by completing jobs. You will be rewarded with New World cash and experience points to finish each assignment. Settlements are where new missions can be begun. However, you'll need to put in a lot of time before making enough coins, which isn't the fastest method. Because it takes a lot of time and offers insufficient advantages, we do not recommend this strategy as the primary option.


Making coins with crafting can be difficult in the beginning. Resources are needed to level up in the crafting profession; if your skill level is low, it will be difficult to sell your creations for a profit. However, you will be able to produce better things as you go. A lot of coins may be made by skilled artisans. It is much simpler to level up a profession if you join a guild and help other players. Find a contract with those who want to level other professions. Encourage them to help you in return by providing resources for your profession. This might turn out well. You might also search for a guild that specializes in creation.


Finding opportunities is one of the most crucial aspects of gaining money in MMORPGs; stonecutting is one such opportunity. You can use this skill to transform uncut gems into ones that can be fitted into your weapons and armor to have specific advantageous effects. Simply put, gear with the gems socketed in them increases your power; therefore, any player who cares about their stats will want to have a complete set of them in their gear. As a result, this process can be a great way to make money, especially early on and following content updates.

New World Stonecutting

Acquiring Resources

The planet of Aeternum is strewn with a variety of gathering points. Materials like lumber, stone, steel, or something more valuable can be gathered and sold to other people. You could earn a sizable sum of coins if you have abundant resources, especially if they are difficult to come by. Players are always needed to craft with various materials. Before commencing your quest to millions at the closest gathering node, do some math. Recognize the resources on your server in high demand and take appropriate action.

It's important to remember that the server economy is frequently uneven when an MMO game first launches. The cost may be prohibitive even for inferior goods. Keep an eye on the market to ensure you don't miss a chance. Don't spend too much time considering something if you think it is overpriced and in your inventory. Sell it as soon as possible before the price lowers.

Essential tips to keep in mind

  • Only gather precious materials. They are typically harder to find but cost more for each piece or stack. The disadvantage is that you unlock rare materials as you level up.

  • Gather low and medium-quality products. Although it is typically much simpler to obtain, the payout per stack is also much lesser.

Selling off Loot

As you complete objectives and travel the world, you will encounter many enemies. They can be killed, their belongings taken, and sold to traders. An item that suits your playstyle may even be dropped by the enemy, allowing you to replace your old gear with the new one without spending coins on it. The drawback is that low-level stuff is incredibly cheap. As a result, you won't be able to use this strategy to earn a respectable income.

Making Tools

People will require better and more sophisticated tools as long as gathering is a necessary skill, purifying and making things. As a result, providing for them is a reliable source of revenue. Before you can start making money off this, you must level up your engineering skill to the point where you can at least create steel tools. It will cost a significant amount of money or time to accomplish this. When your Engineering Skill is sufficient, all it takes is a fast scan of the Trading Post to find out what kinds of tools are the most expensive and in demand. The next step is to determine your margins from the earned profits. Finally, you should purchase or farm the materials, create the tools, and list them on sell orders if that amount satisfies you.

New World Marketplace

For those who know how to use them, using these marketplaces in the New World can produce a lot of cash. In addition to having separate marketplaces, each zone has resources that are strong in some areas and deficient in others. Essentially, you want to sell resources in one zone and farm in another. Anyone looking to farm New World coins will significantly profit from implementing this advice. Even though New World is still in its early stages of development, most players currently obtain their in-game currency in this manner.

New World Trading Post

Additional Tips to Consider

  • Trading Posts - You need to become familiar with the Trading Post network before you can start earning coins in New World because you'll be using it a lot. Players can freely exchange their items at trading posts. You may quickly buy and sell any kind of thing with their assistance.

  • You can determine if it is worthwhile to sell your items or buy something at your current location by comparing pricing at various Trading Posts or whether you should put in the extra effort to complete your transactions elsewhere.

  • On Trading Post, bags are in high demand. Additionally, gamers like to gradually upgrade their bags due to the sharp price rises between tiers; as a result, every tier of bags available will be sold in no time. Contrary to the Toolmaking approach, obtaining Runes of Holding from Faction Shops requires you to complete faction quests, so crafting bags involves some quest grinding.

  • Always place sell/buy orders if you don't need coins or products right now.

  • Most of the time, selling loot is a waste of potential revenue. Always check the value of your loot before you "throw away" any of it.

  • The demand for unique items, particularly those that can only be found in chests, is usually always great. These consist of MotesEssencesVoid Metal, and more.

  • All kinds of equipment Gear for all levels will sell briskly as long as players are leveling. After the initial phase, the cost of "leveling gear" will drop, but end-game gear should still fetch a healthy profit. Items having luck on them typically have higher values.

  • Several types of refinery agents (Sandpapers, Solvents, Wireweave, Tannants, etc.). These are usually in high demand because artisans want them in HUGE amounts, and they drop from supply containers.

  • You'll notice that these tactics have one thing in common: they all demand a lot of time, effort, and perseverance. The procedure of getting coins will be challenging, if not impossible, if even one of them is missed.


Please keep in mind that the game economy of the New World is dynamic and will evolve. To reduce the dangers involved, any tasks in the New World that demand a large initial expenditure or simply a large amount of time should be spent with the utmost prudence. Before engaging in dangerous in-game behavior, such as making significant investments without adequate study or selling off a vast quantity of farmed commodities without sufficient research or knowledge, it is sometimes preferable to wait for the prices to settle. We sincerely hope you have gone through this guide and found it instructive and helpful.

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