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New World Garden of Genesis Expedition Guide

Garden of Genesis is both an endgame and a level 60 expedition in New World. This is the origin of the Angry Earth and the 'Site of the Great Sacrifice.' Many New World gamers have tried taking down the Garden of Genesis Boss. It drops some truly legendary gear. You will require 5 members and a genesis tuning orb to complete this mission. We will explain how to complete the Genesis expedition as quickly and efficiently as possible, in-depth the mechanics, stages, and powers of the bosses, as well as the Garden Of Genesis turning Orbs and awards, inside this 'Garden of Genesis Expedition guide.'

Expedition prerequisites

Gear Score

You must finish all necessary missions in the Edengrove zone before entering the Garden of Genesis. The Expedition symbol on the world map will take you to the group finder, where you can see which groups with 500+ Gear Scores activated. Some individuals will have a gear score of 550 or 560. This dungeon is made for level 500 characters; thus, you would only need a low Gear Score to complete it. Next, pick up a few Blight Pots. Due to the dungeon's cumulative Blight debuff, these tinctures are excellent if you don't carry any Blight gear. 


For your weapon, collect some Angry Earth coatings. This isn't necessary for a normal Genesis run, but it will be in Mutations, so you may as well get used to it. These are reasonably priced.


The standard configuration for this Expedition involves 3 DPSone Healer, and one Tank. However, completing this Expedition includes one Healer and four DPS is feasible if your gear score is high enough.


Health pots, as well as food supplies, are available; infused is a respectable level, allowing you to purchase Regen foods that enhance a specific skill set.

Tuning Orbs

Two quests, one from the Shattermountain quest and the other in the Edensgrove questline, will reward you with a tuning orb. The tasks will be referred to as the anguine pain and the ultimate blight resistance. Work toward those so you can complete questlines for some wonderful rewards and your free two Gardens of Genesis orbs. Along the way, there are a few extra goodies, including a hammer that comes with a shock wave.

New World Garden of Genesis Expedition

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How to reach the Expedition Location?

North West Edengrove is the location of this Expedition. Its recommended level in-game indicates that it is level 60, indicating that it's an endgame expedition made for players who have attained that level, are equipped well, and are aware of their place in an expedition. We advise you to wait till your High Water Mark gets close to 600 before joining this Expedition because it is an endgame expedition and can drop up to Items Score 600 gear. Blight Seeds, which are needed to make a Tuning Orb for the second endgame Expedition Lazarus Instrumentality, are the only items that drop here.

Navigating around the quest

The layout of this Expedition is rather simple, with no significant twists or challenges. After you fight the second enemy of the Expedition and acquire the ability to burn down the blocks ahead of the East and West doorways to this chamber, you will pass through The Arbor's Tum, the first significant room you enter, twice. When you initially enter this room, you must go down the left set of stairs and proceed toward the obstruction. A Concentrated Blight node capable of being mined is located on the ground. The door in the center of the bridge would open after it is mined, allowing entrance to Taxodius, the first monster. Up until the second boss, the navigation is quite simple from this point on. You'll be able to turn on the Purifying Flame and after that handle it with your Azoth staff once you've defeated Aluvium Marl.

New World Garden of Genesis Expedition Guide

Boss fights


This boss battle is not challenging. Taxodius' primary attack draws everyone toward him, but it stays steady (particularly with a tank) and frequently knocks people down so you can focus damage. On the route out of this chamber, there exists a chest towards the left of the door.

Taxodius will typically assault ranged players with a root spear, a massive tendril attack, and the summoning of some ADs. The root spear hurts if it strikes you, especially if you're wearing light armor.

Defending the Tree

You must protect a tree that you'll have to plant with a pure seed during this mini-event between the initial and second bosses. Avoid fighting on top of the tree because doing so may cause mobs to harm it, forcing you to retreat and purify an additional seed, and so on. Once all three rounds of enemies have been eliminated, a chest towards the left of the location becomes accessible.

Alluvium Mari

After you've defeated Taxodius, use the Objectives bar to navigate and follow the instructions. There are only a few named mobs in this area from whom you can obtain drops; nothing too complicated. Alluvium Mari, the next boss you must defeat, is trickier than Taxodius.

Although this boss has several distinct attacks, the Tendrils, or Hands, are the ones for which players need to be on the lookout. Almost everyone, including your Tank, may be one-shot by this powerful assault.

Alluvium Mari would spawn an arena at 66% health. A single player (the Tank) often stays in the middle of the room with the boss, while the Healer and four other DPS members stay outside and take care of the enemies. Mari will spawn enemies at the light sources outside the arena when it is open. AoE is your ally here, so things like Void Gauntlet from the Healer and a Fire Staff work well. Kill them swiftly; otherwise, your team will be swamped.

Lighting up the Azoth Staff

You must light your Azoth staff inside the room close to the boss's chest once Mari has been vanquished. Then, make your way by burning through the green-colored wall to battle a designated mob for mission drops and another nest of enemies.

The central room, where you first crossed the bridge, can be reached by carrying your Azoth Staff back to the way you entered and burning through. Kill the hordes as you go, but be careful not to draw too many. To avoid conflict, you can move along the room's edges. You will now run into a different boss mob. Pull the three enemies so the player with the staff can get by and ignite the lantern behind them. Kill the last two designated enemies, take the chest's contents, and then go to the boss battle. If you lose and respawn kilometers away, walk right near the Respawn Beacon because it doesn't always activate.

Blighted Greenskeeper

The last nemesis of the Expedition can occasionally be simpler to defeat than Alluvium Mari. The three main attacks the gatekeeper uses are the wipe mechanic, the poison beam, and the poison balls. Two whirling green poison spheres that leave a path of poison following them will be spawned by the Gateskeeper. This poisons you and causes a lot of damage. The players can shift the aggro to a distance from the trail of the poison such that melee players can continue thrashing the boss if they have a capable tank.

The wipe mechanic requires you to position yourself behind any balls within the boss' line of sight when the arena turns green and swirly. Otherwise, you'll pass away. Instantly. Finally, one player is caught in the poison beam. If you are the target, move away from your team, the dropped balls, and the boss. As a result, the player will soon be surrounded by a poisonous pool.

New World Garden of Genesis

Other monsters to watch out for!


These adversaries launch potent single-target arrows, rain arrows in an area of impact, and drop delaying bombs on the floor. They are valuable targets for the DPS players to set on fire well before Archer may kill your Healer because they are also very mobile and challenging to the tank players.


The Soldier, who uses a powerful two-handed weapon, hits quite hard and should be the Tank's top target to keep aggro. Despite being readily handled by a tank, this enemy can quickly kill non-tank members of the team. This is the second top priority target when there are no archers.


These magic-wielding adversaries may cast several spells that deal natural damage and conjure Muddy Minions to aid them in combat. Although the Muddy Minions have almost minimal health and may be slain in one shot, they can hit quite hard. The shamans are of low importance, but they must deal with their minions immediately to prevent further harm.


These adversaries serve as the Expedition's human shield. Although they don't deal much damage, they frequently come in packs with other enemies who deal more harm. Each of these aggro points should be held by the Tank. In addition, these enemies do not explode upon death, unlike their non-expedition counterparts.


Hives, which resemble a heap of plant debris, will often release Fiends and must be dealt with after the more powerful enemies are defeated. In general, the Tank should strive to keep the Soldiers and Fiends close to the Hive so any area-of-effect damage will affect all of these enemies simultaneously. Additionally, hives will produce an explosion shortly after they die, so avoid getting in the melee proximity of them during this time.

Loot Drops

Since the Garden of Genesis's loot is intended for endgame players, it may be some of the best in the entire game. They all use the High Water Mark system, allowing drops up to a Gear Score 600. However, unless you have brought your High Water Mark close to the cap, this prize will only drop once you reach level 600. Additionally, you can get Blight Seeds. Genesis has Blight Seeds that are incredibly helpful for making Tuning Orbs for Lazarus Instrumentality. Insane Vines Sticky Branches with Stale Vine You can choose a perk to focus on while making strong armor and weapons with predefined attributes thanks to Putrid Bark.


Being an endgame quest, Garden of Genesis is challenging and equally rewarding. The above guide covers every aspect of the Garden of Genesis Expedition, from the prior requirements to a complete walkthrough. After going through it thoroughly, this endgame expedition will be a cakewalk for players.

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