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New World Dynasty Shipyard Expedition Guide

Dynasty Shipyard Expedition is a 5-man instanced dungeon for level 55 and up and is one of the most difficult PvE experiences you will have while playing the game. During this quest, you will face off against Isabella for the very first time which is believed to be a tricky battle. It takes a while to go there because it's in the far southeast part of the Ebonscale Reach area. Here is a detailed guide on how to ensure your first run is successful because after you do it once you certainly won't like to bother doing this again.

Things to consider before beginning the Expedition

A level of 55 is required. It won't hurt to be a few levels higher, and you could get lucky and link up with a few level 60s or make some of them your friends, which will make the expedition simpler.

Before entering the dungeon, bear the following in mind:

  • Inside the dungeon, every monster is a Corrupted Pirate. They are therefore vulnerable to Arcane, Nature, and Slash damage.

  • For additional damage, you can add a Nature and sometimes Arcane gem to your weapon; the appropriate gems are sapphire for Arcane and amber for Nature (Amber gems are a little glitchy right now.)

  • Pick up the necessary Dynasty tasks as well as any other faction missions you may roll. Walking to the Expedition is a considerable distance, and you won't be able to make additional Tuning Orb for the dungeon straight away.

  • The Warhammer but also Ice Gauntlet damage types get a debuff. The Gauntlet really receives a 40% debuff, thus that's not at all the preferred weapon.

  • Entering a Mutated expedition may be slightly difficult. You require the preparation mentioned above, but you need also to think about honing stones, potions, coatings, and prizes.

New World Dynasty Shipyard Expedition

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Best Builds

The following are some of the best builds you should consider for Dynasty Shipyard:

  • Spear and bow: 20% bonus, good thrust damage.

  • Musket with Rapier - Although the Rapier is not well renowned for its PvE capabilities, it is really excellent at kiting the monsters in Dynasty, and you'd see solo runs that make excellent use of this combination. However, it might not be the greatest choice for people who are only now beginning to understand mutations.

  • This is the standard Healer set-up: Void Gauntlet along with the Life Staff.


The expedition is located southwest of Ebonscale. Its suggested level in-game is 55, however, we advise entering at level 53 or below since, at that point, you will begin to get repeated missions for the Expedition. The arch at the foot of the pier houses the expedition's entrance.


There are three bosses in this expedition: Commander Chen, Isabella, and Zhou Taiying. In expeditions, players may only be picked after being knocked down once before you must respawn, and once the monster is engaged, most boss chambers lock the door. In a boss battle, presuming your friends can help you up when you're knocked down, this basically gives you two lives.


The expedition 'Dynasty Shipyard' is fairly difficult. Along with two major enemies that you must battle, the dungeon has many mini-bosses named Elites.

New World Dynasty Shipyard Expedition Guide

Eastern Pier

In the dungeon, here is where you begin. To really get you geared up for what you'll anticipate in the dungeon, there are a few pointless creatures. Except for the Dragonglory plant just across from where you spawn, there is nothing noteworthy in this area.

Corrupted Cave

You will deal with Summoner Yau here. He practically always produces adds, and you need to be on the lookout for his potent AoE assault. Before Yau creates more, aggro the adds, tank these down, and afterward deal damage to him. You'll be OK if your squad has a solid DPS. Use your Azoth Staff to destroy the Monolith. You must set down some kegs after passing the Respawn Shrine and grabbing the stockpile to your left.

Northern Shore

Spearman Chiu

You'll encounter Spearman Chiu & Maiden Jingfie in the next region, which is home to two minor bosses. Chiu is a really simple opponent; she is simply just a larger version of the normal Spearman mob you have already seen during the trip. Attack, avoid, and block. Nothing complex to deal with.

Maiden Jingfie

Maiden Jingfie is slightly more challenging. She serves as a prelude to what will happen in the Shipyard. A caster, this mini-boss may conjure a number of spheres to shoot at you while also inflicting AoE damage all around her. Last but not least, beware of her dragon, which she summons from her sphere and which causes a tonne of damage. Bear in mind the dragon's assault. It will be seen before the mission is through.

Mable Courtyard-Maiden Lonfen, Commander Chen, and Maiden Daiyu

Here, the Shipyard simultaneously attacks you with three mini-bosses. Maiden Daiyu, Commander Chen, and Maiden Lanfen. Chen is a large man with a massive sword. After defeating the two Maidens, who seem to be identical to Jingfie, you must engage him with your tank. Chen is really powerful. Pulling aggro with the tank plus having your DPS sneak attack him is a smart tactic. Chen strikes firmly. Here, a good dodge or block works wonders.

Along with his powerful sword swing, Chen also possesses a ground-stomping AoE attack. Both have the ability to instantly kill a weak DPS. Avoid them whenever possible.

Western Piers-Lieutenant Bolin

The next section is quite simple: set up kegs, wait for explosives to go off, then defend against hordes of people. The lone miniboss in this area is Lieutenant Bolin, who is straightforward and essentially a more potent version of the ordinary Shipyard Warriors (the enemies equipped with shields.) Get your DPS behind him and have your tank absorb the aggro. Simple things. There must be two chests present, one under the river, and one that Isabella may find on her trip up to the monster arena.

Imperial Warf

This is the expedition's first boss battle and the first real obstacle you'll encounter. When Isabella's two dogs, Oro and Jovo, are let wild, the situation becomes more difficult. Isabella is a very straightforward opponent with some fairly predictable attacks.


She carries a rapier that can provide decent damage and also a handgun that she occasionally pulls out to deal short-range harm. Both are foreseeably and simple to avoid. She will release some Musketeers and many other adds also around her and also on the ship nearby the arena as she teleports around sporadically. If you focus on the additions and deliver damage anywhere you can, this fight won't be too challenging.

New World Isabella

Oro and Jovo

Oro and Jovo, Isabella's pets, are essentially large tiger mobs combined with a few swift bear strikes. They are, to put it mildly, obnoxious. If your tank can aggro both, you should do so since failing to do so will result in one of them being held down whereas the other takes down your weak DPS and healer. High DD is crucial in this case. It's best if you can eliminate one quickly.

Barracks - Captain Kaiwei and Summoner Guang

Not very noteworthy here. Just 2 more mini-bosses, quite similar to the ones you've already faced. If you don't clear down every structure in this area, the commotion of the rioters can terminate your run a little too soon. As you've previously seen, Guang is a summoner, and Kaiwei is yet another summoner known as a Warrior mob. Simple things. Seize the Orichalcum veins as well as Dragonglory in this region, as well as the supplies stockpile to the right.

Imperial Palace

Congratulations on entering the Dynasty Shipyard's primary boss battle, Empress Zhou. Zhou is essentially like a much meaner, harsher version of the Maiden mob you've already encountered during the Expedition. She can fire off dragons that can do significant damage over the whole arena, spawn adds along with totems, and deal major AoE damage.

  • Her attacks are all foreshadowed by a bright purple light. Prepare to avoid.

  • If you time your reaction well, it's possible to avoid the AoE assault (the shockwaves). Both the healer and ranged DPS should be aware of this.

  • You will have a higher chance of beating Zhou if you destroy the beacons or totems, whatever you like. The entire arena might get coated with dragon damage if they're just allowed to fend for themselves, killing your entire squad with nowhere to go.

  • The fight's foundations are straightforward: tank aggro against Zhou, eliminate adds, and take out beacons as they appear. Here as well, dodging is crucial.

Loot Drops from the Expedition

As a reward for completing the expedition, you will receive the following from the loot drops after defeating Empress Zhou.

  • Flamewake

  • Rapier of Forgotten Queens

  • Inner Peace

  • Keeper's Pendant

  • Band of Ocean's Oath

  • Bow of the Enchantress

  • Frostforged War Hammer

  • Accursed End

  • Tempest's Call

  • Madman's Headhunter


That’s it for the Dynasty Shipyard Expedition Guide, we have covered everything you need to know about this New World expedition. Although it is one of the most difficult expeditions New World has to offer, going through this guide will definitely help you a lot.

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