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New World Enemy Weaknesses & Resistances Guide

Each NPC enemy in the world created by Amazon Games adds to the variety of the zones and narrative. The many New World NPC classes have unique aesthetic characteristics, yet they behave differently. The many components in the environment have strengths and disadvantages for each sort of New World enemy. To complete the game, level up, and farm your Gypsum, you must do all of these.

The damage amount will be in yellow and an upward-facing arrow will be next to it if your damage is effective against your opponent. The number would be blue and have an arrow pointing down if the damage is already being decreased as a result of type. By inserting the corresponding gem inside the weapon, you may change any weapon's damage kind to be equal to 50% of a specific element.

Below we cover the numerous types of enemies you face during the gameplay of New World, along with them stated are their weaknesses and how to deal with them.

Types of Enemies in New World

In New World, you come across the following types of enemies:

  • Angry Earth

  • Ancients

  • The Lost

  • Corrupted

  • Beasts

New World Guide

Damage Type

Slash, Thrust, and Strike are the three physical damage types assigned to weapons in New World. Fire, Arcane, Lightning, Ice, Void, and Nature are the six magical damage types.

  • Arcane-Use a Vial of Corrupted Essence to add arcane damage to the weapon or piece of armor. It makes sense because this kind of ability causes more harm to foes who have been corrupted.

  • Fire- To give a weapon a fire damage bonus while making it, use a piece of Niter. The Fire Staff only does Fire damage when it is created at an Arcana Station.

  • Ice- To add Chain Ice to every weapon while manufacturing, use a Frozen Fang. An Ice Ward is offered by Aquamarine for armor. The Arcana Skill is used to create the Ice Gauntlet, which only provides Ice damage.

  • Lightning-A Shard of Sparkmetal may be used to create an amulet that grants armor more protection against lightning damage and grants a weapon the Chain Lightning ability.

  • Nature- No adversary in New World can withstand this sort of elemental damage, not even Angry Earth. It may be attached to items of clothing or equipment using an amber gemstone, and a healing staff can also use it.

  • Void- Players may also create an amulet which makes use of Vacant Corrupted Insignia to grant their character more Void damage resistance. Void damage is by far the most latest change to New World weapon damage types, and is the only other elemental power which can be added to a Gauntlet.

The only damage kinds that are not a natural component of any weapon are arcane, lightning, and void. You must employ equipment and perks which convert a part of the damage to the element in order to do this damage.

  • Slash-Hatchets, Great Axes, Swords, and Rapiers do -15% more damage to Ancient Guardians and +20% more damage to The Angry Earth.

  • Strike-War Hammers do +20% damage against ancient guardians and +20% damage towards the lost and drowned while dealing –with 15% damage against the corrupted.

  • Thrust-Bows, Muskets, Spears, and certain Swords do +20% damage to Corrupted, +20% damage to Beasts, and -15% damage towards the Angry Earth, as well as -15% harm to the Lost and Drowned

Players need to have a variety of skills as well as New World damage types for some of the greatest character builds in order to guarantee that they will never be at a loss no matter whom they are going to face. This entails making use of both physical and non-physical harm kinds.

  • Arcane: The Corrupted take 30% more damage.

  • Ancient Guardians will sustain an additional 15% damage from the Void, while The Corrupted, The Lost, and The Drowned will take 40% damage.

  • Fire deals -40% damage against Ancient Guardians and +30% damage against The Angry Earth.

  • Ice does -40% damage against The Corrupted and +15 damage against The Lost and Drowned.

  • Lightning does -40% damage against The Angry Earth and +30% damage against Ancient Guardians.

  • Nature: +15% Corrupted Damage and +30% Lost and Drowned Damage

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Angry Earth

The Angry Earth is an equivalent of the Corrupted. These tree-like adversaries aggressively protect nature. Recently, the Blight sickness has also begun to be linked to the Angry Earth. The Angry Earth storyline in Edengrove involves figuring out why the Blight is spreading. As they don't appear until Brightwood, the Angry Earth also constitutes the last monster family you'll run into in New World.

New World Angry Earth


With a Lumber Axe, some enemies from Angry Earth can be destroyed and turned into lumber. Though they are impervious to Thrust as well as Lightning damage, angry Earths are more vulnerable to Slash and Fire damage.


Players who are near areas with a high Blight concentration—which often resemble yellow clouds—will be subject to the Blighted debuff. A Blight meter will show up when you enter one of these regions and will gradually decrease. When the meter is completely empty, you become Blighted, a condition that lasts for three minutes and significantly lowers incoming healing. You should take every precaution to prevent becoming Blighted. You can get rid of blighted and temporarily increase your resistance to it by using blight tinctures and elixirs. Additionally, you can find bonuses on armor that raise your starting Blight Resistance level.

The Corrupted

A Corrupted may be identified by the crimson motif that always surrounds them. These foes are quite prevalent in the New World and act as the main villains throughout the narrative. There are many distinct Corrupted enemies, such as crazy farmers, dreadful animals, and terrible demons. You will encounter brand-new, terrifying Corrupted enemies as you go farther north across Great Cleave as well as Shattered Mountain. The Corrupted have their headquarters at Myrkgard, which is located at the northernmost tip of Shattered Mountain. If you go there, be prepared for tremendous opposition.


 Corrupted suffer enhanced harm from Thrust, Nature, but also Arcane, but suffer decreased damage from Strike & Ice. If you are wielding an Ice Gauntlet, we advise either switching to something like a different weapon while fighting Corrupted enemies or partially converting your elemental damage to arcane damage via socketing one Sapphire gem.


The player may sustain corruption damage from areas with a high corruption level. A corruption meter will show up while you are in certain regions and will gradually deplete. You will incur damage and the meter will reset to full when it hits zero. The degree of said corruption zone and the player's bonuses that aid in resisting corruption will determine how quickly the meter empties. You can restore your corruption affliction and temporarily gain resistance to corruption by using Corruption Tinctures and Elixirs. Additionally, you can find perks on armor that raise your starting Corruption Resistance stat.

The Lost

People who have experienced too many resurrections and gone crazy occupy The Lost. Due to an enigmatic force of the island that is Aeternum, the setting for the game, no one actually dies in New World; yet, some lose their brains and turn into the Lost. The Lost has ghosts and enemies that resemble zombies.

New World The Lost


Their vulnerability to ice, nature, and strike damage outweighs their resistance to thrust and void damage. Because of their quick movements and ability to do elemental damage with blows that deplete your Stamina and stun you, ghost-type foes may be especially frightening.


Beasts are the typical wild animals you might anticipate seeing sauntering around in a world devoid of magic. This group includes bears, wolves, boars, and alligators. Many Beast-type enemies can be found in the Corrupted form in higher-level Territories; these enemies count as purely Corrupted-type or may act differently from their non-Corrupted counterparts. They are not immune to any kind of injury and are solely vulnerable to thrust damage.

The Ancients

These creatures may be easily recognized by their skeleton form and are typically seen in or around old ruins. They are less vulnerable to fire and slash damage, but they are more vulnerable to strike, void, and even lightning damage. Given that it delivers all Strike damage in these fights, the War Hammer is the perfect weapon. When confronting Ancients while wielding a Fire Staff, we advise either swapping to a new weapon or partially changing your elemental damage to Lightning damage via socketing the Topaz Topaz gem.

The dungeons of New World's Expeditions include a large number of these monsters. It really never hurts to have a variety of weaponry on hand to deal with these difficult enemies and make a game plan when getting ready to face particular monsters.


The above guide contains all the information you need to tackle the various enemies that New World has to offer. We have covered the basic traits along with the weaknesses of each of the specific enemy types. We have also covered the various damage types, so next before choosing a weapon you will remember why you’re making the decision!

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