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New World Crafting Leveling Guide - Everything You Need to Know!

Image-alt: Read the best Crafting Leveling Guide for New World on MMOPIXEL

Leveling up your Crafting Skills in New World is as essential as leveling your character or weapon skills. When properly developed, you can craft weapons that far exceed those acquired from the Main Story Quest Lines.

Not to mention the amount of income you can generate when focusing on the right Crafting Skill. In this guide, we’ll cover the basics of each Crafting Skill as well as leveling your Gathering Skills. Follow it step by step since every process is connected.

How Do I Start Crafting In New World?

Tools You’ll Need

Gathering Skill

Refining Skills

Start Developing Your Crafting Skills

How To Level Up Each Crafting Skill









How Do I Start Crafting In New World?

 Before you start crafting, you have to gather resources

You have to gather resources to begin your crafting journey since you can’t create anything from thin air. Those resources are then used to craft armor, weapons, jewelry, furniture, etc.  Crafting, Gathering, and Refining fall into one category called Trade Skills

Depending on the item you want to create, you have to find a proper Crafting Station to refine your resources. To become a successful crafter, you have to start with the basics. First, we’ll focus on necessary tools and Gathering.

Tools You’ll Need

Image-alt: You’ll get basic tools as a reward by completing one of the main quests

You can’t pick up many valuable resources with bare hands. The majority of them require specific tools. After completing the tutorial, the game will walk you through the process of creating your starting tools. Here’s the list of tools you’ll need from the very beginning:

  • Pickaxe. Used for mining stone and ore.

Requires: Flint x1, Green Wood x1

  • Skinning Knife. Used to collect Animal Hides.

Requires: Flint x1, Green Wood x1

  • Logging Axe. Used for chopping down trees and collecting Wood.

Requires: Flint x1, Green Wood x1

  • Fishing Rod. Used for catching fish.

Requires: Fiber x1, Green Wood x1

  • Sickle. Used for harvesting plants.

Requires: Flint x1, Green Wood x1

If you need to create more tools of this type, flint and sticks can be found just lying on the ground. Flint Tools can albo be obtained from a random drop from enemies and bosses or looted from chests.

Gathering Skill

There are two methods of obtaining resources for crafting: finding or buying them. Since you’re just starting, it’s best to track resources by yourself. 

Besides, when doing it yourself, you will level up a skill corresponding to the resource you’re gathering. Leveling these skills is very important since you’ll collect more valuable resources. 

For example, you need a Mining Skill at level 40 to mine a gold node. It also affects the speed of your gathering. You will see a considerable speed difference if you mine an iron node at level 5 and then repeat the process at level 100.

Gathering Skill is divided into five categories:

  • Mining. Rises with gathering ore.

  • Skinning. Rises when gathering animal hides.

  • Logging. Rises with chopping trees and gathering wood.

  • Fishing. Rises when catching fish.

  • Harvesting. Rises with gathering plants.

When leveling each skill, you gain the ability to detect resources. You even have the chance to find special ones that can modify the items you craft!

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Refining Skills

Image-alt: Use Refining Stations to refine your resources

The next step of our process is to refine our items to valuable resources. This step is significant since it works in conjunction with every Gathering Skill. 

It’s a necessary skill to develop if you plan on making a profit for crafted items. You can level up each Refining Skill on its corresponding Refining Station.

Refining Skills are divided into five categories:

  • Smelting. Refine Ore into Ingots using Smelter.

  • Stonecutting. Refine stone into blocks and cut Gemstones using Stonecutting Table.

  • Woodworking. Refine Wood into Lumber using Woodshop.

  • Tanning. Refine rawhides into Leather using Tannery.

  • Weaving. Refine Fiber into Cloth using Loom.

Leveling these skills makes you more resource-efficient since there’s a slight chance to gain extra resources when refining.

Start Developing Your Crafting Skills

Image-alt: Develop Crafting Skills for better gear

After gathering a hefty supply of refined resources, you can finally start crafting equipment. You can choose from seven Crafting Skills available in New World. 

Crafting Skills share resources, so it’s wise to choose ONE skill you want to specialize in. Especially early on, since you won’t have money to develop every Trade Skill.

Here’s a list of seven Crafting Skills and how to level them up:

  • Weaponsmithing. Levels up when crafting melee weapons from Ingots.

  • Armoring. Levels up when crafting armor from Ingots, Leather, and Cloth.

  • Jewelcrafting. Levels up when crafting jewelry from Ingots and Gemstones.

  • Engineering. Levels up when crafting ranged weapons and ammunition from Ingots and Wood.

  • Arcana. Level up when crafting potions, tinctures, and Magical Weapons. It mainly uses Plants.

  • Cooking. Levels up when crafting meals and non-magical drinks with Raw Food and Plants.

  • Furnishing. Levels up when crafting Furniture, Storage Chests, and Trophies from Blocks and Wood.

When leveling up a specific skill, you will craft better and more valuable equipment, in addition to unlocking new recipes.

How To Level Up Each Crafting Skill

Let’s clarify: leveling up Crafting Skills is a tedious and very long process. That’s why we prepared some tips to make it quicker. This way, the whole process will be more straightforward for you from the very start!


Image-alt: Develop Weaponsmithing for more powerful weapons

  • Craft weapons using Weaponsmithing Skill Tree.

  • Bulk-craft Weapons to level Weaponsmithing.

  • Salvage unwanted weapons.

Weaponsmithing is one of the most effortless skills to level. Just craft your preferred weapon in bulk and watch it grow! Remember to use it to improve your secondary weapon, so you’re making good use of the second weapon slot.

There isn’t much experience difference between crafting high-resource items versus low-resource items. For example, crafting Rapiers instead of Great Axes will give you roughly the same exp. Simply start creating weapons using resources currently at your disposal.


Image-alt: Focus on Armoring for fancy-looking armors

  • Use Forge and Outfitting Station to craft Armor.

  • Buy resources from the Trading Post.

  • Bulk craft Gauntlets or Gloves.

Unlike Weaponsmithing, Armoring is more difficult to level up. Crafting complete sets of armors isn’t very efficient since you will quickly run out of resources. Focus on crafting low-tier Gloves and Gauntlets instead. Either of them should suffice for leveling purposes. 

Additionally, using one over the other will raise your Gathering Skills! Crafting Gloves will level up your Harvesting, while with Gauntlets, you’ll be leveling up Mining.


Image-alt: Engineering is good for money-making

  • Craft Tools for selling purposes.

  • Bulk craft Spears level up quickly.

  • Salvage unwanted equipment.

You can level up Engineering by basically crafting anything under its skill tree. We advise you to start with Tools since they’re worth a pretty penny at the Trading Post after a certain level. It’s not the most efficient method in terms of speed, though.

The quickest and easiest way to level Engineering is to craft Spears. Wood Planks are very easy to come by and relatively cheap. Bulk crafting these is the fastest way to level up this skill.


Image-alt: Choose Arcana for an unlimited supply of consumables

  • Great for leveling Harvesting.

  • Arcana is used for crafting potions.

  • Buy resources from the Trading Post.

  • Use high-tier Arcane Repository if possible.

Arcana is easy to level up since it requires common resources to raise the skill. First, you have to level up Gathering until you can start picking up Magical Plants

From level 0 to 20 farm Hyssop, combine it with Water to create Health Potions. At level 20, convert Elemental Motes into Wisps. With this method, you’ll max out Arcana in no time.


Image-alt: With Jewelcrafting, your ring slot will never be empty

  • Use Outfitting Station to create jewelry.

  • Great for leveling Gathering.

  • Buy resources from the Trading Post.

  • Bulk craft Flawed Amulets.

You’ll need to follow two steps to level up Jewelcrafting without breaking a sweat. First, buy or craft a Pickaxe with Mining Luck Perk. Secondly, power level your Mining Skill using it. 

This will help you collect the rare gems that drop from ore veins. After that, start bulk crafting Flawed Amulets until you’re maxed out.


Image-alt: With high-tier Kitchens, you can cook better dishes

  • Cook food with the highest exp reward.

  • Buy resources from the Trading Post.

  • Use high-iter Kitchens if possible.

Cooking requires many ingredients scattered throughout the world of Aeternum. You’ll lack spices and unique ingredients to make something better than a Travel Ration as a new player. 

It’s probably the most challenging skill to level up early. That’s why we advise buying ingredients from Trading Post. Level it up by using the kitchen.


Image-alt: Craft Furniture to decorate your house

  • Craft Small Furnishings when starting.

  • When Mining is at level 20, craft the Warm Iron Sconce.

You’ll have to craft furnishings to level up this skill, as the name suggests. Early on, you can focus on creating small and cheap furniture. It doesn’t matter what you’ll pick here. 

Unless your Mining is at least level 20, you can craft Warm Iron Sconces until you hit 50. Other than that, prepare to salvage most of the things you craft to get some resources back. What house needs 50 sconces after all?


Developing your Crafting Skills is an excellent alternative to neverending Faction Quests. With a proper understanding of your server’s economy and needs, affording your third house or fourth won’t be a problem.

Check our other New World leveling guides available on MMOPIXEL, and become an expert on the game in no time!

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