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New World Engineering Leveling Guide | Be the Best Engineer!

The new World game is one of the biggest MMO Releases of the last years. The Amazon Gaming MMO debut is a huge success and attracts more players with a high-quality game system that differs from almost all the other MMOs.

For instance, in the New World game, one of the features is the intrinsic and complicated economy, which runs through its own specific model. To help you do better in this scenario,  the MMOPixels site crafted this New World Engineering Leveling Guide. 

Let’s improve your engineering skill as fast as possible and become the best engineer master in all the territory!

New World Logo Character standing with an orange eye and blood flowing from the mask

What is Engineering Skill 

There are a series of abilities, like trade skills, in the New World. This Trade Skill belongs to the group of crafting skills category, non-combat attributes. Far more than a “profession,” it directly influences your character development, money income, and XP reward you acquire.

The Engineering Skills allow you to craft ranged weapons,  melee weapons, ammunition, gathering tools, proficiency boosters, etc. This skill helps you to manage equipment as well. Instead of crafting arrows or other heavier items, you can craft gunpowder and level up with it. 

As it helps in many things, it is truly important to know how to level engineering, no matter the method you use to boost the process.

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Forges and Workshops

Your engineering level isn’t the only thing that matters. Besides your crafting skills, the station where you want to craft these items is also important to have things like better melee or ranged weapons, ammunition, proficiency bonuses, and gathering tools. Otherwise, your work will result in nothing at all.

You will put your engineering skills up to good use in a workshop or a forge. Your completed items can be sold in a trading post, where your trade skill will also be important. To craft some items, the workshop or forge tier level must be high. 

Character creating weapons in a forge

This New World Engineering leveling guide also includes a group of complementary skills. These are abilities that you would like to have on a good level. And this is why they will help you a lot when it comes to grinding and farming the necessary resources you need to gather for your crafting process. 

The effort to create new items isn’t everything. The focus you will put on getting the materials will be a big part of all the job. They are:

Inside game, Trade Skill Page showing all the levels the character have

  • Smelting

  • Woodworking

  • Leatherworking

  • Weaving

  • Mining

  • Logging

  • Skinning

  • Harvesting

Having these skills at a high level will help you collect all the necessary resources in a far-fast way. Still, they are not indispensable to level engineering. Everything depends on how much time you’re willing to spend on this leveling process. They will make it easier to find and farm Green wood or iron ingots, for instance.

The Importance of a Huge Engineering Level

A great engineering level is important because, through it, your crafted weapons will be far stronger. There will be no more weak proficiency boosters, as you will be able to craft proficiency boosters with far more power. Some weapons you can craft, such as swords and hammers, are also necessary for settlements as they can be used in town projects.

As a part of the list of Trade Skills, the New World Engineering level is important because it will give you an economic advantage. Weapons and ammunition are really required things, and if, you can, produce a lot of them with great quality. Bows or iron cartridges are weapons and ammo you make that will be highly demanded, no matter the methods you use. 

Refining this skill will make everyone want to purchase your weapon. That way, you can increase the price other players will have to invest when trading in the market. High-Level progress in New World Engineering skills will also provide you with new and existing recipes for other certain items needed, like metal or refined wood. It will also impact your tools, as you start with flint tools, get access to the iron tool, and then, unlock the steel tool.

Powering New World Engineering Level With Low-Tier Items

At first, crafting only low-tier items doesn’t seem to make much sense. After all, if you want your New World Engineering Skill to level up faster, it would be normal to go with high-tier items. The thing here is, as engineering levels start passing, the engineering recipes start to cost more and more. 

That way, refining skills will take more time, as you will spend more time collecting resources to start crafting, which is why lower-tier items can help. The only way to level up your engineering skills is to craft items, but collecting basic resources will take time.

Primary and Secondary Items

It is also important to highlight the fact that to be crafted, items demand “feedstock” and that some items are in higher demand than others. These are the primary and secondary items. 

Note that weapons and ammo like iron arrows, steel spears, or a wood bow demand these types of material. It will all depend on what you will be engineering. Still, some of the things you may need are:

  • Timber

  • Lumber

  • Wyrdwood Planks

  • Ironwood Planks

  • Petrified Wood

  • Glittering Ebony

  • Whisperwood

  • Quillbank

  • Ebonwood

  • Wildwood

  • Barbvine

  • Animal Horn

Gear Score

This is another thing that will considerably increase as you reach higher levels. Gear Score reflects how good the items you craft are. The search for your items will vary depending on this Gear Score. Also, higher-tier items will give more XP. 

Image showing some set of weapons available in New World Game

Reaching the maximum gear score will make other players want your items more, and it can only be done if your skill level is high. The closer you get to the maximum level, the better items you will have. Valuable gear will change how much money you will make by increasing your income, as you will sell materials for higher prices in the trading post, of course.

New World Engineering Leveling 1 - 50

There are many different items that you can craft to level up, and there isn’t the most efficient way or the fastest way to improve your ability. It happens because of the grinding necessity and how easy (or hard) certain items may be to gather 

So, this New World Engineering Guide will give tips on some items you can opt to be crafting to help you at each part of your leveling quest. The best way to raise and achieve the desired level and improve your skill in New World is the one that makes sense to you. 


To reach level 50 crafting Gunpowder, you will need to craft it a total of 140 times. These items are a good way to begin your journey. The materials you will need are:

  • 700 Charcoal

  • 280 Flint

  • 140 Saltpeter

Treated Wood Fishing Pole

To reach level 50 with this kind of Fishing Pole, it will be necessary to craft it 55 times. This is one of the most simple recipes, and items like Green Wood, Fibers, and Rawhide, to produce the materials are easy to get. The necessary materials are:

  • 660 Timber

  • 165 Coarse Leather

  • 110 Linen

Iron Arrow and Proficiency Boosters

You can also be crafting Iron Arrows. To reach level 20, start crafting 28 of these. After that, you will be able to craft the Weak Proficiency Bonuses and aim for 220 of them. To make the arrows, you will need to farm Green Wood, Iron Ingot, and Feathers. For the boosters, air motes and soul motes are necessary and easy to find in abundance from Magical Plants and other locations.

Iron Arrow:
  • 112x Iron Ingot; comprised of 448x Iron Ore

  • 56x Timber; comprised of 224x green wood

  • 84x Feathers

Weak Proficiency Bonuses
  • 228x Air Mote

  • 228x Soul Mote

  • 228x Water

Additionally, you could opt for producing only Arrows until reaching level 50. Some players of the New World claim that this is a better way. To do so, the required number of items will increase to 112. For that, a significant amount of the following materials will be necessary: 448x iron ingot, 224x timber, and 336 feathers. After crafting, just send it to the trading post.

List of Craftable Weapons with high Engineering level

New World Engineering Leveling 50 - 100

After reaching level 50, the items change, as you need to produce gear that gives more experience. It is also good to start looking for a higher woodshop tier. Let’s see some options of items you can be crafting to make your way to level 100 faster.

Aged Wood Fishing Pole

This is easy to craft, but rising to level 50 is necessary to gain access to the right trees to get the Aged Wood and turn it into Lumber. These are not the most common trees you will find, but still, they are essential. To produce the necessary 173x Aged Wood Fishing Pole, you will need the following materials and resources:

  • 2249x Lumber, which you will get with aged wood, timber, and obsidian sandpaper 

  • 519x Coarse Leather

  • 346x Linen, which you will get from fibers

Lacquered Wood Spears

These spears are the other items you can be crafting. As the Fishing Pole, it is easy to craft. The items you will need are also very similar, but not in the same amount. It requires the following materials and resources:

  • 4276x Lumber, which you will get with aged wood, timber, and obsidian sandpaper 

  • 346x coarse leather

  • 865x iron ingot

Image showing a tree of Upgradable Skills

New World Engineering Leveling 100 - 150

From here, you will see that the easy days are already gone. Farming material for each item gets a bit harder. The tiers of workstations also grow. You will need Wyrdwood Planks, for example, and, for that, the logging ability LVL 100. Some locations will need a higher skill level.

Wyrdwood Spear

To get to level 150, for many, 310 of these spears are the best way. The Wyrdwood Planks are surely the hardest thing to farm, as you will need things like Aged Wood, Green Wood, Timber, and Lumber beyond the Wyrdwood itself. The list contains the following materials and resources:

  • 204x Wyrdwood Planks

  • 942x Wyrdwood

  • 314x Lumber

  • 157x Obsidian Sandpaper

  • 85x Iron Ingot

  • 34x Coarse Leather

Wyrdwood Fishing Pole

Another great item to craft is the Wyrdwood Fishing Pole, and you will need 310 of them. The Wyrdwood farming difficulties are still present. But, besides that, it is recommendable to use Scaly Hides and Silk to get the maximum gear score. Only for power-leveling Engineering, you can use Coarse Leather from the rawhide and Linen from Fibers.

  • 3976x Wyrdwood Planks

  • 1335x Coarse Leather

  • 568x linen

List of Items for Crafting New World

New World Engineering Leveling 150 - 200

If it was hard to farm before, now comes the time to spend a lifetime gathering the material. Ironwood Fishing Pole and Ironwood Spear ask for lots of Ironwood and Wyrdwood. These, in turn, ask for their own aged and Green Wood, and in thousands. But these tools are some of the most effective when raising to a high engineering level.  

Ironwood Spear

You will need 501 of these spears to finally reach level 200 with engineering. Considering Wyrdwood ones, imagine the work to get the Ironwood Planks. For that, you will need Ironwood and all the other items to produce the Wyrdwood Planks. The list gets giant at this point. The good news is: after crafting the main items, the list gets small again, with the following materials and resources.

  • 6513x Ironwood Planks

  • 2505x Iron Ingot

  • 1002x Coarse Leather

Ironwood Fishing Pole

Another great tool to improve engineering to level 200 is the Ironwood Fishing Pole. You will need to produce 445 of them. The difficulties provided by the Wyrd and Ironwood Planks persist and, once again, farming will take a lot of time. As it was in the other level Fishing Poles, Linen will become necessary again, instead of the Iron Ingots. You will need the following materials and resources:

  • 6675x Ironwood Planks

  • 1335 Coarse Leather

  • 890x Linen


Engineering is a highly necessary skill if you want to become better in New World but raising this ability will demand time and patience. This New World Engineering Leveling Guide brings you many useful information and items you can start crafting in order to grow as fast as possible, Follow and adapt some tips, and you will have a great and fast experience with the skill improvement.

For more guides and tips about New World, Lost Ark, and all the other great games of the MMO universe, stay tuned to MMOPixels! With us, you will surely become the best you can in all MMO games!     

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