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New World Cooking Leveling Guide - Become a Master Chef!

To become a Master Chef in New World, you don’t have to be born with extraordinary cooking skills. Our guide is all you need to prepare all the dishes to survive in Aeternum – from restorative ones to those with skills buffs. 

With the number of available recipes and ingredients, it’s difficult to start your cooking journey. Committing too many resources to unnecessary recipes isn’t that hard to do.

In this guide, you’ll learn why you shouldn’t ignore the cooking profession, where to obtain Raw Food, and how to level it efficiently. With MMOPIXEL, you will reach a maximum level in no time!

Why Should I Level Up Cooking Skill?

Cooking is a Trade Skill that is a part of non-combat skills, falling in the crafting category like Jewelcrafting. It’s available for everyone and isn’t that hard to level compared to other skills. Finding a Settlement with a high-tier Kitchen shouldn’t be a problem. Just open up your map and find the fork and frying pan icon. Otherwise, you can participate in Town Projects to increase its Level Tier.

Cooking provides you with food and beverages, which increases your health/mana restorations, grants buffs, and other crafting bonuses. Additionally, it supplies you with dyes with which you can color your armor!

As your Cooking Skill rises, you’ll gain access to a greater variety of food and drinks with more powerful effects. Also, you will cook more dishes in exchange for the same number of ingredients.


You have to gain resources and other materials to power level your Cooking skill. Make sure to level up these skills first before starting:

  • Harvesting

  • Fishing


Cooking is probably the most efficient skill in New World. Apart from cooking more viable dishes, the number of ingredients needed for certain meals decreases as your level rises! In other words, you can prepare more for less.

Leveling it up takes a while, but it’s well worth the effort. You need to patiently gather the ingredients, cook, and eventually reach level 200. It’s a simple task but doing it most quickly and efficiently is hard to figure out independently. Let’s begin, shall we?

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How Do I Power Level Cooking Skill?

To start cooking, you have to find a Kitchen. Yes, this fire camp is considered as one of them.

Like with every other Trade Skill, you’ll need to prepare meals that take the least amount of resources but give the greatest return in XP. We covered all resources for every level, so you can use it until you can’t level up with it quickly anymore.

Simply rinse and repeat the process until you reach level 200. We’ll show you where to find all the cooking ingredients you’ll need to speed up the process. This will also include what raw materials they’ll consume and what level they’ll take you to. I’m sure you already have some cooking items in your inventory.

Cooking Recipes

You’ll receive Cooking Recipes automatically upon leveling your Cooking skill. Thus, you don’t have to worry about it when leveling because our guide uses these common recipes. There are also unique recipes that can be found in chests and random drops. Some of them you’ll receive upon completing quests.

Simply open your inventory, read the recipe, and that’s it. It will then become available to cook at any Kitchen or Cooking Station. However, these unique recipes have level requirements, so its best to focus on developing your Cooking skill first.

Cooking Level 1 - 50

  • 345 Squash

  • 345 Berries

To start, find a Settlement with the highest Kitchen Tier. This way, you can begin and finish your leveling in the same place. You’ll need it to craft 345 Travel Rations to reach level 50. 

The ingredients for this level are easy to find. Gather these materials from farming Nuts or Berries for Raw Foods and find a farm that has Squash for your Tier 2 Raw Food. The whole process is explained below.

Head to Moe's Farm to collect Squash


Moe’s Farm in Windsward Village is the best place to collect Squash. Set up a camp nearby and be prepared for a fight because this place is full of enemies.


There isn’t one good place to farm Blueberry and Berry because they can be found anywhere. There’s a high chance you already stockpiled a hefty amount by simply exploring. Anyway, gather berries as much as you can as they will be used in preparing Light Meal once you reach level 50.

Make Travel Rations

Travel Rations

Head to the Kitchen and start preparing 345 Travel Rations. Tier 2 Raw Foods includes Carrots, Corn, Squash, Red Meat, and more. For this meal, we’ll be using Squash. As for the secondary ingredient, Raw Foods, there are even more ingredients to use. Here, we’re using Berries.

  • Travel Ration. Tier 2 Raw Foods x1, Raw Foods x1

If you’re a mana user, consider making Energizing Travel Rations. The ingredients are the same, the only difference being that Energizing Travel Ration increases mana regeneration instead of recovering health.

Cooking Level 50 - 150

  • 4640 Berries

  • 4640 Blueberries

  • 4640 Nuts or Mushroom

Now you can craft Light Meals to raise Cooking skill for a whooping 100 levels! However, this will be a more daunting task than the previous one as you will cook 4640 Light Meals. Thus, you’ll have to gather the same Tier 3 Raw Food number and two different material groups for Raw Foods.

Fortunately, the ingredients are common and can be farmed efficiently. Collect Blueberries or Berries for your Tier 3 Raw Food and use Nuts for Raw Foods. All of them are scattered around Aeternum, but we’ll show you the best places to find them.

Nuts can be found near trees


Monarch’s Bluffs is the best place to collect Nuts, as there are a lot of spots where you can gather them. Look beside trees, and you’ll find most of it. 


You can farm Mushrooms instead of Nuts. These are acquired by harvesting Funghi resource nodes. There’s a whole field of Warm Platecaps near Windsward. It’s the best place to gather them as each node is evenly spaced apart from each other. 

Make Light Meals

Start Cooking 4640 Light Meals from all the collected ingredients. Alternatively, you can cook Energizing Light Meals which recovers your mana. Upon reaching level 100, consider making Satisfying Meals or Energizing Satisfying Meals. What you’ll choose doesn’t matter much. These dishes will give you the same amount of XP and use the same ingredients.

  • Light Meal. Tier 3 Raw Foods, Raw Foods x2

Cooking Level 150 - 200

  • 1050 Apple

  • 1050 Berries

  • 1050 Nuts

  • 1050 Crops

  • 1050 Seasonings

Cooking Hearty Meals is the final step in our cooking journey. You have to gather 1050 pieces of every listed ingredient to achieve that. This is the most challenging part of this guide, as some ingredients are hard to come by, and it will take a significant amount of time. You’ll have to search for Provisions Containers for Tier 5 Raw Foods or visit Trading Post. 

Also, use information from previous tiers when farming Nuts, Crops, and Berries. Nuts can be used to fill out the Raw Food requirement for this meal.

Provisions Crate is a good supply for Tier 5 Raw Foods


Most Tier 5 Raw Foods can be found in Provision Containers or as a rare drop from skinning animals. Loot from these crates is random, but Apples are the easiest to come by. Provision Crates can be found in any of the starting areas, and their loot is respawning every 60 minutes.

Additionally, you can visit a small area known as Tres Campos in Monarch’s Bluffs. It’s one of the most convenient and easiest spots to farm Provision Containers. The mobs here are level 23, making it a viable spot for low-level players.


Seasonings can be gathered from harvesting herbs. First Light is the best place to farm Spices of any kind. You can also visit any of the starter beaches, Restless Shore and Southern Mourningdale. Travel back and forth between these places as there are a lot of herbs to harvest there.

Equip a sickle with the Harvesting Yield perk to increase Hyssop gains by 10%. This will significantly reduce the time needed to collect all the Seasonings.

Make Hearty Meals

Hearty Meals

Make 1050 portions of Hearty Meals, and voila! Congratulations, you reached max Cooking Level 200! Remember to mix different vegetables from Tier 5 Raw Food with various spices. For boosted effects, swap Hearty Meals with Energizing Hearty Meals. Another option is to cook Energizing Satisfying Meal.

  • Hearty Meal. Tier 5 Raw Foods x1, Raw Foods x3, Seasonings x1

Additional Tips

Follow these tips to speed up your leveling process

Gathering all the required materials is a tedious and time-consuming task. Here’s a list of some tips to speed up the process when gathering specific ingredients.

  • Upgrade Gathering Tools. Harvesting Sickle is your best friend and time saver when gathering. For example, Orichalcum Gathering Sickle speeds up the process by 625%!

  • Use Proficiency Boosters. They further decrease the time it takes to gather required materials and increase their amount.

  • Gather materials while doing quests. Upon your adventures, you’ll stumble upon different types of ingredients. Collect everything you see!

  • Keep an eye on Low Trade and Crafting Taxes. Every Settlement has its tax rate. You’re going to pay a small fee every time you craft, refine or trade something. Choose a Settlement with the lowest tax rates to make the most out of your gold.

  • Purchase ingredients at the Trading Post. Levels from 0 to 50 are easy to complete, but the following two stages take a lot of time to gather all the materials. Don’t hesitate to use the Trading Post for purchasing the necessary ingredients. However, buying everything will set you back a lot, so you better be thoughtful about it.


Cooking relies on trading and a few other skills to level it up effectively. It’s the same as any other crafting profession. Follow all the steps we mentioned in this New World Cooking Guide, and you’ll become a Master Chef in no time!

At MMOPIXEL, we have other guides regarding your skill leveling. Feel free to check them all out. See you in Aeternum!

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