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New World Hatchery Guide - How to defeat Hatchery Trial Final Boss?

With the introduction of the New World Season 2, we got to experience new Trials in the game known as “The Hatchery”. If you are having trouble getting to know these Trials, we got our New World Hatchery Guide, where we share all the information you will need.

What is Hatchery in New World Season 2?

So, Hatchery is Season 2 Trials in which you have to fight hordes of enemies coming in waves. The initial start is relatively easy, as the enemies are few in number and effortless to defeat. But, as you go up in waves, the Trial becomes problematic.

In this way, you will be able to progress through the New World Season 2 Pass, resulting in your earning various rewards. There are also weekly activities specifically for the players who earned 10 plus maximum level and have a 625 gear score.

The best thing about these Trials is that you can earn the rewards a total of 7 times in a week, and at the end of each run, you will also get to enjoy some smaller rewards as well.

How to Find New World Hatchery Trials Location?

How to Find New World Hatchery Trials Location?

You can find the New World Season 2 Hatchery Trials in the Brimstone Sands. This area is located in the New Corsica Capital South. 

If you are having trouble finding the Hatchery Location, you can just fast-travel to the Cavalier’s Shrine. From there you need to go North and you will find these Trials. 

If you are in a group, then one person will have to be at the entrance to begin these trails, as there is no group finder for the Hatchery Trails. 

We don’t know the future, but let’s hope the developers put that inside the game for the Trials. Once a person is at the entrance and starts the Trials, then the other group members can be pulled inside the trails just from anywhere on the map.

Rewards for New World Hatchery Trials

Rewards for New World Hatchery Trials

When you are successful in completing the Hatchery Trials in New World Season 2, you will be given various rewards. Well, you are not getting all of them, because they are based on multiple things onwards as well.

These include your housing items as rewards, armor, weapons, and some exclusive things as well. As we already mentioned that New World Season 2 Hatchery Trials are weekly based, therefore, you get only 7 attempts to earn them.

There is also a bonus reward on top that provides you with Hatchery Spoils, a small cache/box with various goodies inside.

Exclusive Rewards

The reason for players actually grinding in New World Season 2 is this cache, consisting of powerful items. After you take part in the Hatchery Trials, going for the 7 days/week challenges, you will earn rewards, which are as follows;

  • Random Glyph Stone

  • Writ of Adventure

  • Sandwurm Egg of Hatchery

  • Corsica Bandit Armor Set

  • Scholarly Jongleur Armor Set

  • Hordemaster Armor Set

  • Umbral Shards

Unique Rewards

All of the above-mentioned rewards are included in the category of exclusive. There are some unique rewards as well here. Keep in mind that the first 7 tries in the Hatchery Trial have these items frequently. These rewards are;

  • Oasis Weapons

  • Warmonger’s Set

  • Waterseeker’s Set

  • Wanderer’s Set

Basic Rewards

In the category of Basic rewards, you get to experience things like;

  • Mana Potions

  • Health Potions

  • Smoldering Sand

  • Regeneration Potions

Best Team and Gear for Hatchery Trails

Now that you know about the location and rewards for the Hatchery Trails, let’s jump to the Best Team and Gear in our New World Hatchery Guide.

Team Composition

Basically, in the Hatchery Trails, you need to have a team of 10 players in order to enter. The best team you can come up with should have;

  • Six DPS Damage Dealers

  • Main Tank

  • Off Tank

  • Two Healers

As the basic format is; your tanks are going to be in the front position, near the boss and the center of the arena. They taunt the boss to the edge, paving a safer way for the other characters. 


After entering the Trial itself, you will face some Human Enemies upfront. So, the best gear for the Hatchery Trial enemies should be Human Ward and gear that goes well against Humans (Human Bane Gear). 

The final boss you are going to face here has Fire Damage and that means you need to have some type of fire protection in the team as well. This includes Fire Protection Amulet and Rubies.

On top of all of this, you should have Human Honing Stones and Coating to go for the absolute peak DPS that you can.

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New World Season 2 Hatchery Trials Waves

New World Season 2 Hatchery Trials Waves

Once you have everything and start off the Trials, there are going to be 5 Waves in total. Each next wave is going to be more difficult than the first one and the final wave brings to you the Final Boss named Hadish Azar - Keeper of the Flame. 

After dying in the Wave, the teammate or you are thrown outside the arena for that Wave. In case the other group members somehow finish the Wave, then you can re-enter, along with the other dead members. In this way, you can participate in the next wave.

Did we forget to mention that there is also a timer? Well, you have 1 hour in particular to complete the Trial. If you fail to do so, you will have to try out your luck next time. So, time is a factor as well.

First Wave

The first wave is going to bring you Trash Mobs. These are Human Mobs consisting of healers and mages in the back. You can focus on those first.

Second Wave

These are again Trash Mobs consisting of 4 Elites, 3 Melee, and 1 Mage. After that, there are non-elite enemies. Same as the First Wave, you have healers in the back that you need to target first.

Third Wave

Now, these are overall Elite Mobs but also combine the First and Second Wave. There are Five Mobs here, having Mages and Melees. 

Fourth Wave

In this wave, you have the Mini-Boss named Razhan - Hordemaster. He has a Flame Grunt Summon and Exploding Glyph.

Just don’t get hit in this fight and try to DPS the enemy as much as you can. 

Fifth Wave - Defeating Final Boss Azar

Fifth Wave - Defeating Final Boss Azar in Hatchery Trials

The final Wave is where you will face the Final Boss - Azar Keeper of Flame. Just get the gear that we recommended for Final Boss and you will be good to go. The notable attacks of Azar are;

  • Dash - Where he goes to the side of the arena and once hit, you are knocked back with damage. If you are on edge, you will be knocked off and killed

  • Ground Rapture - He will do an AOE attack on the ground by stomping it and then send out Rapture. Sometimes it can one-shot you and don’t stand in front of the boss.

  • Flame Waves - He will go back and then throw a wave covering the whole area. There are some gaps that you need to utilize.

  • Totem Trap - He conjures a totem that can trap a player. Attack and kill the totem before it explodes. In case you fail, that player will instantly die.

  • Fire Ring - Just as the name suggests, there is a fire ring from the center to the outside. The damage is fire-based Damage Over Time and can inflict you for 10 seconds straight.

Notable Final Boss Mechanics in Hatchery Trials

There are further 4 things that you need to be aware of. These are;

Meteor Shower

The Final Boss will shower meteors in the arena for some time periodically. On the ground, you will see the circles and to avoid those, you need to be out of these AoE Circles.


Final Boss summons a Fireball and then throws it at you. The animation is quite long and you can utilize that to your advantage.

Fire Lizard

Just as the name suggests, there is going to be a Fire Lizard alongside the boss that will crawl into the arena periodically. The one thing to note is that these lizards will explode, dealing massive physical as well as fire damage. An indication is a red circle that you need to be aware of.


Boss incinerates the players, throwing fire at them. In case you get hit with this fire attack, you will take a ton of damage, as well as get knocked back in the arena. 


Hadish pulls the players and then throws Meteor Shower at the player, dealing damage. The one attack that you need to always be aware of is this Vortex. If you get pulled and he uses some other ability alongside, you are basically dead.


New World Hatchery Trials are newly introduced in Season 2. Coming in with 5 Waves and the final one having a Final Boss known as Hadish Azar - Keeper of the Flame. All other waves are quite easy to deal with except him. Make sure the tanks are on the front, tanking and taunting the boss, while the others are behind them. 

You need to avoid two ability waves as well known as Flame and Rapture. All the other abilities can be dodged and tanked effortlessly. One thing that players miss out on is the surroundings that you need to be aware of. Always avoid the AOE through the Red Circles on the ground. Also, don’t get trapped with that Totem of Azar, or its goodbye to one of the players.

Flames are seemingly non-dodgeable, but there are small gaps through which you can make yourself safe. So, the verdict here is, be agile, always move around and keep Azar at the edge through your tanks.

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