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New World Golden Scarab Guide
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New World Golden Scarab Guide

The Golden Scarab is a new precious resource that significantly alters crafting in the MMORPG New World. We'll now go through the capabilities of the fresh Golden Scarab item, where you can locate it, and why it's so potent. You gain an extension for the MMO's crafting system with the latest Brimstone Sands for New World version. In the brand-new region of New World, the Golden Scarab has already emerged as one of the most sought-after commodities. The Scarab's capacity to create new armor and weapons accounts for this.

Where to Look for Golden Scarabs

Golden Scarab is a building material that offers a variety of advantages. You can decide the passive powers you desire to give the weapon or article of clothing when you craft it with a scarab. In the past, this was not feasible, and you were given benefits at random.

In the open world, you must plunder Elite Ancient Chests in the Brimstone Sands Zone to discover Golden Scarabs in the New World. Grave Offerings in the Brimstone/Sulfer pool Areas, Grave Offerings in the "Castrum Principium," and Glyph Chests all have a slightly increased chance of dropping Golden Scarabs than the rest.

New World Golden Scarab

Glyph Chest

You must activate the proper glyph to loot a glyph chest because they are connected to the Brimstone Sands Glyphs system.

Castrum Principium

Additionally, Golden Scarab can be discovered in Grave Offerings at the Elite POI The Castrum Principium. In the Castrum Principium, a number of Chests may be plundered, although it will probably need a party.

Brimstone/Sulfer Pools

The Grave Offerings around the Brimstone/Sulfer Pool are the last location where these scarabs can be discovered. These areas total 4 in number. You may locate these locations by looking up "Brimstone ore" on our interactive map. It's been chosen for you right here. On your in-game map, you can also search for places with the same color and pattern as the zone below.

New World Golden Scarab Locations

It's crucial to keep in mind that you can collect a maximum of 10 Golden Scarabs per day. You can purchase or sell Golden Scarabs to other users on the Trading Post or in the Trade Chat because they are not personally obligated to you. You'll need a good amount of gold coins to progress through the game and beat the bosses. As a result, be sure to save up some gold for items like armor and weaponry. If you are falling short of them, get some by purchasing them for real money.

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Using a Golden Scarab in the New World

When you have a Golden Scarab, you must also have the following things to construct something with it:

Right Material

  • Asmodeum, Phoenixweave, Runic Leather, Glittering Ebony

25 Single Stat Craft Mods

  • Focus- Softwood Prayer Beads

  • Dexterity – Rough Leather Beaded Strap

  • Strength – Iron Battle Medal

  • Intellect – Linen Arcane Embroidery

  • Constitution – Iron Guardsman Insignia

3 Timeless Shards for an Item

3 Timeless Fire Staff Shards, for example, are required for a Fire Staff.

2 Perk Specific Craft Mods

 Starmetal Weaponsmithing Charm, Squirmy Vines, ETC

150 Azoth

Any object that contains the right Timeless Shard can be used with Golden Scarabs. Here is a brief rundown of the New World artifacts, including Timeless Shards.

  • Armor

  • Weapons

  • Jewelry

Bind on Equip applies to the item you create with the Golden Scarab. The highest gear score you can construct with a Golden Scarab is between 595 and 600 because they cannot currently be combined with Runestone Stopwatches.

How to craft in the New World using the Golden Scarab

At each workbench, under the Timeless Shards category, are the crafting possibilities for the Golden Scarab. In the New World, you will also require them to create armor and weapons with the Golden Scarab. When you have everything you need to assemble the equipment you want, move forward as follows:

  • Select the tool, armor, or jewelry you wish to create.

  • You'll notice that the golden scarab recipe differs slightly from the traditional one.

  • There are two red crosses in the column on the right. Tap on them.

  • You can now select two additional perks from a vast list of latent abilities using Golden Scarab's ability in this location.

New World Golden Scarab Crafting

The Golden Scarab Techniques

It's crucial to pick the two benefits you wish on your gear item that offer the biggest perk pools while employing Golden Scarabs. For this guide, we'll take the example of creating a chest piece.

We are searching for a Shirking Fortification, a Resilient, and an Insatiable Gravity Well on this Chest Piece. Insatiable Gravity Well and Shirking Fortification (Squirmy Vine) should be rolled with the Golden Scarab Chest piece since we want to apply the two perk craft modifications with the greatest perk pools.

The sizes of the perk pools for each benefit you want to have on your chest piece are broken down as follows:

  • Shirking Fortification with Damage Absorption Perk Pool which has 8 total perks.

  • Insatiable Gravity Well with Skill perk Pool which has 78 total perks.

  • Resilient with Crit Defense Perk Pool which has 1 total perk.

We have a better chance of obtaining the desired chest piece by removing another two perk pools because Resilient provides its own perk pool, the Crit Defense perk pool.


Gold Scarabs can enhance your armor and weaponry and adapt your gear to your playing style. With the correct perks, heavy armor could be upgraded and made resilient. Great swords and axes can have their stamina requirements reduced, and speed increased. When you use the Golden Scarabs in New Universe, innovative crafting is accessible to you.

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