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New World Furnishing Leveling Guide - Decorate for Profit!

New World Furnishing Leveling Guide on MMOPIXEL

As you probably know, New World offers a vast amount of gameplay mechanics so that everyone can find something for themselves. Players are spending most of their time fighting, exploring, and crafting. The last part is essential because it determines your character progression, and it’s a great source of profit.

Furnishing skill is a part of 17 Trade Skills for players to master. It’s also one of seven Crafting Skills in New World. It’s an excellent skill for house owners that wants a cozy, well-decorated place to come back to after a long day of adventuring. At first glance, Furnishing Trade Skill may look unimportant compared to other Trade Skills.

However, nothing could be further from the truth! Furnishing expands your storage and grants stat bonuses to your character. Also, it’s a good source of income. This guide will cover the whole leveling process and all its benefits.

Why Should I Level Up Furnishing Skill?

Which Furnishing Items are the Best to Craft?

Furnishing Level 0-75

Furnishing Level 75-100

Furnishing Level 100 - 120

Furnishing Level 120 - 150

Furnishing Level 150 - 170

Furnishing Level 170 - 200


Why Should I Level Up Furnishing Skill?

Furnishing Skill is great for house owners

Furnishing Skill is not only used for decoration purposes. It would be rather useless, then. The main benefits are more storage space and trophies that provide passive bonuses. However, it’s more of an end-game skill because only house owners can benefit from it. Therefore, it’s not recommended for new players.

Thanks to Furnishing, you can craft beds, chairs, tables, lanterns, chests, rugs, trophies, and many more decorations for players' houses in New World. All of them can be sold at a Trading Post later on.


The resources you’ll be using to craft these items will come from your Gathering and Refining Skills. To power level your Furnishing, I suggest to level up the following skills first:

  • Harvesting

  • Leatherworking

  • Logging

  • Mining

  • Smelting

  • Weaving

  • Woodworking

Furnishing is an end-game-focused activity so you will probably have leveled most of these skills by the time you start this guide. You can obtain the necessary materials only through these skills. 

Unless you have all the money to get them through Trading Post. Beware, buying everything will cost you a fortune, so only do this if you don’t need gold for other purposes.

If you have plans to buy New World Coins,  MMOPixels can be your best choice. We will never let you down.

Which Furnishing Items are the Best to Craft?

Storage Chests are the most beneficial items to craft with Furnishing Skill.

Storage Chests and Trophies are the best items to craft for Furnishing. With Storage Chests, you can expand your storage capacity, and Trophies grant you passive boosts for Crafting and Combat Skills. Upon leveling, more Furnishing recipes will become available to you.

Storage Chests should be your primary focus. Here’s all you need to know about them:




Furnishing Level

Crafting Recipe

Hewn Log Storage Chest




30x Timber

15x Iron Ingot

1x Ash Stain

1x Minor Rune of Holding

Iron Storage Chest




30x Lumber

15x Steel Ingot

1x Maple Stain

1x Major Rune of Holding

Hope Storage Chest




30x Wyrdwood Planks

15x Starmetal Ingot

1x Oak Stain

1x Greater Rune of Holding

Golden Steel Storage Chest




30x Ironwood Planks

15x Orichalcum Ingots

1x Mahogany Stain

1x Grand Rune of Holding

At Furnishing Level 75, you’ll unlock the ability to create Trophies. They grant your character permanent buffs, regardless of your location. They provide bonuses to Luck, Trade Skills, and Gathering bonuses.

Furnishing Level 0-75

  • 3690 Green Wood

  • 3075 Iron Ingot 

  • 615 Ash Stains 

  • 615 Ash Wall Shelf

The best place to start off your power leveling journey is Windsward. You’ll be staying here until you reach level 75, as this is the best place to gather huge amounts of the abovementioned resources.

Green Wood drops from Young Trees

Green Wood

Green Wood can be acquired from Young Trees. They can be found almost everywhere. Just head to the nearest forest near your settlement. Grab Logging Axe, start chopping away and store the gathered wood in your storage. Repeat until you acquire 3690 Green Wood.

Iron Ingots

Iron Ingots are acquired at the Smelter by using Iron Ores. Iron Ore Veins are easy to come by – they're usually found right outside a Settlement. The area near Windsward’s Settlement is full of Iron Ore veins and probably one of the best places in the game for that purpose. 

Ash Stains

Ash Stain

To craft Ash Stain, you’ll need Charcoal and Weak Solvent. Charcoal comes from your gathered Green Wood by processing it at a Smelter. Weak Solvent is a common item found in all sorts of Containers. Alternatively, you can use a Common Material Converter and a Tier 3 Refining Material to create one.

  • Ash Stain. Charcoal x10, Weal Solvent x4

Craft Ash Wall Shelves

Ash Wall Shelves

After acquiring all the materials, head to the nearest Workshop (min. Tier 2) and start crafting 615 Ash Wall Shelves. This is the exact number needed to reach level 75!

  • Ash Wall Shelf. Iron Ingot x10, Timber x15, Ash Stain x1

Furnishing Level 75-100

  • 4052 Aged Wood and 11346 Green Wood

  • 1013 Fine Sandpaper and 810 Shelldust Flux

  • 62 Maple Stains

  • 2431 Iron Ingot

  • 1550 Life Motes

  • 62 Minor Corrupted Combat Trophy

The requirements are getting harder as we level up Furnishing. Some of these items are easy to come by, and some need extensive exploration. Fortunately, we know where to find every single one of these items.

Aged Wood drops from Mature Trees

Aged Wood and Green Wood

If you’ve gathered Green Wood by yourself when leveling up to 75, you should be able to gather Aged Wood. Those are acquired from Mature Trees and are easy to come by. Simply explore the forests near your Settlement where you previously gathered Green Wood. Repeat until you collect the necessary amount. Then, convert all the Aged Wood to Lumber.

Fine Sandpaper and Shelldust Flux

Shelldust Flux

Fine Sandpaper and Shelldust Flux can be found in Supply and Ancient containers, as well as Elite Ancient and Supply Chests. These containers can be found in Great Cleave, Reekwater and Edengrove.

You can also use an Advanced Material Converter to obtain them.

Maple Stains

Maple Stain requires Oil that can be gathered from Seeping Stones.

  • Maple Stain. Oil x4, Weak Solvent x10

Iron Ingots

Follow the same pattern described above.

Life Motes

These are harvested from Lifemoths, which can be found by going south of Everfall’s Settlement. With Level 30 Harvesting and 100 Mining, you can also harvest Lifeblooms and Lifejewels.

Craft Minor Corrupted Combat Trophies

Minor Corrupted Combat Trophies

After acquiring all of the necessary materials, start crafting Minor Corrupted Combat Trophy to get to level 100.

  • Minor Corrupted Combat Trophy. Steel Ingot x20, Lumber x25, Maple Stain x1, Life Mote x25

Furnishing Level 100 - 120

  • 8430 Potent Solvent

  • 3372 Oil

  • 843 Oak Stains

We’re halfway through. Leveling up to 120 is a bit easier.

Search for Ancient Containers and Elite Chests

Potent Solvent

You can find it in Supply and Ancient Containers, as well as Elite Chests. The best places to farm these containers are Great Cleave, Reekwater, and Edengrove.


First Light is the best place to farm Oil. Seeping Stones can be found on the northside, near a Spirit Shrine. You will need at least level 20 Mining Skill to gather these.

Craft Oak Stains

Oak Stain

Simply start crafting it at Workshop tier 4 once all the materials have been gathered.

  • Oak Stain. Oil x4, Potent Solvent x10.

Furnishing Level 120 - 150

  • 9434 Wyrdwood

  • 8221 Aged Wood

  • 20530 Green Wood

  • 2055 Fine Sandpaper

  • 1572 Obsidian Sandpaper

  • 2044 Hyssop

  • 2044 Cinnamon

  • 2044 Strong Incense

You’ll need a lot of materials for this one. Upgrade your tools and Gathering skills to lessen the time you need to get to level 150.

Wyrdwood drops from Wydrwood Trees


The best place to farm Wyrdwood is Mourningdale. Unfortunately, trees are located far away from each other so you’ll have to travel a lot. Start with wooded areas to the west of Corvus and head to the east of Marsic afterward. 

There’s also a lot of Wyrdwood on the northside of the map near infested areas. You’ll need 100 Logging Skill to cut down the trees. Convert all of it into Wyrdwood Planks with a tier 4 Woodworking Station.

Aged Wood and Green Wood

Follow the same process as for levels 75 - 100.

Fine Sandpaper

It can be obtained in high-level regions like Weaver’s Fen, Restless Shore, Great Cleave, and Mourningdale. Loot them from chests or buy at Trading Posts when the price is around 1-2 coins. Loot these from chests.

Obsidian Sandpaper

Obsidian Sandpaper

This material only drops from high-level regions like Reekwater, Ebonscale Reach, or Shattered Mountain. Loot these from chests.


Hyssop is derived from Herb nodes, and each gathered node will give you 2 - 4 Hyssop. These are everywhere. Prepare for a long farming session.


Gather it from Herbs or buy it off the Trading Post if prices are low.

Craft Strong Incense

Strong Incense

Use all of your found resources to craft 2044 Strong Incenses. It won’t sell well in the Trading Post, unfortunately.

  • Strong Incense. Wyrdwood Planks x1, Charcoal x1, Hyssop x1, Cinnamon x1.

Furnishing Level 150 - 170

  • 14100 Pure Solvent

  • 5640 Oil

  • 1410 Mahogany Stain

You’re going back to farm Oil at this level. If you’re not patient enough, you can buy off the materials from Trading Post if prices are reasonable.

Pure Solvent

Can be gathered from Supply and Ancient Containers inside 56+ level areas. These can be found in Reekwater, Ebonscale Reach, and Shattered Mountain.


Follow the steps described earlier.

Craft Mahogany Stain

Mahogany Stain

Start crafting 1410 Mahogany Stains at tier 5 Workshop. These also won’t sell well at the Trading Post.

  • Mahogany Stain. Oil x4, Pure Solvent x10

Furnishing Level 170 - 200

  • 3720 Ironwood Planks

  • 3720 Hyssop

  • 3720 Cinnamon

  • 3720 Powerful Incense

We’re almost there! The real challenge will be getting Ironwood, which you get from cutting down Ironwood Trees in endgame regions. Make sure you are at level 175 Logging to cut them down.

Ironwood Planks drops from Ironwood Trees

Ironwood Planks

Edengrove is the best place to look for Ironwood Trees. They are clamped together near the area where Blighted Shrine is located. Farm the trees, return to the Settlement, and deposit items in your storage. Rinse and repeat.

Hyssop and Cinnamon

Follow the steps described earlier.

Craft Powerful Incense

Craft a total of 3720 Powerful Incense at tier 5 Workshop, to max out Furnishing. Once again, these will not sell well at the Trading Post.

  • Powerful Incense. Ironwood Planks x1, Charcoal x1, Hyssop x1, Cinnamon x1


We’ve covered the best method to level Furnishing skill. Crafting Warm Iron Sconce Bright instead is also viable, but we found out that our strategy is the most efficient one. Raw materials don’t come cheap, and you need a lot of them, so it’s best to craft more expensive items.

We hope this guide helps you reach max level in Furnishing without much hassle. Visit other New World guides on MMOPIXEL if you need help with leveling other skills. See you in Aeternum!

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