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New World Gear Score and Expertise Guide

When you reach level 60, the Expertise system kicks in. You will then need to reach a 600 Expertise level in each category of weapon, armor, and jewelry. You may do this by using the Gypsum system and loot drops. The 510 has become your current Expertise for the gear rating for the helmet slot, for instance, if you currently have a helmet having a gear score of 500 and you fight a mob and that monster falls a helmet having a gear rating of 510. The range of goods fallen for your helmet would now be within the 510 range as long as you're slaying mobs that are likely to drop things in that range.

Armor, weapons, and jewelry all have specific areas of competence. Every weight of armor deviates from this guideline. All types of armor in that slot have the same Expertise score, including light, medium, and heavy. Additionally, each Weapon has a unique expertise rating.

How Does Expertise Operate?

You may find gear with the exact Gear Score as that of the gear in that exact slot, or one that is somewhat higher, as you explore the New World, defeat foes, and open chests. Your new Expertise score on the chest will be 505, if your chestpiece has a Gear Score of 500 and you receive a trade for a chestpiece with a Gear Score of 505 instead. It makes no difference if this armor is light, medium, or heavy; the rating is solely dependent on the item slot. Future drops of the same equipment slot will tend to have a similar gear score or greater as this improvement in expertise occurs.

New World Expertise

Overview of the New World Expertise Rating

When your player in New World reaches level 60, the Expertise System will automatically become available. You can now access your inventory panel and view the purple indicators shown in the earlier image. A few brief, fast facts regarding expertise in the modern world:

  • You will receive an item that is appropriate for your level of proficiency in that slot whenever loot falls or a chest is unlocked. Although there is some RNG involved, there is a chance you may at least receive a little boost.

  • Your overall gear and expertise score defaults to 500 after you reach level 60.

  • You are not required to equip or even take possession of loot when it drops. Your knowledge in that equipment slot will instantly rise if the game has generated a new, better gear score equipment for you.

  • Gypsum can be used to boost your expertise in a certain gear slot. This new system, which was included in patch 1.1.12, is incredibly potent.

  • Your skill level in that slot won't grow by buying or making the item. The only ways to increase expertise are through drops, chests, or gypsum.

  • Weapon kinds also have their own competence levels, in addition to the expertise level for each armor item slot. The competence of the War Hammer cannot be upgraded while your Great Axe is equipped.

  • Last but not least, you should be aware that the enemy you are fighting must be capable of dropping the gear that you are currently seeking.

Expertise Increase and Enemy Level

  • 500-530 gear score items: Level 61 Enemies

  • 530-560 gear score items: Level 62 Enemies

  • 560-591 gear score items: Level 63 Enemies

  • 590-600 gear score items: Level 64+ Enemies

There is some randomness in the system. You have one chance for an Expertise boost each time you beat a "level-appropriate" foe. You have a marginally higher chance of seeing an increase the following time if you don't get a rise in expertise. Enemies in Elite expeditions and landmarks have a larger overall base chance of raising your Expertise rating. Named foes and expedition bosses that are level 60 or higher will also ALWAYS drop items that boost your expertise. Defeating an Elite adversary has a better chance of yielding an expertise drop than opening an Elite Chest. You may have to spend a huge amount of gold coins to buy the gear.

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How to Raise Your Gear Score and Expertise?

The Gypsum System is the best approach to boost your expertise because it will always result in a significant expertise boost in the gear slot you choose when you build a Gypsum Cast. Citrine Gypsum and Sapphire are the two types of gypsum that you should be acquiring every day. This happens because enemies in all of the end-game dungeons will grant you a Sapphire Gypsum that could be made into a Gypsum Cast for an additional guaranteed increase in Expertise score, as well as a guaranteed random Expertise score boost. The chests that are housed in the dungeons will also provide you the chance to get more bumps.

New World Expertise Increase

You must also fight an Arena boss in order to get the Citrine Gypsum. You will receive your Citrine Gypsum, which can be made into a Gypsum Cast, as well as a randomly placed guaranteed Expertise boost after killing the arena boss.

Elite Zone Farms

You can harvest Elite Zones and plunder every Elite chest in the locations appropriate for your level in addition to using the Gypsum System for a possibility at a randomized Expertise boost. Please be aware that compared to the Elite bosses in those regions, the Elite chest would have a larger probability of awarding you an Expertise Bump.

However, a group is necessary for this. It is advised that you take no more than two groups totaling 10 individuals when farming these areas. This will guarantee that both groups receive a drop from any dead bosses as well as any elite chests which are plundered. Your chances of obtaining loot from the boss are reduced if three groups are taken because only the two that dealt the boss the highest DPS will receive the drop.

If you are within the right level limit for your existing Expertise, the Elite Chests would each contain a few things that have the potential to raise your Expertise.

Effect of Experience on Gear 

The efficiency of your equipment is also governed by your efficiency expertise. The applicable gear rating for that component of gear will be located in the middle of your gear rating and the Expertise of that item if your Expertise is below than the item equipped for that gear slot. As an illustration, if the Hatchet Expertise equals 500 and you equip a Hatchet with a 560 Gear Score, your actual Gear Score for the specific weapon is now 530.

New World Gear Score

Special Cases of the Expertise System

Items acquired before the early 2022 downscaling patch will be automatically enrolled in. Therefore, this modification will not have an impact on any things that have been created, earned for a mission, or bought through the faction shop. Therefore, if you buy a Gear Score 600 timer before the update, it won't be scaled to current Expertise (if lesser than 600).

It's crucial to note that the equipment will keep its original Gear Score. As a result, the actual Gear Score for that equipment will ramp up as your Expertise for that slot improves. Using the same instance as earlier, if you obtain Expertise 520 for the hatchet and then equip those 560 hatchets, your power will rise to 530 for those identical 560 hatchets after you attain Expertise 530 for the hatchet.

It's also crucial to remember that you will continue to benefit from all bonuses and characteristics on the item with the higher gear score. However, their power will also be reduced. This is crucial because benefits have a lot of power. Therefore, even though you won't have full effectiveness from a legendary item whenever you equip it, the benefits that come with it will still provide you an advantage. As your expertise grows, you can then fit into the item.

Gypsum and Gypsum Casts

Gypsum is a material that may be obtained by taking part in a number of end-game tasks. It can be used to create Gypsum Casts, which are made from Gypsum orbs. Whenever a Gypsum cast gets opened, it will ensure an Expertise boost for the specific kind of gear it was made for, and you would obtain equipment of that type with the associated gear score.

For instance, if you truly want to raise your fire staff expertise, you can create a fire staff Gypsum Cast and acquire both a fire staff that has the increased gear score attached to it as well as a guaranteed boost to your fire staff gear score.


Don't worry if you happen to be unlucky and don't get items that are required to upgrade the slots. Every time you don't obtain an item with a better gear score compared to the one you currently have for the slot, New World does calculations in the background to increase your likelihood of receiving that upgrade the following time. The guide comes to an end now.

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