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New World Fast Travel Locations - Explore Aeternum Conveniently!

Find all fast travel locations with MMOPIXEL

If you have recently started playing New World by Amazon Games, you’ve probably noticed you can only travel on foot. How to fast travel in New World then? Since there are no mounts, the only method is to teleport from one place to another after visiting it at least once. Of course, walking across various continents and places on the map will take some time. 

Fortunately, as you level up, you’ll discover the entire map naturally by completing quests or farming resources. However, nothing stops you from finding everything out beforehand, so you’ll have an easier time doing these activities. In this guide, we’ll explain New World’s fast travel system in detail and cover four methods of fast traveling

Using Azoth to Travel from Anywhere

Map of all fast travel locations

Azoth is an in-game currency that is achieved by killing enemies, completing quests, or trading. Every time you teleport for fast travel it will cost you Azoth. The overall cost is based on the distance between the two places and your encumbrance level. During the early game, you can only carry 1000 Azoth at a time. It’s also better to spend them on equipment or resources at this stage of the game.

By using this method, you can fast travel to:

  1. Last Inn you checked in.

  2. One of your houses.

  3. Your camp (range-limited) 

Fast travel Azoth cost:

  1. Distance: 5 Azoth per 100 meters.

  2. Base Cost: 50 Azoth.

  3. Encumbrance Amount: 4 Azoth per 10 weight.

How to use Azoth when fast traveling:

  1. Press “M” to open the map.

  2. Click on the Settlement you want to visit.

  3. Click on “Fast Travel.”

Return to Inn

You can recall to a specific Inn from anywhere in the world

It’s the simplest and easiest method for fast travel, and it’s completely free. Simply visit the nearest inn, talk to the innkeeper, and you’ll receive the option for fast travel. This will allow you to teleport to it from anywhere on the New World map quickly.

How to use an Inn as your fast travel location:

  1. Press “M” to open the map.

  2. Find an Inn you selected as your fast travel point.

  3. Select “Recall to Inn.”  

Disclaimer: You have one hour cooldown period before you use this option again. Also, you can only activate one Inn at a time. If you travel to another location and select it as a fast travel location, the previous Inn will be overridden.

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Spirit Shrines, Settlements, and Outposts

You can travel to previously visited places by using Spirit Shrine

Spirit Shrines are fast travel points spread across Aeternum. Using these, you will easily travel from one location to another by spending Azoth. As we mentioned earlier, the amount of Azoth will depend on the distance you want to travel. When you see a shining light in the air around you, you’ll know the Spirit Shrine is close. You can only travel from one Shrine to another.

Settlements are also working as fast travel points provided you have visited them at least once. You can fast travel there using Spirit Shrines, Outposts, or another Settlement.

Outposts are a smaller version of Settlements. They exist in the northern section of the map and can also be used for fast traveling.

How to find Spirit Shrine/Settlement/Outpost using World Map:

  1. Press “M” to open the map.

  2. Clear all the filters.

  3. Select Spirit Shrines, Cities, and Regions.


Purchase a house and fast travel to it for free every 2-4 hours

Owning a house is highly beneficial when it comes to fast travel. Unfortunately, this method is reserved for higher-level players with lots of gold. At the time of writing, you can have only 3 houses. If you own one, you can fast travel to it for free from anywhere every 2 to 4 hours, depending on your house tier. You can spend 10-50 Azoth (depending on the remaining cooldown) to remove it as often as you'd like. Your houses do not share a cooldown and can be reset separately.

All Landmarks in New World





Shattered Mountain

  • Old Myrkgard Shrine

  • Mountainhome Outpost

  • Mountainrise Outpost


Great Cleave

  • Tempest Valley Shrine

  • Cleave’s Point Outpost

  • Eastburn Outpost



  • Gatherer’s Road Shrine

  • Elysian Shrine

  • Blighted Shrine

  • Last Stand Outpost

  • Valor Hold Outpost



  • Ram’s Respite Shrine

  • New Balefire Shrine


  • Mourningdale Settlement

Ebonscale Reach

  • Traveler’s Precipice Shrine

  • Pilgrim’s Rest Shrine


  • Ebonscale Reach Settlement


  • Fort Alazar Shrine

  • Wolfbough Shrine

  • Alchemist’s Shrine


  • Brightwood Settlement

Weaver’s Fen

  • Mallory’s Refugee Shrine

  • South Pestilence Shrine


  • Weaver’s Fen Settlement

Restless Shore

  • Sisyphos Shrine


  • Restless Shore Settlement

Monarch’s Bluff

  • Achernar Gate Shrine

  • Dreadscythe Shrine


  • Monarch’s Bluff Settlement


  • Bearclaw Shrine

  • Shadowmine Shrine


  • Everfall Settlement


  • Time’s Advantage Shrine

  • Siren’s Run Shrine


  • Reekwater Settlement

Windsward Shrine

  • Hermit’s Shrine


  • Windsward Settlement

Cutlass Keys

  • Marshview Shrine

  • Skullworm Shrine



First Light

  • Las Torres Lookout Shrine

  • Cape Thomas Shrine


  • First Light Settlement



As you can see, fast traveling is extremely convenient when doing quests or farming. Usually, your objectives and resources are scattered throughout Aeternum, so getting there faster is a priceless time-saver. We recommend discovering all landmarks as soon as possible, to spare yourself a hassle later on. 

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