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New World Gems Guide

Obtaining quality gems will need expertise in other areas because New World has a comprehensive crafting and harvesting system. Every gem in the New World is covered in this book, along with information on where to find them and how to best use them on your gear.

Once you reach level 20 and above and acquire Tier 3 gear, you will consider adding gems to your armor and weapons. There will probably be gem slots available for them. For endgame PvP or PvE, you will mostly require gems if you wish to fine-tune your build.

What are Gems?

In the New World, there is a significant range of Gems. Gems are essentially free upgrades that give your character more abilities or attributes. They are essential for character building. Nevertheless, regardless of whether you insert a gem into your armor or weapon, each gem offers a distinct advantage. For instance, an Amber gem in your armor can be a portion of the amount of natural damage you absorb. In the meanwhile, putting one of these in your weapon should increase damage with a nature bonus.

Additionally, there are several advantages for the various gem tiers. Depending on the tier of the gem, you can obtain greater percentages that will enhance the impact of the gem. All damage-scaling gems have a base level of 2, which increases to 2.5, 3, and 3.8 relying on the gem's tier. For the threat or damage reduction gems, comparable scalings and values are to be anticipated.

New World Gems

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Various Types of Gems in New World

In the New World, there are many different gemstones, and each one has a particular purpose. This might involve switching the damage type of a weapon, giving more perks, or offering a taunt. Each of these gems now has the matching weapon scaling damage. To get the most out of the gem, make sure you're studying the given tooltips correctly because gems have varied effects on armor and weapons. The many characteristics of the jewels are listed below.

  • Carnelian gemstones – These come in two varieties: taunt and calm. Tanks should use taunt since it affects several skills utilized with the Great Axe & Sword. If you wish to succeed as a tank, you will require these gems. When applied on armor, "Calm" results, which is helpful for Supports.

  • Amber Gems: Switches some of the damage your weapons do to the Nature variety. Can also be used to lessen incoming Nature damage to your armor. It scales with FOCUS.

  • Amethyst – Changes some of the damage from your weapons to Void or gives your armor damage tolerance against Void damage. Scales with INSPIRATION.

  • Aquamarine: Increases your weapon's ice damage or armor's resistance to ice damage. Scales with INTELLIGENCE.

  • Diamond: While at full health, it boosts your weapon's damage and healing. It offers physical damage protection and resistance to elemental damage for armor.

  • Emerald - Increases damage when dealing with enemies who have low health (under 30%), or gives armor with thrust damage resistance.

  • Jasper - Improved damage after three consecutive hits, or improved Strike damage resistance when put on the armor.

  • Malachite - Increases physical resistance, decreases incoming Elemental damage, and improves damage against foes affected by CC (this is fantastic on the War Hammer).

  • Moonstone: Lowers incoming Slash damage or boosts damage when you have less than 30% health.

  • Onyx: Boosts physical damage resistance or increases damage against foes with full health.

  • Opal: Boosts damage while your stamina bar is low or increases your ability to absorb damage from elements.

  • Ruby: When used against armor, a portion of your weapon's damage is transformed to fire, increasing fire damage absorption. Scales with INTELLIGENCE.

  • Sapphire: Your weapon's damage is partially converted to arcane damage, or it increases your resistance to incoming arcane damage. Scales with INTELLIGENCE.

  • Topaz - Increases resistance to Lightning damage or converts a portion of your weapon's damage to Lightning. Scales with INTELLIGENCE.

These gems are necessary to perfect your builds. Different gems will be needed for various builds. For instance, ward gems are important for endgame mutant expeditions, while diamonds are needed for a healer's Life Staff as well as Void Gauntlet.

How to find Gems?

There are several ways to find gems. The first mission, the Amrine Temple, may be farmed, and mining is one of the two essential strategies for collecting tonnes of gems early on.

  • Any ore you mine, including Iron, Gold, Silver, Starmetal, Platinum, as well as Orichalcum, has a chance to drop gems.

  • From about level 23 forward, farming the Amrine Temple Expedition is an excellent method to obtain a lot of gems. The dungeon is worthwhile exploring at least a few times. Even if you are at a higher level, this is a useful strategy. It is simple to run.

  • Higher-tier gems like Brilliant or Pristine might also be dropped by late-game expeditions including Lazarus and Genesis.

  • Additionally, you may get gems on chest runs all across the Imperial Palace, Myrkgard, Siren, etc. in supply crates and elite chests.

Refining the Gems

You must refine your gems only at the Stonecutting table before you can use them as attachments for your equipment. Fortunately, Stonecutting level 0 allows you to achieve this, however, you must be at a greater level to access higher-tier gems.

  • In the New World, there are four levels of gemstones: Flawed Cut (no skill requirements), Cut Brilliant (100 skills), & Cut Pristine (100 talent) (150 skills.)

  • One Raw Gemstone and a matching essence mote are required to create a Cut gemstone. These include earth, fire, air, and so on.

  • Motes are obtained by harvesting specific plants that are accessible at level 50 or by mining level 50 ore veins. Also possible are a few unusual creature spawning (such as the Life Moth) and the discovery of motes in alchemy chests.

  • We have recommendations on where to locate Life motes and Soul motes, which, depending on the gem's level, may be upgraded first at the Arcana table to WispsEssences, & Quintessences.

New World Gems Guide

How to Attach Your Gemstones?

It's really simple to attach gemstones to your goods. Simply use the character inventory page to drag a Cut Gemstone to the appropriate spot in your equipment.

  • Weapon diamonds are subject to a few regulations, though. Here's why you can't affix a gem to a weapon.

  • You must pair the right gem with your weapon, for instance, if it has a Void Chain attack.

  • A Gem that doesn't fit the current damage type on the weapon cannot be attached. When buying gems and weapons, bear this in mind.

Tips to get more Gems in New World

By using a Miner's Charm, creating a pickaxe with a higher luck probability, or eating luck meals, you can raise your mining luck. Early-game mining sustenance options include:

  • 1 peppercorn, 1 butter, and 1 potato for roasted potatoes.

1 Potato, 1 Butter, 1 Tbsp Honey for Herb-Roasted PotatoesThese offer 24- to 30-minute luck boosts for mining. Start looking for jewels as you set out on either the iron ore mining path or the silver ore mining route. A lot of gems tend to drop from late-game nodes like Platinum, and it appears that the greater the deposits (physically on the screen), the more likely it is that a gem will drop.

Additional Tips and Tricks to keep in mind

Best Gems for Ranged Weapons

The Opal crystal is the ideal gemstone for a bow. Evasive Tactics, a passive ability found in the Skirmisher tree, increases damage taken each time you evade an attack. You may thus use the Opal gem for such coefficiency in order to maintain that scaling up. When your stamina isn't at its optimum, opal stones increase your damage. The Diamond gem is the greatest New World gemstone for the Bow if you don't employ the Evasive Tactics passive.

Best Gem for Melee-DPS build

If you play melee DPS, you should socket a gem that increases the damage type of your weapon. Malachite gems, for instance, are the greatest New World gemstone for a War Hammer since they improve your damage while dealing with CC-hit targets.

Best Gem for the Life Staff

The Amber gem, which converts Nature damage and scales with Focus, is one of the greatest New World gems for the Life Staff. Players that choose the Protection spec will benefit from it, especially those who employ the Beacon talent. Alternately, the Diamond is another excellent Gem. You will provide more healing from across all sources while you have all of your health.

New World Amber Gem

Best Gems for Armor

Your playstyle will determine the finest gems for armor in the New World. The carnelian gems will probably be used if PvE content in New World is all that interests you. Your danger is reduced by the Carnelian jewels, which makes it simpler for the tank to maintain aggro on the adds or the bosses. Of course, if you're a tank and want to maintain a threat, don't utilize this.


Gems are a wonderful method to passively boost particular attributes or provide crafting, damage, or defensive advantages. You shouldn't have any trouble locating gems that match your build and playstyle after reading this guide.

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