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New World Heartgem Rune Guide

New World had only two weapons having three abilities for each weapon for a very long time. However, Heartgem Rune has made it so that you truly have six skills plus an additional "ultimate" ability. When you finish the "Secrets of the Heartgem" quest in the brand-new Brimstone Sands location, you will get your first Heartune. A universe of opportunities becomes available from there. The different Heartrunes that are available in the game, how to create them, and how to use them in battle are all covered in this guide.

Heartgem Rune

Heartgem Rune, a brand-new item from the vast Brimstone Stands addition for New World, are included. The new items serve a similar purpose as supplementary items but provide far more than just higher harm or a few other qualities. Players that find or make Heartgem Runes essentially acquire the best fighting abilities. There are several types of Heartgem Runes, namely Minor, Major, and Legendary Heartgem Runes.

New World Heartgem Rune Guide

Every Heartrune Ability Type

There are 5 different sorts of runes in all; however, every one of those runes has three unique "perk" categories. As a result, there are now 15 different versions of Heartrune. Each of the modifications, however, also possesses several benefits. This gives your creations a completely new degree of customization.

Stone Form

This rune eliminates all debuffs for 5 seconds after activation and renders your character immune to all debuffs for crowd control.

Greater Stone Form

When active, damage absorption is increased by 10%, and each time you are hit, you receive an additional 10% absorption of damage over 5 seconds (30% maximum).

Stalwart Stone Form

When active, your ability to absorb damage grows by 10%, and it also helps you to recover 75% of rune damage, and the damage is also decreased by 20%.

Brutal Stone Form

Absorption of damage is raised by 10%; however, it can be triggered to detonate and deal 200% more rune damage in a restricted area. It is obvious that Stone Form is designed for a tank build. However, for expeditions, Mending Form in the Stalwart rune is a fantastic source of sustainability. There are also numerous PvP applications available here.

Grasping Vines

AoE vine strike that damages targets and roots them for three seconds in a small radius.

Cunning Grasping Vines

Enemies will also suffer from the rune's enfeebling/weakening, reducing harm by 20% for 8 seconds. You will be healed for 20% of the health damage the runes caused via its secondary bonus.

Stalwart Grasping Vines

Weaken enemies are dealt with, but Fortify is also given, increasing absorption of damage by 20% and decreasing outward damage by 20% for 5 seconds.

Brutal Grasping Vines

Deals damage and weakens the target, but it also inflicts Rend, which reduces the target's resistance to damage by 20% for 5 seconds and simultaneously lowers stamina regeneration by 50%. This rune is excellent and has a ton of CC and usability. It offers a fresh approach to play for the game-builds that don't typically have this kind of CC. All over excellent for Wars, Arena, and OPR. It can also be said a PVP rune.

Cannon Blast

A cannon that blasts a shot that causes 100% rune damage will be brought to life by this rune. Additionally, this is the initial rune you will get through the quest.

Cunning Cannon Blast

Burn is dealt on enemies dealing 10% more rune damage each second for 5 seconds. This perk gives the projectile grit and the ability to pass through numerous foes.

Stalwart Cannon Blast

Burn is dealt on enemies; a secondary perk gives 30% less damage to knock down enemies. CC will benefit.

Brutal Cannon Blast

The shot will burst, inflicting 20% less overall damage but 20% more AoE damage.

A harm-based rune that is useful in PvP. For the additional AoE damage in group-based PvP, we prefer the appearance of Explosive Blast in Brutal Cannon among the secondary perks.

Dark Ascent

It is an attack that staggers all targets within a small radius and does 100% damage. It looks fantastic and can be used whenever the character is in the air.

Cunning Dark Ascent

This secondary perk slows down foes who are attacked while also healing 100% of the blast damage.

Stalwart Dark Ascent

Gives 100% healing, but if you happen to hit someone with your fall, you'll also get Fortify.

Brutal Dark Ascent

In addition to healing, this ability deals 150% more damage to foes, so it no longer stuns them.

In a battle or when soloing content, receiving extra heals is beneficial. The rune can also be used for delays, Fortify, or increased damage, giving it more versatility.


This rune explodes you and deals 100% damage in a short area. It needs three seconds to charge.

Cunning Detonate Rune

You gain an additional 30% movement speed while charging. When you're charging, the secondary perk in this situation boosts damage by 15%, but the blast damage is decreased.

Stalwart Detonate Rune

Movement improvement, but also 50% of your current damage is healed. Damage is diminished.

Brutal Detonate Rune

While the rune is charging, you receive a movement benefit and a 30% increase in explosion damage at the expense of more incoming damage.

Again, this rune has a ton of versatility, and you can see it becoming a favorite for both PvE and PvP. You can employ the rune to pursue opponents or escape danger if required because it gives you an increased range of motion when charging.

New World Greater Heartrune of Stoneform

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How Exactly Do Runes Operate?

Each rune's specifics have been covered there, but not their activation. By successfully performing heavy and light attacks, runes can be charged up. Once charged, a special hotkey can be used to start the ability.

Getting Heartrunes

Heartrunes come in various levels, and you must complete Expeditions to unlock the higher-level versions of each rune.

Getting Minor Heartrunes

In expeditions, you can earn Minor Heartrunes.

Minor Heartrune of Cannon Blast

Dropped during the Barnacles and Black Powder Expedition by Admiral Blackpowder and can be crafted using 8,000 barnacle materials.

Minor Heartrune of Grasping Vines

Dropped during the Caretaker in Genesis by Alluvium Mari and can be crafted using 8,000 Genesis Materia.

Minor Heartrune of Dark Ascent

Dropped during the Tempest's Heart Expedition by Isabella. Made using 8,000 Tempest Materials.

Minor Heartrune of Stone Form

Dropped during the Lazarus Instrumentality by Chardis and can also be made using 8,000 Lazarus Materia.

Minor Heart Rune of Detonate

Dropped during the Ennead Expedition by Heru and can also be made using 8,000 Ennead Materia. But this is only the beginning of your Heartrune adventure. You must bring the necessary supplies to the Stonecutting table to enhance your Heartrunes.

Methods For crafting Major Heartrunes

You've only just begun to accumulate Minor Heartrunes through the Expeditions. You'll also require:

  • 3 x Sulfur

  • 5 x Gypsum Orbs

  • 5 x Corrupted Lodestone

  • 5 x Runestone

  • 5000 x Umbral Shards

Making Legendary Heartrunes

Fear not; the chain's not finished yet. The Legendary Heartrunes are the next. The Stonecutting table is where they are made.

  • 10 x Wooden Coin (a new material that can be obtained in Elite Chests as of the Brimstone Sands update)

  • 50 x Vial of Suspended Azoth

  • 10 x Gypsum Orb

  • 5 x Runestone

  • 10 x Sulfur

As you can understand, this procedure is rather pricey. To unlock every Heartrune, you'll need many Umbral Shards. Therefore, we advise you to concentrate only on a small number.


Heartrunes significantly improve your level of power in New World and have their own hotkey. They could injure everyone nearby, boost your ability to absorb damage, or weaken your foes. The many builds in New World can benefit from these skills, but they need to be more overwhelming to determine how to play. Acquiring the strongest Heartrunes in the game takes a lot of work.

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