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New World Fishing Guide

One possible side activity in the game New World that is quite worthwhile for devoted gamers is fishing at the hotspots. Fishing is quite simple to learn and quite rewarding. Our guide will cover how to become a true Aeternum fishing expert. If you possess a fishing rod in New World, you have a rewarding side hobby while playing the online role-playing game. However, how does fishing function in the New World? You will learn everything there is to learn about it from us.

Before Beginning with Fishing

In the New World, fishing is a gathering skill that enables users to harvest fish from fishing nodes for use in the cooking trade skill. When you initially start, you'll need a wood fishing pole to gather nodes. To make this, 1 fiber and 1 green wood with an engineering level of 0 are needed. A hemp plant and a flint sickle are required for fiber. Once they are all acquired, a tier 1 campfire or workshop is needed to make the wooden fishing pole. Once it has been created, you must equip it before you may begin collecting.

New World Fishing

Types of Baits and Fishing Locations

Standard Places and Hotspots are the two subcategories of fishing locations. You will catch fish that are appropriate for these places when you fish there. For instance, squids and trout would come from saltwater and not freshwater, respectively.


Lakes and rivers contain freshwater.

  • Bread Bait: A slight increase in the likelihood of catching unusual fish in freshwater, discovered in supply crates

  • Meat bait increases your chance of catching larger freshwater fish by a modest margin; made with cooking

  • Woodlouse Bait - moderate increase in the likelihood of catching unusual fish in freshwater and is obtained by cutting down bushes

  • Clam bait: moderate increase in the likelihood of catching larger fish in freshwater and is obtained through clam salvaging

  • Firefly Bait: Significantly increases your chance of landing uncommon fish in freshwater, usually obtained by bulrush harvesting

  • Oyster bait significantly increases the likelihood of landing larger freshwater fish obtained through oyster salvage


Swamps and oceans contain saltwater:

  • Cheese Bait: A slight increase in the likelihood of catching unusual fish in seawater and is discovered in supply crates

  • Fish Bait: A slight increase in the likelihood of catching larger fish in seawater and is made with cooking

  • Medium boost your chances of catching rare fish in saltwater with Nightcrawler bait which is obtained by gathering flints during the day.

  • Snail bait, acquired by salvaging aquatic snails, boosts the likelihood of landing larger fish in saltwater.

  • Increased possibility of catching rare fish in seawater thanks to Glowworm bait which is gathered by gathering flints at night

  • Electric Eel Bait: Significantly increases your likelihood of landing bigger fish in seawater recovered from salvaged electric eels


  • 30 fish, respawn in 20–30 minutes in Broad Hotspots.

  • 20 fish, 30-45 minutes respawn, Rare hotspots.

  • 10 fish, 45–90 minute respawn, in Secret hotspots.


  • All six of First Light's fishing hotspots are broad hotspots.

  • There are six fishing hotspots on Cutlass Keys, one of which is really in Monarch's Bluffs but is quite nearby.

  • There are six hotspots in Monarch's Bluffs, including Fisherman's Bend, which is shared with Windsward.

  • There are just four fishing hotspots in Windsward, including the shared Fisherman's Bend.

  • Nine fishing hotspots, largely in salt water near the ocean, may be found in Reekwater.

  • In the New World, Everfall features four fishing hotspot locations.

  • There are 10 Fishing Hotspot spawn sites in Ebonscale Reach.

  • In the New World, Brightwood contains 4 fishing hotspot locations.

  • Weaver's Fen contains 8 hotspots for fishing.

  • In the New World, Restless Shore Contains 6 Fishing Hotspots

  • In the New World, Mourningdale features six fishing hotspot locations.

  • There are 4 fishing hotspots in EdengroveThere are just two prime fishing places in Great Cleave

  • There is just one fishing hotspot on Shattered Mountain, and that is a Rare Hotspot.

How to level fishing?

You can level up the fishing trade skill using the information in this section. We'll go over the fundamentals first, followed by some recommendations. You would need a minimum of 134,566 exp to reach level 200. You will first need to acquire or purchase bait after making your T1 Pole or completing the first objective in "Fishing with Shields." We're trying to employ bait that will make our fish rarer while also completing the fishing quest line.

New World Fishing Levelling

Equipping Bait

Hit F3 to bring out your fishing pole, then hit R to see the menu for the bait before equipping it. Now you need to decide whether you want larger or rarer fish and what kind of bait to use for the water type we are fishing in. 


It's time to throw your line after you've equipped your bait. Holding the left click will initiate the casting mini-game. The screen will display a gauge. When the diamond reaches the top, release your left click because we strive to reach the maximum here. You will notice it says MAX, plus hear a chime if you can stop at the top.


For the bite mini-game, we hold our breaths at this point. The depth of the water plays a role in the latency between casting and a fish biting. You can fish for longer periods and advance more quickly by acquiring a longer cast and fishing in deeper water. We're preparing for the bite mini-game after the line is in the water. The bobber will begin to tremble and say, "Get ready!" Don't be alarmed by this.

A fish with a hook timer icon will appear when you wait for it. You must click to hook the fish at this point. You might miss the fish and be required to recast your hook if you don't click well before the timer expires.

Reeling In

This color-coded icon features the tension meter in the center.

  • Low tension in Green

  • Medium Tension in Orange

  • High Tension in Red 

The outer circle shows how close you are to reeling in the fish. The fish is closer if more complete the circle is. You should keep pressing left when the fish bites to reel it in. As you do this, the tension will increase. The tension will rise more quickly if the fish is putting up a fight. When the tension reaches the orange level, you should release the left-click button to cease reeling and allow the tension to return to a lower level.

Once the suspense has subsided, you can left-click once more to begin reeling in. The line might break, and you'll lose the fish if the tension reaches the red and contacts the two curved lines. Your level of fishing, the size and rarity of the fish, your cast distance, and other factors will all affect how challenging it is to reel in the fish.

You can always think about purchasing additional New World coins utilizing real-world money if you ever need some supplies or weapons but are short on cash.

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How to enhance your fishing?

There are two basic ways to improve your fishing: buffs and perks. Since we cannot make fishing equipment, fishing perks are special and can only be used on fishing poles. Like any other instrument, the uniqueness of the pole influences how many benefits it can provide. Fishing poles are unique and the sole Trade Skill Tool that has the potential to be legendary.

If these come from separate sources, buffs can accumulate. For instance, I can stack territorial control with the yield increase bonus from a Proficiency potion. However, the buff timer will simply be refreshed if you seek to stack buffs using the same source.

A set of armor called "Fisherman's Armor" is perfect for fishing because it always comes with fishing perks. These are available inside the top-level Elite zones' T5 Supply Chests and the fishing quest line. If you desire a handmade fishing pole with a certain perk, each Perk has a corresponding Crafting Mod that may be used to ensure the Perk in crafting and therefore is stated inside the Perks section.

New World Fishing Guide

Fishing Poles

The list is brief. The Wooden Fishing Pole, Treated Wood Fishing Pole, Aged Wood Fishing Pole, Wyrdwood Fishing Pole, and Ironwood Fishing Pole are your standard handcrafted fishing poles. These legendary fishing poles are available as rewards once you achieve tier 5 and complete the outrageously lengthy fishing quests.

  • Lost Fishing Pole

  • Angry Earth Fishing Pole

  • Corrupted Fishing Pole

  • Ancient Fishing Pole

Fishing Quests

Even though the quest chain is very lengthy, here is a synopsis. There will be a maximum of 15 fishing missions that must be completed sequentially or individually. Fishing With Shields, which was also previously mentioned, is where the first mission begins. You must complete the following quest 15 times after completing the first fishing quest to unlock the next one.

Earn Money and Treasures

In New World, all you need to become a successful fisherman is a little perseverance and patience. It stands to reason that the expensive fish likewise fetch high prices. But if you enjoy fishing, there are other opportunities to make money, for example, through settlement projects and treasure-hunting.

If you enjoy fishing in the New World, you can fish for treasure chests. If you employ a bait that raises the rarities of your target, you can locate them at undiscovered fishing hotspots. In addition to currency, these chests include platinum, gold, silver, and precious stone bars.


This concludes the New World Fishing Guide, and we hope we have cleared all your doubts if you have. Fishing in New World is a leisure activity, and after going through this guide, it will be much more enjoyable.

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