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New World Gypsum Guide

Gypsum is a commodity that may be discovered by engaging in various New World tasks. Gypsum can be used to create Gypsum Orbs, which could be used to create Gypsum Casts and unique caches. Gypsum Casts are customized to a particular piece of gear and, when opened, ensure an Expertise boost for both that kind of gear and an associated item.

Gypsum takes an entire day to produce only one ball. There is only one exception to this rule: each day, a single Sapphire Gypsum may be utilized. You might be able to save these for upcoming crafts. The prize boxes for outpost rush, breaches, arenas, and trade ability aptitude level-ups do not contain Gypsum. The activity must be finished to obtain the reward. Each orb would be utilized to increase an item slot's level of expertise and produce an item within that level's maximum range. To level, a position from 500 Gear Score to absolute max takes around 31 Orbs. They will only produce things for a selected slot with a confirmed GS level of 591-600 when everything has reached its maximum.

Each item slot's expertise can only be increased once every day. Players will need to perform progressively fewer gypsum generation tasks each day as they get closer to reaching maximum competence across all item slots.

New World Gypsum Orb

Gypsum Resources in the New World

Each form of Gypsum can be found in the locations listed in the following table. The first stage is to get the Gypsum, after which you must make it form an orb. The quantity of itself needed to create an orb varies depending on the type of Gypsum.

It is also essential to keep in mind that you will be placed on a 22-hour cooldown once you have acquired sufficient of one kind of Gypsum to build an orb. Therefore, for the following 22 hours, you will only receive more amethyst gypsum through breaches if you conducted sufficient reaches today to get the 7 Amethyst Gypsum needed for 1 orb. If so, you are welcome to try a few of the other tasks listed in the list to get the other varieties of Gypsum.

Gypsum Type Source Gypsum needed for 1 Orb
Diamond Gypsum Events like the Winter Event. By engaging with three light trees each day, you can earn. 3
Topaz Gypsum Kill all foes with level 55 and up. Must have ingested the Attunement Potion. 10
Emerald Gypsum Unlock Trade Skill Aptitude Reward Containers. 1
Amethyst Gypsum Unlock Breach Caches. 7
Obsidian Gypsum Kill Open World Named Bosses with 60+ levels. 3
Sapphire Gypsum Kill the main bosses in The Lazarus Instrumentality or Garden of Genesis. 1
Ruby Gypsum Unlock Outpost Rush Caches (PvP). 2
Citrine Gypsum Open Arena Caches. 1

Due to the abundance of named Elite foes in arenas, combining your search for Obsidian and Citrine Gypsum is the best strategy to farm Gypsum in the New World. Even though hunting down the opponents required to obtain 10 Topaz Gypsum requires a lot of time, if you have an extra Topaz potion available, go ahead and drink that as well.

Gypsum Cooldown

As previously stated, you must wait 22 hours before receiving the same sort of Gypsum once you have gotten enough of one kind to create an Orb. If you wish to conserve your resources, you do not have to make the orb. Just wait for the 22-hour cooldown period before trying to get additional Gypsum.

Gypsum Kilns

Gypsum Kilns in the New World are available in high settlements, in keeping with the use of Gypsum as a high-level material (level 60 zones). These consist of:

  • Ebonscale Reach

  • Reekwater

  • Great Cleave

  • Shattered Mountain

  • Edengrove

The Gypsum Kiln can be used similarly to another crafting unit once you've located it. Gypsum will always be available in sufficient quantities for at minimum one Gypsum Cast per day. Configure the fast travel home inside or close to one of these areas if you're aiming for 600 Gear Score to save money on Azoth purchases.

New World Gypsum Klins

Gypsum Casts

Once you have the required quantity of Gypsum pieces, go to any Crafting Stations to convert them into Gypsum Orbs. Gypsum Orbs are employed to create Gypsum Casts, and if you desire max-level gear, you'll need a lot of them. Additionally, utilizing a specific type of weapon or piece of armor ensures you'll receive a drop that raises your Expertise level. While you can only create one Cast every day, you can create an unlimited number of Gypsum Orbs.

Gypsum has replaced the chance of equipment drops that increase your Watermark. These uncommon drops are possible, but they are now much less likely.

Where to farm all Gypsum?

You should farm named bosses in the New World, but only those named enemies that are 60 or older. Obsidian Gypsum is occasionally dropped by bosses level 60 and up when farming. The bosses after the Lazarus Expeditions and Garden of Genesis are additional bosses that deliver some Gypsum. Obtaining Gypsum can also be accomplished in the following ways:

  • Finishing Outpost Rush battles

  • Agriculture Special Events

  • Putting Corrupt Breaches to Rest

You will need a good amount of gold coins to progress through the game and beat the bosses. As a result, be sure to save up some gold for items like armor and weaponry. If you are falling short of them, the easiest and best way is to get them for real money.

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Gypsum Type

Players must finish various end-game tasks according to the sort of Gypsum they are looking for.

New World Gypsum Types

Emerald Gypsum

Trade Skill Aptitude System was first made available in Update 1.2. Beyond Level 200, this new mechanism awards trade skill XP, with rewards granted for each marker on the Aptitude XP wheel.

Players will receive an Emerald Gypsum and a Trade Skill Aptitude Cache immediately after reaching a marker. To keep gaining more Emerald Gypsum, advance each 200 trade skill.

Obsidian Gypsum

You can get Obsidian Gypsum by taking down bosses with a level of 60 or higher. However, keep in mind that not all bosses will drop Gypsum, and you may need to go back and get it from other runs.

The simplest 60+ boss to harvest as a single player is Ivan the Inevitable in Ebonscale Reach, even if Elite Landmarks are the greatest for continuous farming. The Skysong Crypt's church is where you can find him.

Ruby Gypsum

Outpost Rush battles must be finished to get Ruby Gypsum. Then, by interacting with their appropriate Faction Representative inside the village, players can sign up for a match.

Amethyst Gypsum

You can locate Amethys Gypsum by sealing Level 60+ Corrupted Breaches. To obtain this Gypsum type, form a big party and complete greater corrupted breaches in Reekwater, Ebonscale Reach, or Shattered Mountain.

Sapphire Gypsum

Players who complete the Garden of Genesis and The Lazarus Instrumentality missions will receive Sapphire Gypsum as a reward. To obtain Sapphire Gypsum, execute either of the two.

Topaz Gypsum

You must drink an Attunement Potion before acquiring Topaz Gypsum. The Topaz Gypsum differs from other gypsums because of this.

At a camp, you can make an Attunement Potion once every day. One of each kind of tier 5 magical creature or elemental reagent is required. The ingredients you'll need are as follows:

  • 1x Earthshell Tail

  • 1x Lightning Beetl

  • 1x Salamander Slime

  • 1x Lifemoth Eyes

  • 1x Spinefish Fins

  • 1x Blightmoth Dust

  • 1x Soulwyrm Tongue

  • This is the 2nd line

Once you have created the Attunement Potion, head to a location where you can farm foes of level 55 or above to increase your chances of obtaining Topaz Gypsum. Consume the Attunement Potion when you arrive at the location. Topaz Gypsum must be obtained in 60 minutes. If you've used the potion and already have 10 Topaz Gypsum, the 22-hour cooldown period will apply to you. 

Therefore, do not hesitate to leave the location if you have acquired 10 Topaz, yet you still have duration remaining on your potion, and you will be unable to collect anymore.

Diamond Gypsum

In New World, Diamond Gypsum is only available during Special Events. The Winter Convergence Festival was first made available by Update 1.2 and is a unique, momentary event.

Citrine Gypsum

Arenas in New World must be finished to obtain Citrine Gypsum. Players can finish 3 Arenas as of Update 1.2 to obtain Citrine Gypsum.

  • Monoecious Cleft Arena

  • Protector Arena

  • Siren's Stand Arena


Only a specific number of each sort of Gypsum can be gathered in a single day. However, you can receive as many of each sort of Gypsum as indicated by the number in parenthesis next to it. A full day's worth of Gypsum is normally required to produce the matching gypsum orb. Our guide regarding how to acquire Gypsum in New World is now complete.

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