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New World Elite Chests in Elysian Wilds - Signets of the Beast Lords Guide

New World, the massively popular open-world MMORPG has captivated gamers worldwide with its expansive gameplay & captivating world. The game's latest addition, the Elysian Wilds introduces players to a new zone filled with exciting challenges & more importantly, the promise of valuable rewards. Among these treasures the Elite Chests in the Elysian Wilds stand out offering powerful items and rare resources. However, unlocking these chests requires the use of Signets of the Beast Lords, and in this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the locations of these invaluable Signets and provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough on how to obtain them.

Elysian Wilds - A New Frontier

Before we dive into the specifics of the Signets, let's set the stage with a brief overview of the Elysian Wilds. This new zone in New World is a visually stunning and dynamically challenging region, offering both seasoned and new players a fresh experience. The Elysian Wilds is teeming with formidable foes, breathtaking landscapes, and lucrative opportunities, making it a must-visit location for any adventurer seeking fame and fortune. Also, keep a sufficient amount of Gold Coins before you jump into the battlefield to get an edge over your opponent. If you are falling short of the same, get them for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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The Quest for Signets - Unveiling the Locations

In the Elysian Wilds the Elite Chests are locked and can only be opened with the corresponding Signets of the Beast Lords. These Signets are scattered throughout the region & each comes with its unique set of challenges and rewards. Here's an in-depth look at where to find these valuable Signets.

Takhi's Signet:

Location: North Everfall to the East of Daughterwell

Directions: Acquiring Takhi's Signet is a relatively straightforward process. Commence your journey by making your way to the Fast Travel point in Everfall, located just south of Daughterwell. From this point head east following the path toward the horseshoe-shaped mountain range. As you approach the mountains, you will come across a cave entrance. Venture inside & within, you will find Takhi's Signet.

New World Takhi's Signet

Fenrir Signet:

Location: Eeriedune’s Graveyard (Great Cleave)

Directions: Locating Fenrir's Signet may take a bit more effort, but the path is still quite direct. Travel to Eeriedune's Graveyard in the southwest of Great Cleave. From the Eeriedune Shrine, head southwest until you reach the edge of a large crescent-shaped ridge. Here, you'll spot Fenrir's Signet, marking the treasure awaiting your discovery.

New World Fenrir Signet

Kurok's Signet:

Location: Shirzad’s Pride

Directions: Kurok's Signet, while not as easily accessible as the previous Signets, is still well within reach. Make your way to Kurok's Anchorage and descend to the water's edge to the south. Once you are below, keep an eye out for a cave entrance. Enter the cave, and inside, you'll notice a pathway leading to the right. To the left, under the bridge, you will discover Kurok's Signet, patiently awaiting your arrival.

New World Kurok's Signet

Mahantaram’s Signet:

Location: Rage of the Mammoth Soul Trial (North Elysian Wilds)

Directions: Obtaining Mahantaram's Signet is an integral part of the game's main storyline. Progress along the Main Story Quest (MSQ) for the Elysian Wilds until you arrive at the "Rage of the Mammoth" quest. This quest will guide you into the epic "Rage of the Mammoth Soul Trial." After successfully vanquishing the formidable boss within, you will discover the Signet on the outer part of the arena. It's a well-earned reward for your heroic efforts.

New World Mahantaram’s Signet

Shirzad Signet:

Location: North of Shirzad’s Pride, Shrine of the Lion

Directions: To obtain Shirzad's Signet, journey to the Shrine of the Lion, which is located in the Elysian Wilds, just north of Shirzad's Pride. As you arrive, descend the shrine's stairs, leading you towards the path that ascends the mountain. This winding path will eventually take you northwest and around the mountain. At the summit, look to your right, and there, waiting for your discovery, is Shirzad's Signet.

New World Shirzad Signet

The Signets of the Beast Lords - Your Key to Riches

Now that you have gained knowledge of the Signets and their respective locations, you are well-prepared to embark on your adventure in the Elysian Wilds. These Signets are the keys to unlocking the valuable Elite Chests scattered throughout the region. Inside these chests, you will find precious loot, resources, and powerful items that will greatly enhance your character's strength and capabilities.

With your newfound understanding of how to acquire these Signets and access the Elite Chests, you are poised to take on the challenges of this exciting new zone in the New World. The rewards that await you are well worth the journey & with a bit of perseverance, you'll emerge victorious in the Elysian Wilds.


As you set forth as an adventurer braving the dangers and challenges of the Elysian Wilds remember that knowledge is your most potent weapon. Use this guide as your roadmap to uncover the Signets of the Beast Lords, and may your journey be filled with rich rewards and epic discoveries. The vast world of Aeternum awaits your exploration & with this knowledge, you are better equipped than ever to conquer its wilds and emerge as a legendary hero. Happy adventuring.

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