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New World Deluxe vs Normal | Which to Buy?
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New World Deluxe vs Normal | Which to Buy?

New World is a PC MMO RPG unique title launched by Amazon Games. The game's full release came in September of 2021, and it is the company's first entry into the MMO genre. 

Amazon's plan is to make New World a mark and start a process of revolution on the MMO universe. The game finds its place as one of the most complete MMO games ever created. Like most great titles, it has more than just one version for players to choose. 

For gamers who are yet not playing New World, the traditional question and one of the most difficult decisions comes. After all, Should I go for New World Deluxe Edition, or will the New World Standard Edition be better? 

MMOPixels helps you and brings an article to compare all the differences between New World Deluxe Edition and New World Standard Edition. That way, you can decide which of the New World editions is the best. But first, let’s talk about the Pre Order and Closed Beta bonuses.

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New World Logo character

Pre Order and Closed Beta

In New World, those who pre-ordered or entered on the closed beta didn’t really get that many things. The pre-order didn’t grant game-changing items. You were able to get the fist bump emote, axes, muskets, and armor pieces. You also received a title of Expedition one to show to other players that you are one of the first to come. 

The only closed beta item that made a great difference in some players' games was Isabella’s amulet. This item grants a bonus in the constitution and some damage types against certain creatures. And all of these facts increase the doubt: will the New World Deluxe version be worth it? We will see.  

Deluxe Edition Features

The first difference to establish between both versions is the price. You can buy the one you prefer on both Amazon or Steam, but the Standard Edition price is $39,99. On the other hand, the deluxe edition of New World costs $49,99. That said, you pay $10 for all the extra content featured on the Deluxe Edition. Besides the full base game and all of its possibilities, you will also get a series of exclusive content. Some of the things you get are:

Woodsman Armor Skin

The woodsman armor skin allows you to completely blend in the forest, giving you a huge advantage when trying to be stealthy. Also, your character will be able to stand out from any crowd wearing it.

Woodsman Hatchet Skin 

This woodsman hatchet skin comes to fully complete the woodsman armor set with the versatile hatchet. It helps you stand out when you want, making all the crowd see you or hide if you prefer to lay low in the wilderness.

Character using the Woodsman Set

Mastiff House Pet

WIth the Mastiff House Pet, you will be able to make your house far more welcoming. Few things make our place cozier than a house pet! Home sweet home! Note that housing unlocks at level 15, so your mastiff house pet will only be “available” after that.

A character with the woodsman skin and the Mastiff House Pet

Rock/Paper/Scissors Emote Pack 

The traditional light-hearted game Rock/paper, scissors also come to New World. That’s a great way of having “random” fun. You can also use the game if you have trouble making difficult decisions and want to decide based on “lots of foundation.” Is there any better way to make decisions that could cost your life than with a rock/paper/scissors emote set? I doubt it!

All the features of New World Deluxe Edition listed

New World Digital Art Book

The Deluxe Edtion also features the amazing New World Digital Art Book. It brings incredible concept art from all the making of the New World game universe. It will give you many interesting information and images about the game development processes.

New World Art Book open in the summary page

Is the Deluxe Edition Worth it?

Generally, Deluxe Editions can’t bring that much extra content, and for New World, it couldn’t be different. If the game's deluxe edition had that many extra and strong items, it would make the game pay to win, which is always terrible. 

On the other hand, an extra $10 isn’t that much, and Amazon did well when they decided not to charge much more for the Deluxe Edition. So, if it is worth it or not, it will depend on how much you care for exclusive skins items.

Should I Buy It or Go for the Standard Edition?

Choosing between the deluxe and the standard edition depends on how much you care for the items you can get. The Woodsman Armor skin, the Mastiff House Pet, the Rock, Paper, Scissors emote set, and the artbook doesn't make that big difference in the gameplay. So, you should go for them only if you care for cool skins, cosmetic items, and other things that will be missing in the base game. If you don’t care, go for the standard and save your money.

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