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New World Harvest Levelling Guide

A New World Trade Skill called harvesting enables you to acquire materials from several plants. These resources can then be transformed into crafting materials, which can then be utilized to make various goods, such as clothing, elixir ingredients, bait, weapons, furniture, and more. When you reach higher levels in harvesting, you can track various plant types on your mini-map. Given how heavily Cooking, Arcana, and Weaving rely on herbs and fabric, these three crafting skills go best with harvesting. The other four gathering skills accessible in the New World are fishing, logging, mining, and skinning. 

Harvesting is one of the most challenging skills to learn. You can frequently find yourself exploring new locations and being unable to pick certain plants because of your degree of expertise. But don't worry; we have some advice to help you become a better plant-picker. This New World lesson will discuss how to level harvesting quickly using various methods. 

Obtain a sickle

You need the right equipment to gather all New World's components and minerals. In the New World, you need a sickle to cultivate herbs. Sickles have distinct characteristics, such as:

  • Flint Harvesting Sickle

  • Iron Harvesting Sickle

  • Steel Harvesting Sickle

  • Starmetal Harvesting Sickle

  • Orichalcum Harvesting Sickle

The gathering speed of the initial Flint Sickle that you create is 100%. Even though it can seem excessive, it is not. The 100% is equivalent to 1 in value. The base gather speed for the Steel Harvesting Sickle is 250%. Comparatively speaking, this is 2.5 times faster than the Flint Sickle. However, this won't be a good option for you to start with, as the crafting criteria won't be simple to meet. The harvesting speed of the Iron Sickle, which is simpler to acquire, ranges from 125% to 138%, depending on the dice roll. You can anticipate speedier collection, better resources, and the capacity to cultivate any resource when using an Orichalcum harvesting sickle.

New World Steel Harvesting Sickle

Consider purchasing some money so you can use it to buy an Iron Sickle at the Trading Post (for the increase in gathering speed), and then proceed from there.

To aid you, you can visit MMOPixel and purchase New World Coins

Sickles can be obtained in numerous ways in addition to being made. Together with the treasure boxes dispersed around Aeternum, most opponents in New World have a rare drop probability for any tool in the game. Therefore, trading posts are the most convenient place to obtain sickles. You can pay a little cost for any or all of these sickles, according to your server.

Favourable features for your harvesting sickle

Depending on what you require, the finest benefits for your Harvesting Sickle can vary. As you progress up your Harvesting skill, for instance, you might like the Horticulture Discipline perk, which increases your Harvesting experience. Still, once you reach level 200, you probably want to swap it out for something else. Therefore, the following benefits for your Harvesting Sickle are advised once you have 200 harvests.

  • Harvesting Luck

  • Harvesting Yield

Harvesting Luck

When you harvest various sorts of nodes near Aeternum, harvesting luck in the New World enhances your likelihood of receiving rare drops. You can gather the base resource, such as fibers, potatoes, or basil, provided your Harvesting skill is high enough for each type of node. However, some gathering nodes will allow you to harvest more unusual plants, herbs, and goods. Examples are Shadecloth and Verbena Flower. 

You'll need to improve your harvesting luck to earn these. You can enhance your harvesting luck in two ways: by making sickles with the perk that raises it or by consuming things that do so temporarily.

Various types of Harvesting Nodes in the New World

The mining nodes are listed below according to type and when you may follow them:

  • Farm Plants: harvesting level 0, tracking level 20

  • Hemp: harvesting level 0, tracking level 25

  • Fungi: harvesting level 0

  • Magical Creatures: harvesting level 0, tracking level 175

  • Magical Plants: harvesting level 30, tracking level 45

  • Silkweed: harvesting level 100, tracking level 125

  • Wirefiber: harvesting level 175, tracking level 200

New World Harvest

Levelling is necessary

In the New World, harvesting requires a particular amount of experience to attain its maximum level (200.) For levels 1 through 200 of harvesting, 460,000 experience points are needed. To reduce harvesting times and reach the maximum level as quickly as possible, it is best to cultivate materials in large quantities using the best tools. The following herbs are our top picks because they make it the simplest to level up your skills:

  • Blueberries

  • Berries

  • Wirefiber

You will receive more experience the higher the level required to harvest the plant (generally). However, until the latter levels, the difference in experience is not that significant (Wirefiber). Finding a farm or patch of herbs is an excellent way to gain experience without traveling far.


There are some skills you can concentrate on spending proficiency points on while leveling up your proficiency skills. They will improve your capacity for harvesting as a whole.

Sickle slot abilities

  • Grabbing Luck: A probability of discovering uncommon things when harvesting has increased from 2.0% to 9.3%.

  • Harvesting Yield: Resource production increased by 10.0% to 19.0% when harvesting.

  • Horticulture Discipline: +3.0%–9.4% greater harvesting XP

Armor Slot Skills

  • Reinforced Harvesting luck:+2.0%–5.0% higher chance of discovering uncommon goods while harvesting.

  • Adored harvest luck: A +5.0%–9.5% increase in the likelihood of finding rare things when harvesting.

Attribute Bonuses

Intelligence is an excellent stat for leveling the harvesting skill, focusing on those who use caster weapons. The following harvesting advantages are available in New World if you allocate points to the Intelligence attribute:

When harvesting:

  • Having 50 intelligence provides you with a 10% increase in harvesting speed

  • Having 100 intelligence increases your probability of receiving an Azoth to 5%

  • Having 150 intelligence reduces the weight of your harvested items by 10%

  • Having 200 intelligence increases harvesting speed by 10%

  • Having 250 intelligence increases the yield from harvesting by 10%


Utilizing gear is a fantastic additional way to raise your harvesting stats. You'll need a good sickle in Aeternum because it is the tool you'll need to harvest any vegetation. You can look for sickles there if you visit the Trading Post. Look for the following advantages with your sickle:

  • Gain 3 to 9.4% more harvesting expertise in the field of horticulture.

  • Your odds of finding unusual items when harvesting increase by 5 to 9.5 percent.

  • Extraction of Azoth: When harvesting, there is a possibility that you will obtain 1 Azoth.

  • Resource production is increased by 10% to 19% during harvesting.

Harvesting Trophies

In New World, you are currently allowed to have a total of 3 homes, and you are allowed to keep up to 5 trophies in each of those homes. You can place a harvesting trophy in each of your three homes to boost your harvesting luck, which is increased by placing a trophy in your home. By obtaining either Journal of Aeternum Flora or Mercurial Token, you can permanently boost the strength of these trophies. The profession of furnishing might produce awards.

  • 500 Luck: Minor Trophy

  • 1000 Luck: Basic Trophy

  • 1500 Luck: Major Trophy

Territory Standing Reputation

You can select one of three enhancements when you reach Territory Standing in a region (by taking Control Points, Forts, etc.). You will get this bonus as long as your faction is in charge of the area. You can select the buff "Increase Gathering Speed by 3%" when it becomes available. Although it may appear insignificant, this can compound with other benefits, food, and items to improve your harvesting efficiency significantly.


The charms listed below offer some form of harvesting benefit, so keep an eye out for them:

  • Steel Botanist's Charm: +3%–9% additional experience points for harvesting

  • Starmetal Botanist's Charm: +2% – 9% increased chance for rare items

  • Orichalcum Botanist's Charm: yield increases by 10% to 20%.


You can cook various meals in the Kitchen or Cooking Station to enhance your harvesting skills. This can be seen in foods made with corn, like cooked corn and cornbread.

  • Cooked Corn: For 20 minutes, cooking corn gives you a 1000 luck boost when harvesting.

  • Cornbread: While harvesting, it gives you 1400 more luck for 25 minutes.

Popular Locations

Popular herbs can be found in some of the following places:


Thyme is most commonly found in Windsward.


Since Tarragon is predominantly found in Reekwater, near Windsward, farming the two herbs alternates effortlessly. For the precise location, see the picture below.

New World Windsward Town


Both the Restless shores and Mornindale Mint have rosemary.


Windsward will once again be the most critical location. Due to the low level and abundance of herbs, this site is typically the best for farming herbs. Unfortunately, along the unstable shore, it's also a little to the northeast.


Oregano can be found close to Monarch's Bluff. There are low-level enemies all along the path in this solo-able sector.

Also, keep in mind the following

  • To fill a full bag, locate a nice harvesting loop that is uncontested by other players.

  • Harvest a plant to level up your other trade abilities in crafting or to sell on the trading post.

  • Pick up a tool that allows you to get experience through harvesting. Perk (see Harvesting Efficiency 101)

  • Always harvest while completing quests because even tiny experience gains add up when you need to advance to higher levels.


It can be challenging to become accustomed to harvesting. Since some of them are utilized interchangeably when it comes to crafting, the names of the herbs, fungi and magical plants are all perplexing. Everything depends on the level of harvesting expertise needed to gather them.

You will obtain a better yield by improving your harvesting skills if they are higher on the list. Other gathering techniques, such as mining, skinning, and logging, are more straightforward. You should gather anything you can use your Harvesting Sickle on, even if it will take some getting accustomed to. No matter how skilled you are, they will all eventually advance your harvesting. 

Best of luck, and soon you will be harvesting like a pro!

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