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New World Jewelcrafting Levelling Guide

Players in New World can construct rings, charms, earrings, and gemstone dust using the Jewelcrafting Trade Skill. All of this and more will be covered in our New World Jewelcrafting Guide.

Jewelcrafting in New World

You would need to gather crafting materials, primarily precious metal and stones, to begin jewelcrafting. After gathering the necessary materials, you will create them at the Outfitting Station (spool of thread icon on the map). Press "E," your default interact button, to display the crafting window as you approach the station.

The level of the station you are using impacts what tier objects you can craft, so it is vital to pay attention to this:

  • T2: 0-49 Recipes

  • T3: 50-99 Recipes

  • T4: 100-149 Recipes

  • T5: 150+ Recipes

Open the crafting menu and choose what you want to craft once you are at the crafting station and have the necessary materials. The blue CRAFT button can be clicked once you decide which item to make. Next, move the slider above it to choose how many items you want to bulk construct if you want to make more than one. Red writing stating that you do not possess enough of the necessary materials to manufacture the item will appear if you cannot do so, and it will indicate CAN'T CRAFT in the bottom right corner.

You gain Jewelcrafting experience at the Outfitting Station when you create any jewelry. On the crafting screen, under the crafting button, is where you can find the experience required to manufacture a particular item. The level 200 cap for jewelry-making. After reaching level 200, you can begin gaining aptitude levels.

When creating an item of Tier 2 or higher, the first component in the craft must also be of the same tier. For instance, the Tier 4 item Brilliant Ruby Amulet (seen below) needs a Tier 4 Gem, Cut Brilliant Ruby, to be crafted as the main component. However, you can employ lesser or greater tier materials in the craft because the tier requirement does not constrain the secondary resources.

New World Outfitting Station Tier 3

Levelling Jewelcrafting

This section's information includes what we believe to be the quickest way to level your jewelcrafting. This approach is not the only one available to you. Depending on the raw materials availability, the refining process's likelihood, and market pricing values, I anticipate you to depart from it. Based on the details we give in the Fused Gems section below, there is a good chance that you may veer off course.

We don't count the proc chances for the refining process because there are other ways to get the materials needed for crafting, and the proc chance varies depending on the level and resources used. For example, some players might opt to use gold to purchase all of the supplies from the trading stations. If you are falling short of the Gold Coins, you can purchase them from our website.

You can buy New World Gold Coins at our website MMOPixel at an unbeatable price.

Avoid Fusing Gems

The tier of the gem that is fused will rise as a result of the process. You miss out on the Jewelcrafting expertise if you do this. It is worthwhile to fuse gems if you're looking to achieve Tier 5 Gems for rolling 600 GS jewelry. For instance, T2 gems are worth 48 experiences when created, whereas T3 gems are worth 168. You will need 4 gems to fuse into a T3 gem, which is worth 192 experience points more than the 168, which means you will forfeit 24 experience points for fusing. Additionally, you need to use more elemental components (Motes, essences, etc.).

New World Jewelcrafting Fusing Gems

Only Silver

It will be your pass to leveling jewelry because the secondary resources can be completely silver. When made into Trinket Components, Gold and Platinum both need flux and surplus mining, which doesn't provide much further experience. Once you reach the age of 200, Asmodeum will be used for 600 GS rolls. Silver has an excellent location in Northern Everfall. If you're waiting for respawns, some Ironwood/Starmetal nodes are nearby as well.

Tier 2 Jewelry: Levels 1 - 50 (Amulets)

Making 55 amulets for 10,516 experiences, 55 silver settings for 822 experiences, and 55 silver chains for 657 experiences will help you level this tier, giving you a total of 13,392 experiences. One T2 Cut Gem, one Trinket Chain, one Trinket Gem Setting, and one Silver Ingot are required to make one amulet.

Materials needed in total:

  • 55x Tier 2 Cut Gems

  • 55x Silver Chain

  • 55x Silver Gem Setting

  • 55x Silver Ingot

Raw Materials:

  • 2,200x Silver Ore 

  • 110x Elemental Motes (Varies based on gem(s))

Silver Ore Break-down:

  • 1,100x Silver Ore => Silver Chains

  • 880x Silver Ore => Silver Settings

  • 220x Silver Ore => Silver Ingots

The base tax value for Tier 2 amulets is 0.18, and the base tax value for trinket components is 0.04. Therefore, you will need to pay 14.30 gold to produce without tax modifications.

New World Jewelcrafting Outfitting Station Tier 4

Tier 3 Jewelry: Levels 51 - 100 (Amulets or Rings)

Total required materials:

  • 160x Tier 3 Cut Gems

  • 160x Silver Chain/Band

  • 160x Silver Gem Setting

  • 160x Silver Ingot

Base materials for up-crafting:

  • 6,400x Silver Ore

  • 1,600x Elemental Motes (Varies based on gem(s))

  • 160x Solvent (Any)

Silver Ore Break-down:

  • 3,200x Silver Ore => Silver Chains/Bands

  • 2,560x Silver Ore => Silver Settings

  • 640x Silver Ore => Silver Ingots

Tier 4 Jewelry: Levels 100 - 150 (Amulets, Rings, or Earrings)

For this tier, we advise crafting 517 amulets, rings, earrings, 517 silver settings, 7752 silver chains, bands, and hooks, and 6201 silver chains, bands, and hooks for a total of 634,359 silver experiences. One T4 Cut Gem, one Trinket Chain/Band/Hook, one Trinket Gem Setting, and one Silver Ingot are required to make one amulet.

Total required materials:

  • 517x Tier 4 Cut Gems

  • 517x Silver Chain/Band/Hook

  • 517x Silver Gem Setting

  • 517x Silver Ingot

Raw Materials:

  • 6,721x Silver Ore

  • 10,340x Elemental Motes (Varies based on gems)

  • 517x Solvent (Any)

Silver Ore Break-down:

  • 2,585x Silver Ore => Silver Chains/Bands/Hooks

  • 2,068x Silver Ore => Silver Settings

  • 2,068x Silver Ore => Silver Ingots

The base tax value for Tier 4 jewelry is 1.34, and the base tax value for trinket components is 0.04. Therefore, you will need to spend 1,004.14 gold to craft without any tax modifiers.

Tier 5 Jewelry: Levels 150 - 200 (Amulets, Rings, or Earrings)

We advise crafting 1,281 amulets, rings, earrings, and chains/bands/hooks for 2,560,376 experience each, 1,281 silver settings for 19,203 experience, and 1,281 silver chains/bands/hooks for 15,362 experience, for a total of 2,596,587 experience in order to level this tier. One T5 Cut Gem, one Trinket Chain/Band/Hook, one Trinket Gem Setting, and one Silver Ingot are required to make one amulet.

Total required materials:

  • 1,281x Tier 5 Cut Gems

  • 1,281x Silver Chain/Band/Hook

  • 1,281x Silver Gem Setting

  • 1,281x Silver Ingot

Raw Materials:

  • 51,240x Silver Ore

  • 76,860x Elemental Motes (Varies based on gems)

  • 1,281x Solvent (Any)

Silver Ore Break-down:

  • 25,620x Silver Ore => Silver Chains/Bands/Hooks

  • 20,496x Silver Ore => Silver Settings

  • 5,124x Silver Ore => Silver Ingots

How to Improve Your Jewelry Making?

The two main ways to improve your jewelcrafting are buffs and perks. Both can be stacked, but as with everything wonderful, there are restrictions.

The number of available perk types is based on the item type. Each item can only have one type of perk. For instance, because Jewelcrafter Expertise is an Armor Perk, an amulet cannot possess it. There will always be exceptions to the norm; occasionally, a quest item will grant a named item with a double perk, but we are not aware of any for jewelcrafting.

For players who desire to boost the total gear score on their crafts, there is a set of armor designed specifically for jewelcrafting. The only distinctions between both sets are their aesthetics. To get the perks you want, combine and mix them as necessary. You can buy the armor from other players because it is also tradeable.

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