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New World Housing Guide - The Benefits of Owning a House!

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Player houses in many MMO games are usually used as a storage space or just to show off your status. They don’t have any meaningful purpose besides being a decoration for the wealthiest players on the server.

Owning a house in New World is different and comes with many benefits. They function as a fast travel point, increase your storage capacity and grant passive buffs. To top it all, they’re not reserved for the wealthiest players since you’re getting a 50% discount when buying your first house!

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know when purchasing your first house in New World.

Table of Contents

Why Should I Own a House?

How Do I Purchase a House?

What Are The Benefits of Owning a House?


Why Should I Own a House?

One of many houses available for rent in New World

Owning a house is a real-time-saver in addition to more storage space for your items. Here is a quick list of benefits:

  • Fast travel for free. You can fast travel to your house for free every 2-4 hours. The value of the house determines the waiting counter. Higher Tier Houses are better in this regard. 

  • Passive bonuses. Trophies displayed in your house grants bonuses to your character’s stats regardless of region.

  • Additional storage for items. Your storage capacity is increased in a given settlement.

Purchasing a house in a Settlement you frequently visit is a good investment. Using Azoth every time you want to fast travel is troublesome. Think carefully about which Settlements you purchase property from since you can own up to three houses.

Trophies and storage are another great addition. With Trophies, you can have passive bonuses that work in every zone, whether you own a property there or not. 

Also, you may need as much space as possible for your crafting materials. It’s essential during the later stages of the game.

How Do I Purchase a House?

Press “T” to open up Purchasing Menu.

When you’ve found a house you like, simply press “T” when standing near it to open up a Purchasing Menu. In New World, houses are instance-based, allowing an unlimited number of players to have the same house in a given Settlement. 

However, you can only enter your own house unless someone invites you. The basic requirements for purchasing one are Player Level 15 and Territory Standing 10. These apply for the First Tier houses. Using a 50% discount may be tempting to save up for the house from the highest tier.

I strongly advise against that! Your weekly Property Tax rate will be very high, and you won’t be able to afford it early, even with the discount. The best middle-ground for new players is to buy a second-tier house in one of the starting areas. 

Saving 5000 gold is not difficult, and your taxes won’t be ridiculously high. Unless you’ve counted everything and you’re confident you can afford to rent the highest tier, then go for it.

After you set your eyes on the first house and decide your mind, there are a few things to consider. 

Territory Standing measures your reputation in a given Territory

First, you have to raise your Territory Standing. You can increase this by completing quests and Town Projects.

Second, think about how much you craft in your desired location. Houses let you place Storage Chests, so it’s wise to purchase a house in a settlement, where you often hold onto crafting materials.

And lastly, check the Property Tax. It’s the amount of money you’re going to pay every week for using your house, so make sure you can afford it.

Each Housing Tier has different bonuses, which are listed below.

Housing Tiers



Minimum Tax

Fast Travel Cooldown

Storage Furniture Allowed

Number of  


Number of Lights

Standing Requirement




4 hours








3 hours








2.5 hours








2 hours





 Property Tax

 The first home you purchase is discounted by 50%, including ONE weekly tax

Paying a small fee every week to maintain your house’s benefits is inevitable. Each house has a base Property Tax which can be viewed in the Purchase Menu. If you don’t pay this fee, you’ll lose every benefit regarding the house until you settle your loans. 

Fortunately, you won’t be kicked out if you don’t pay and Property Tax doesn’t stack. For example, if you haven’t paid rent for a couple of weeks, you still have to pay the same amount.

Your house’s tier determines the principal rate. Lower tiers equal lower taxes. If you possess a “Property Tax” card, you can reduce this fee by a noticeable amount. We are talking about a 15-20% discount on your weekly tax for the owned property!

Property Tax rates are set by the Companies controlling the given Territory. They can adjust the tax rate ranging from 5% to a whopping 20%. If no Company owns a Settlement, the default tax rate will be 10%.

What Are The Benefits of Owning a House?

Utilize the ranking system to make your house visible to the general public

The main three benefits of owning a house are Storage Chests, Trophies, and fast travel. Read further to learn more about them.

Storage Chests

The number of chests you can place depends on the size of your house

With a Furnishing Skill at level 35, you can make the most basic chest, the Hewn Log Storage Chest. This will increase your storage capacity by 200. 

Work on your Furnishing Skill to replace your chest with a more spacious one. Iron Storage Chest, for example, adds another 300 points to overall capacity. 

Tier One house allows for only one Storage Chest, and that’s why I advised you to buy at least a Tier Two house. 

Every Tier gives you one additional chest. With Tier Four, you can have up to four storage containers. 


Every Trophy gives different bonuses

Place Trophies in your house to buff your character’s stats. They can improve your damage, crafting skills, gathering resources with specific tools, or looting luck. The last one is essential since it improves your chances of looting rare materials.

Trophy buffs will stack if you place two of the same Trophies in different houses. Regardless of the tier of House owned, each home can display up to five Trophies. Stacking them in all houses can give you powerful buffs and a significant damage bonus to your character. However, Trophies placed in the same house won’t stack with each other.

Trophies are divided into four categories:

  • Combat. Damage bonus when fighting enemies corresponding to the Trophy’s description.

  • Crafting. Improves minimum Gear Score when crafting items according to Trophy’s bonuses. 

  • Gathering. They provide a bonus to finding rare items when you’re gathering with a Skill corresponding to the Trophy type.

  • Loot Luck. Similar to those mentioned above, it corresponds to looting items from monsters and chests.

Fast Travel

You can recall to your house from anywhere in the world, just like with an Inn

Getting from point A to point B on foot without doing much in-between isn’t the most exciting. That’s why you're using Shrines or Settlements to speed up the process. Unfortunately, these come with limitations. 

You can fast-travel only from one Settlement to another and from Shrine to Shrine. Also, each journey costs Azoth which increases with distance. On the contrary, using your House as a recall point costs nothing and can be used anywhere. 

The only trade-off is the cooldown when you fast travel this way. It can be mitigated by paying with Azoth if you want to use it again. 

Although, it’s significantly cheaper than using standard methods. Furthermore, your House Recall is independent of other options, so you always have an alternative.


 Decorating your house is optional

This one is purely for cosmetic purposes, but it’s worth mentioning. Furniture includes tables, beds, vegetation, and lights. You can expand the maximum amount of Pets and Lights based on the House Tier, for example.

Every piece of furniture is associated with Rank Points. It shows how well your house is decorated. However, stacking the same piece of furniture won’t give you any points, so keep this in mind.

If your Rank Points are higher than every player that owns the same property, your house will be put on a public display. 

This means everyone can visit your house and admire your interior design. Don’t worry, your items are safe. It’s only for sightseeing purposes.


Other players can visit your house and admire your taste as long as they’re in your party. A total amount of 5 players can visit one house, including yourself. 

You can also check other residents of your particular house and view their homes by hitting the enter button on the menu. While visiting someone else, you can’t move or take another person’s items or put decorations.


Check other guides for New World available on MMOPIXEL  

As you can see, there are many benefits of owning a house in New World. They provide a fast travel point, increase your storage capacity, and grant boosts to your character. Even decorators won’t be disappointed.

Remember, the most expensive house means higher property taxes. Also, each tier determines how many pets, storage chests, and lights you can put within the location.

Simply follow the tips written in this guide and give yourself the best housing experience with MMOPIXEL!

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